Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our Trip In A Blog Post

 Okay, I'm fully committing myself to an overall recap of my holiday so far...

 We arrived in Thunder Bay on December 18th around 10 pm Thunder Bay time. Papa, Nonna and Alina's Great Grandma were there to meet us. The flights were a total dream. We didn't have any problems and Alina was a complete angel. We took Alina to get her hair cut the following day and we got a family photo with Santa at the mall. We had Rob's skates sharpened at the same store he bought all of his goalie equipment as a kid.That evening we had a nice dinner and visited with some family. Afterwards, we bundled Alina up in her snow suit and took pictures of her outside in the snow!

   Alina was very busy meeting new friends and family members. We had a couple of turkey dinners to eat and some presents to open for Alina. The people here are so generous and kind. Rob and I are really enjoying our time here. We can relax because Papa, Nonna, relatives and Auntie Buggie are always wanting to hold and play with Alina. We have been drinking some beers, watching Christmas movies and sneaking out after Alina goes to bed, to have some grown up time. Of course, grown up time means skating outside at the marina and going to a late night movie!

 Then it was Christmas Eve before I knew it and we had a nice day. Rob, Alina and I went skating at one of the outdoor rinks. It was Alina's first skating experience and we ended up taking a zillion pictures. Her cheeks and nose were getting redder and redder by the minute! After going to church as a family to hear Andrea, Rob's mom sing, we came home to watch the rest of "Christmas Vacation" and to eat some more crab dip. (My all time favourite Christmas tradition in my household. It just isn't Christmas without that treat!)

  On Christmas morning, we all opened presents together, with Papa dressed as Santa again. I ended up scoring some really, really great things!! My mother in law knows my style and bought me some really incredible gifts. Rob listened to all of the things I said I wanted early in the fall and ended up going back into stores when I said I liked something and buying the items. He ended up having every one of my Christmas presents bought early in December. We went to church after we opened presents and Alina was baptized. It was a beautiful thing to experience. I'm not baptized and I am not an active Catholic. I went to a Catholic Elementary school but I don't actively go to church. I was moved by the sentiment of the baptism and really, really proud of my baby girl.
 Christmas morning and afternoon was really busy for us. We all had a little bit of down time before we went to Rob's Great Uncle Pecho and Auntie Emma's to sing Christmas carols, to eat junky, homemade Christmas food and to introduce Alina to her oldest relatives. These old folks are Rob's Nonno's siblings and cousins. Rob was raised in an Italian upbringing which meant; a lot of good food and the importance of family values. Family comes first, always. You make time for family, always. I admire how much family means to Rob and I respect the way he was brought up. Going to his aunt and uncle's for Christmas evening is a tradition in his household, so we went along. I love living those moments when you know something special is happening. Auntie Zelda is in her nineties and she has alzheimers. She had little Alina on her lap and it was so nice to see the two of them together. The youngest and the eldest in the family. (As far as I know.)

On Boxing day, Rob and Alina braved the mall for some deals. Rob loves to shop and finally, he has a friend to take along with him. I stayed home and did my workout instead. Later on in the day, Rob, Papa, Alina and I drove for a half an hour to find a remote gas station that sold booze on Boxing day. (All of the liquor stores in the city were closed.) Once we were successful we returned home to help tidy things for Rob's parent's annual Boxing day party. The first guest arrived at 4:00 and the last of the hardcore party goers left by 3:00! We all had a really good time. A couple of Rob's friends stopped by and once we had a few drinky- poo's we joined the fun in the basement singing and playing tunes.

 I feel as though this recap is getting quite lengthily. We have two more nights and one full day left in Thunder Bay before we head back home. Today Rob and I escaped to a movie, while Alina and Auntie Erin spent the afternoon together. The movie was great and it felt awesome going to see a flick during the day with Rob, like old times!!

 That was our trip in a nutshell blog post! We are having a nice time. We're both looking forward to returning to our king size bed on Monday night though. We are sad for Rob's folks because they are going to miss the hell out of their baby girl. But, until the next visit... (Which I believe is in March, when Alina turns one!)

**Side Note: I can't believe I just wrote the words; "When Alina turns one!" (Insert sad mom face here!)**


Amanda said...

The picture of Alina on the plane is my favourite picture of her ever, so far. You're Boxing Day sounds pretty good.... If looks like you're having a wonderful trip- enjoy the last few days! x

Noor said...

These pictures tell the story PERFECTLY, I love family gatherings . Haha Rob likes to shop? I thought men hate to browse through shops , my dad always does it.
Alina's growing up so fast , oh little bud <3

Alex[andra] said...

I'm so glad that Alina enjoyed the plane ride! Beautiful photos. It sounds like a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you've had a great time in Thunder Bay! Rob's family members alllll look the same, it's easy to tell who his mom and sister are!
I'm glad Alina and you have had a great time meeting and reconnecting with everyone on his side of the family. The pictures are so sweet! Enjoy your last few days there and safe travels home!!

Deidre said...

Wow, an action packed Christmas! It sounds totally lovely. And I can't believe Alina is going to turn one in March. That's crazy.

Haley said...

We did have a really good time! Rob and his sister look so much alike. Then he looks like his dad and a bit like his mom too. You should have seen his Nonno on his mom's side- and his uncle on his dad's side. The two mixed together; make Rob!

Areeba said...

Whoop! You had quality family time and I just love reading your recap! Rob's all family look so same!
Is this a hockey stick iñ Alina's hand? Canadian proud haha! And look at that cute red nose!