Monday, December 16, 2013

How To Do A Christmas Party Worthy Up-Do

 It is that time of year when we all have to get dolled up for multiple Christmas parties. I was that friend in high school that had her friends do her makeup, hair and sometimes I even had my girlies pick out what I would wear to school dances, or to simply go 'out'.
 When I moved away from my home town I was on my own when it came to the 'being a girl' department. It was tough at first to fend for myself. After a few years and make up tutorials on YouTube and DIY hair tips I think I've come along just fine.

 This year we had both my work Christmas party and Rob's fire department party on the same night. Which worked out great for us this year because we're going to Thunder Bay on Wednesday. This way we got to enjoy bits from each party.

 I found an easy hair tutorial online that I did for the parties;

The Steps Word For Word Are HERE
 I didn't want to do anything major because I knew I wouldn't have the time to go about getting it just right. This one hairstyle seemed fancy enough and very, very easy.

Step One:

 Take about two inches in width of the bangs and pin it back. Once pinned, pull it forward to create what I like to call 'the poof'. The bigger the poof, the better just because my ordinary poof is tame, but 'going out' poof is a bit wild.

Make sure you are happy with your poof before you get started on the rest of your hair because it will be a bit riskier messing with it, once the rest of your hair is up.

Step Two:

Take the same amount of hair behind your left ear, about two inches and twist it towards the back of your head and pin. Do the same on the on the right side. Pin those two pieces together at the back.

Step Three:

 This is where it gets a bit tricky. (For me anyways.) There is some hair left in the back, most people would refer to as the 'mullet'. In order to not look like Ellen Degeneres in the nineties, take one inch thick pieces of hair and with your forefinger and thumb roll the hair upwards until you can't roll it up anymore. Then pinch the hair and pin it in place. It could take a few bobby pins to get it pinned secure. Continue to do this until all of your hair is pinned up. Keep in mind that this is a messy look and it's okay to have some hair sticking out.

 That's it! If my instructions are a bit foggy- click HERE for the steps I followed to do this hairstyle. My hair lasted the whole night. I sprayed it well with a cheap, firm hold hairspray. Although, sadly enough; I didn't do any dancing, so I can't promise that it would last through a night of dancing!

The fam before 'Mom and Dad' went out!


Brianna said...

LOVE IT! I'll have to try that out soon - maybe for Christmas! And that picture of y'all with Alina - just adorable! Seriously...frame that sucker!

Sarah said...

Whoa, your hair looks awesome! That turned out really well. I love hair tutorials. Just a couple months ago I figured out that I have been french braiding incorrectly for all these years. That blew my mind! And it explained so much. My own special style was perfected on my mom's porcelain dolls but I was never able to do it on my own hair. I loved this post. Instructional, yet hilarious.

Amanda said...

That looks great! I am the worst with hair (even with the help of tutorials!) you'll have to teach me your ways one day xx

Anonymous said...

WHOA! I am super jealous that you can do that! My hair is always down- no variations because I don't know how to do it!

I'm going to have to give that a whirl. PS You look hot Mama and Rob looks so handsome!

Annie @ Mismatched Simplicity said...

Oh your hair is just precious as ever! Love all the fun family holidays shots :] I'll have to try this on my own locks sometime

Helene in Between said...

wow, this is so pretty!! come over and do mine :)

Haley said...

Megan- Thanks! It is still kind of trippy for me to see the three of us in a 'family photo' like that! A trip- but a lovely one! I hope you do give it a try!
Annie- I hope you try out the hair style- it's surprisingly easy to do. I love how everyone that does a hair tutorial comes out with a different result based on your hair 'doing' style! Thanks for popping by my blog..!

Caroline said...

Oh waittttt, how pretty is that hair?!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! Love the hair style and you have fablous poof!

I hardly ever wear my hair up when I am going out. I am not sure why that is. Other than maybe cause I always seem to have it up and out the way for everyday wear. So, then for something different I have various 'down do's'. This is something I would like to try though. ;)

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I would probably end up looking like I had a nest on my head. I wish I had the skills to do my own hair!

Rachel said...

That's a really pretty style! My favorite kind of updos are the messy twist and pin type! Definitely easy, and yet they look cool!