Friday, August 23, 2013

Wishing On A Fountain

 The other day, while my sister was visiting on holidays she shared a really cute story with me. As soon as the story passed her lips I was instantly inspired to write a new post about it.
 Quinn is four years old and he was born in Victoria, B.C. He moved to Nova Scotia when he was just over a year old. He doesn't remember my husband Rob and I or that he lived here at all. So this visit feels like the first time he's been here and the first time he's ever met us.
 Quinn was having breakfast with his parents and near the restaurant is a beautiful fish fountain that children are always drawn to. Children are drawn to all fountains and I think that is a beautiful thing in itself. Quinn stood at the fountain, closed his eyes and he made two wishes. I realize that most people do not share their wish with people openly in fear that it won't come true. But lucky for his parents and us now, he decided to take his chances..

Rob and Alina by the fountain. Wonder what she's wishing for..

His first wish: " I wish that I could stay here forever.."
I mean, seriously. How sweet of him to want to stay here with his Auntie and Uncle that he "just met". His Baba also lives here and she does deserve a lot of credit for that statement. My mom is so in love with her grandchildren and it's really heart warming for me to watch.

His second wish: "I wish I was a talking fish."

 Okay, now that is more like it! Children crack me up. He is a total sweetheart for making his first wish about staying with his newly discovered family. But let's be honest, I bet he would rather be a talking fish!

 I love the innocence and honesty that children convey on a daily basis. They have zero filter and just say exactly what they're thinking, or feeling. There isn't any second guessing or wondering when it comes to children.. They just basically tell you what is what. 

Quinnster in all of his innocence.

 I always wonder at what point in life, does a child go from speaking his thoughts and feelings to hiding the truth and having guilt for hurting feelings? Is it more like a gradual change, or something that happens that changes a child overnight? It's hard to say- but I don't think it really matters. It goes away. Why can't people hold onto those true, childlike feelings? Why do we have to grow up and forget what it's like to wish for impossible things?

 If there was a magic fountain, or any fountain- what would I wish for? I can't wish for money to pay off bills or my house. I have to wish for something impossible.. Something that comes straight from the heart.. innocence, honesty and all.....

My wish: I wish that people became airplanes. We would have to take lessons as children and get our flying license, of course. There would be order and traffic laws like on the roads.. But wouldn't that be amazing to be able to get up and go fly to wherever we ever dreamed!? Or simply, to just visit family or friends that lived too far!? Yup, that is my ultimate kid wish: to become an airplane.

So take a minute and think, really think .. what would you wish for if you could have any impossible child like wish?


Noor said...

Quinn is so adorable . He reminds me of my aunt's little guy , but he's more than mischievous so I rest my case .
I wonder about wishes . They grow as we grow . As a kid , I always wanted to buy a doll house , now I want a car . Moreover , I would dream of a big houses , innocence goes away too fast .
Noor @ Noor's Place

Steph G said...

The more I think about my appliances coming to life, the more it freaks me out :) They would probably tell me to do a better job cleaning them.

Haley said...

You know what Steph, the more I thought about it.. the more I decided I am going to change my kid wish. I think I was rushing last night to get my post published. This, is a much better wish!