Thursday, August 01, 2013

"Do You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?"

 Family Guy on t.v. had this one excerpt where Peter Griffin tells the world about "What Really Grinds My Gears" Then he'd basically bitch about a bunch of stuff. (Usually really funny..) Well I figured that today, I would do the same! I like to stay positive. If someone cuts Rob off on the highway he's usually yelling and saying that they're an idiot. I always, and I mean always stick up for the other person. It's like a fault of mine. It definitely probably drives Rob crazy. But I always say- you just never know what's going on inside that car. It could be a new driver that didn't mean to cut him off. Having Rob speed up behind him and shake his fists at him could be really stressful to a new driver.. Thus causing another incident on the road! It's an endless cycle people! 
 But back to my point; I dislike negativity. I can be the first to admit that I am negative sometimes BUT- I try very hard not to be. Except for this post is going to be filled with things that annoy me, pet peeves and just an all around bitch fest. Sorry, but sometimes it just feels good to release- and to be negative.. (What a hypocrite!!)

 What Really Grinds My Gears:

1. I'll go back to Rob's road rage. He's so unforgiving on the road. He always barks out mean comments about people when they do stupid things on the road. Now I get it. Bad drivers are dangerous but so are angry drivers! I mean, sometimes he gets so annoyed that he steps on the gas and drives up fast behind the driving offender and I ask him; "What the hell is that going to accomplish exactly?! You're just going to make that person MORE nervous after doing something stupid on the road!!" 
 Now the reason why I am so forgiving with bad drivers is because when I drive I have been known to make a few mistakes myself. The other day, for instance- I stopped at a green light because a kid was waiting to cross the street. But, yeah.. you don't stop at green lights... you stop at red lights. I stopped and then realized, What the hell am I doing!!?  See, that would be an instance when Rob would be behind me honking and calling me AN IDIOT! But, I'm not an idiot. I was just concerned for the kid and not really thinking completely. Honest mistake! 
 Also and this is a funny story: About six years ago, Rob's cousin was getting married. Rob's mom being full Italian ended up making the food for the wedding. She made a HUGE pot of spaghetti sauce and a TON of meatballs. (I know, so stereotypical.. but what I can say!!?) We had to transport the meatballs and sauce to the wedding somehow. So Rob's dad had the trunk full of sauce and meatballs. We followed him to the venue and he was driving sooooo carefully that we were howling with laughter. I mean, if anyone and I mean ANYONE else was following behind him they would have thought he was 90 and blind and just about the worst driver they'd ever experienced. So whenever someone is driving really stupid, Rob and I always say; "Hey.. he could be driving with a trunk full of meatballs.. you just never know." Haha!!

Sort of looks like she's cooking spaghetti sauce.. right..?!

2. People that park in PARENT PARKING that are not WITH children. I don't care if it's an old woman and she has a four year old. I get it. She has a child with her, therefore she gets to park in PARENT parking. But it's the people that don't even have a kid with them, that REALLY piss me off. Like, do you think people aren't going to notice that you just parked in PARENT PARKING withOUT a child?? It isn't conveniently there for people that once birthed children. I mean, most women have birthed a kid or two in their day.. The idea behind parent parking is so that the person with kids has an easier time getting them all out organized and closer to the store. My town is a retirement community and we have so many and I mean, SO MANY elderly people parking in the parking spot. There are four stalls for parents and children and that is it. The elderly people think because they are old and have been here much longer that they have the right to park wherever they want. And the BEST part is that they act like they didn't notice or don't know any better. URRRRGGGHHH!!
 Oh and not to mention the other day- Rob and I were going camping with Alina and we had to quickly stop at the grocery store. All four parent parking stalls were taken. We noticed that there are two motorcycles parked in two of the parking spots. Hmmm... that's interesting. Not only did the bikers not have children, but they so blatantly didn't even care to pretend to have them.. by parking a BIKE in the spot. It's like they openly flipped off everyone that drove by, that would care. That one really pissed me off and had me going. But of course, I didn't say anything because really.. what am I going to accomplish?  Plus they were bikers, I'm not going to mess with that!



Not a parent!!! Don't park in parent parking Asshole!! And then he'd turn and say what!!? And I'd run.

3. Paying for AIR. Okay, now seriously I had to take a picture of this sign the other day. Recently the gas station started to charge people for air. That's right, it's now fifty cents to use oh.. three minutes of AIR. That's right.... air. The stuff that you could just take a grocery bag and flap over your head and fill with that expensive stuff.... air. I open my mouth and suck in and then blow out.. that air. Yup, they charge for air. We had to fill Alina's stroller tire with air and I had to break a five dollar bill to get fifty cents so that Rob could fill the tire. That also grinds my gears... breaking a bill for something so stuuuupid! So every time that Rob finishes using the air he always drops the wand on the ground instead of putting it back up in its holder. LOL I laughed and said; You really showed them!! Also- it's more than likely that the next person going to use the air will be another paying customer who is just as annoyed with having to pay for air as we were.. So therefore we just might be a # in that person's gear grinding list!!

See, it's true!!

4. Adult bullies!! I can't stand people that act superior and mean towards other people just because they can! Last year and years before we played on a slow pitch team. Our team consisted of fire fighters/wives and police officers/wives. So the other teams in town didn't always like us very much. There was one team in particular that was the worst. We ended up being scheduled to play them twice. But after the one game we contacted the proper people and opted out of playing that team ever again. It was that bad! First of all, most of the team consisted of criminals in one way or another. Or, just plain and simple- they were a bit on the traaaashy side. I remember once there was a young, and I mean YOUNG baby in the dug out and the mother was set to take a base and the baby was bawling it's head off. The team members were screaming at her to get her ass out on the field. That was their OWN team mate.
 We had a horrible game. These people were so intimidating, I actually felt like I was back in middle school being bullied by the mean kids again. I ended up tattling on the team in the end. (Hehe, I was always good at telling..) I wrote the people in charge of slow pitch with a formal complaint. I was pissed. I remember shaking I was so worked up and angry and upset with these people. I'm getting a little upset writing about it, actually. But in general, I find that adults bullying other adults is completely and utterly unacceptable.

 So there you have it folks..! That's what grinds this girls' gears.. lately. I could probably go on forever but the boss is riding my ass again! Gotta go!

Pay Attention To Meeeeee!



Areeba said...

Hahaha, I'll tell my dad that the driver isn't drunk or 90 years old. It's just his truck, filled with spaghetti & sauce! ;D
Charging for air? That's ridiculous!

libys11 said...

awww... such adorable baby photos!!

Animated Confessions

Noor said...

Hahaha but seriously , those parking problems just piss me off . Whenever I visit mall , motorbikes at the place of senior citizen's parking ( we have that slot here) just angers me , I mean none 75 oldie man rides a bike , do they? #jokeoftheyear
Alina's the cutie pie :*
PS : it's a great post , I might steal the idea.
Noor @ Noor's Place

Anonymous said...

Grrr - what grinds my gears...I just typed a whole nice comments and somehow lost it while trying to post it. lol.... I'll cut to the chase... Hate the dummies at the ball game....and ya' leave the bikers alone

Haley said...

THAT grinds my gears.. when I write a huge message and then it gets deleted. I find that now when I end up deleting something I always STOP and click Ctrl Z (undo) and it usually returns. Phew!