Thursday, December 05, 2013

Snail Mail Collective - What Are You Grateful For?

 Last month I signed up for The Snail Mail Collective. This would be my second time participating in the SMC and I was excited to see who my partner was this time around! My first experience with the SMC was good but I was eager to try it out again, seeing as I had a bit more time to really put a nice package together.
 My partner was Stephanie from Stephanie Leigh. She lives in New York City with her boyfriend. She enjoys basketball, traveling, running and snowboarding. (She didn't confirm the traveling, but I'm going to go ahead and assume by having "talked" with her a few times, that she does.) Stephanie exceeded my expectations of a partner this time around. She was excited, so friendly and personable and easy to 'talk' too. It was Stephanie's first time participating in the SMC and so I wanted to make sure she had a  really good experience.
 Alina and I slowly went shopping around town for Stephanie. I always cheat a little bit and buy more than what I actually make. I also spend a teeny, tiny bit more than five dollars. It's too hard to find things for people with only a five dollar budget. But I didn't go way over budget, I promise. We ended up sending her a funky bracelet, some earrings, Canadian mittens and a few other things. I did draw a caricature of Stephanie and her boyfriend because I had to do something creative this time around. Never mind what I did- you can read all about what I got her HERE..!
 I received Stephanie's parcel last night on my way home from the grocery store. I was super excited to open it and happy that Rob was home to enjoy it with me.

Here's a shot of my loot! Stephanie put a lot of thought into her package, with creative ways to show what she's grateful for. She sent Swedish Fish and a soup recipe because she LOVES food. (Just like me!) She sent neat little pictures that her friend makes to show how she appreciates and loves the good friends that she has. She sent two funky bracelets from Thailand and she made me a really cute headband because she loves living in a world where she can be herself, no matter the style. She sent me a pink warrior fighter figurine to show that she is grateful for laughter. (It's an inside joke.. Yeah, we already have those.. no biggy.) I saved the best for last; she sent Alina a book to teach her basic colours! I'm mostly excited about the book because I knew when I opened the package that Alina would just LOVE it and I was right, she totally does. She likes crinkling noises and books. This book has crinkles in it for her to poke and of course, she loves to chew on the cardboard pages. Stephanie was a total sweetheart for thinking of my girl and it made me realize how grateful  I am for blogging and link-ups like the Snail Mail Collective. My experience with Stephanie was a really nice one and I'm so glad that we were paired together.

Alina enjoying her new book today!
These are my favourite things that Stephanie sent me. I can't wait to make that soup! I am also really excited to wear my bracelet because I have been searching for a simple, but braided, brown bracelet forever!
I started by putting him in the fridge with the milk.. Then I decided to let him "surprise" Rob next time he was reaching for something. I'd like to think that the Pink Fighting Warrior is giving Rob a high five at a pretty deserving moment....!

 It was absolutely a pleasure having Stephanie as my SMC partner. I'm so glad I had a chance to converse back and fourth with her. I have another person to add to my list of blogging friends now. I really am serious about one day going to NYC for Christmas. Perhaps when that time comes, if we're still in contact, we can meet in person and have a drink (or five) together. 

 To sign up for the Snail Mail Collective, you have until December the 7th. It will be the final one that the girls will be doing. I'm sad to hear that it's the last one, but I'm sure they have their reasons for that. So thank you so much to Melyssa and Chelsea for creating such a great link up to be a part of for the second time!

Oh and this video is for you Stephanie, in case I don't get to meet you.. I wanted Alina to show that she is grateful for her new book, in her own way... 


Jade Wright said...

Aww Haley this is the first time that I have heard your voice!!! Amazing!! Canadian accents are so lovely!! Alina is too adorable!
Snail mail is such a wonderful idea.

Becky M said...

Aw this is so cute! What a sweet person she is!

Noor said...

Awesome .I am glad this time your experience was great . I am sure you both must had good times . I love the pack she sent , plus goodies for Alina . How thoughtful of her!

Areeba said...

Oh great, I am happy that this time you're paired with a better person than last time (: That's awesome that she sent a book for Alina!
This saddens me that it's the last month of Snail Mail Collective! It's such a great program!

Deidre said...

Oh wow. this is so sweet! I loved both of the packages that you guys swapped!

kay kay said...

I'm Stephanie's mom and I just wanted to tell you how thoughtful your gifts to Steohanie were! She was so excited!

kay kay said...

I'm Stephanie's mom and I just wanted to tell you how thoughtful your gifts to Steohanie were! She was so excited!