Friday, December 13, 2013

Mission Hot Bod- Week Three

 Another Friday and I just finished my third week of RushFit! I realize that the weekly workout recap posts are a bit on the boring side. I thought about it and I'm pretty sure I would just scroll through the pictures and say something encouraging in the comments if I was reading all of this on another blog. So I will try to keep it relatively short!


 Day One was the Strength and Endurance workout.
Goals: I'd like to improve on my burpees. They always wind the hell out of me and I'd love to be able to rock out a bunch with minimal effort.
Improvements: I can do the push up where I let my hands go when I reach the mat and then I push up from a lying position, much, much better than when I first started!


Day Two was my Cardio but also the day that I go to Happy Fit Stroller Classes with Lisa instructing. These classes have turned into something I look forward to every week. Even though I'm working out my body with sprinting and new stretches, it never feels like it. You know when a friend calls and you're folding laundry and then as you chat, you continue to do housework? Well, that's what Happy Fit Stroller Class is to me; housework that I don't even notice I'm doing, because I am enjoying the company of the people and babies around me!
Goals: I want to be able to do the Pigeon Stretch with more ease. I asked Lisa what the name of this stretch was and she offered to make a little video to show me how to do it. So now everyone can practice this stretch if you want! Thanks Lisa!!

Improvements: My regular push ups are still difficult to do but I am able to successfully get through two or three before my form begins to suffer. (I couldn't even do ONE before I started three weeks ago!)


World's worst photo ever.. I hate feet and mine aren't painted pretty enough to put them on the world wide web.
Day Three was the Fight Conditioning workout. I used to think this workout was an easier one because there isn't any push ups, weights or stretches. But I'm constantly moving in this workout and it really gets my heart rate going and I'm sweating buckets by the time I'm finished.
Goals:  I totally suck at the Uchi Mata kicks. I have no coordination for this one, so by the time I sort of have this kick figured out, I'm supposed to switch legs and it completely baffles me. I'll get there, it will just take some time!
Improvements: I'm working up quite a sweat with the striking kicks and level change combinations. It feels great.
 I also realized that I have lost one pound. I still don't care too much about my weight loss throughout all of this, but it is nice to see that I did lose!!


Lisa on the left from my RushFit video showing a Lateral Plank and Lisa from Happy Fit showing a Back Bend. (Thank you Lisa for sharing your Tumblr page with me.)
 Day Four was Abdominal Strength and Core workout.
Goals: I need to straighten my legs more with the leg raises and v ups in round three. I am doing okay but I know it would be a lot more challenging if I could straighten my legs.
Improvements: I can do lateral planks much easier than before. I also can now do what I probably incorrectly call the Back Bend. I couldn't do it last week and made it a goal and I've reached it! There's always room for improvement but I'm pumped that I can actually do it now.


 Day Five was a Cardio day. So I hit up the fire hall's gym and got to run/jogging. My average speed was 4.4 which isn't super great. But I think the most important thing with my cardio is  to never stop. I speed walk for the first few minutes then I turn it into a jog, followed by a short speed walk and then a sprint at the end.
 Goal: To have a higher average speed than 4.4 next week.
Improvements: I was much more consistent this week with keeping a steady pace. Many times before I would flat out give up on the run before I reached my mini goal. (Ex: I'll run until this song is over, etc.)

 So it went really well! I've been tending to Christmas duties, like baking cookies for the cookie exchange we do every year. So I got rid of my five dozen sugar cookies ( I ate TWO) and then I received oh, too many goodies to mention. My plan is to give most of them away and to let Rob eat the rest of them. I had a glass of wine at the cookie party and I ignored the treats and just ate the salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips instead. I can't say no to everything, but if I have to say no to some things, it's going to be the sweets. I like salty treats much more anyways!

 What are your healthy goals this holiday season?!!

It's BackThatAzzUp Friday with Yoga Pants. It's nice to have you back Whitney. In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would share one of my all time favourite Christmas tunes. A few years ago, Rob picked me up from work on Christmas Eve blasting this song in the Jeep. It got me so excited and pumped up for Christmas! I also live on Vancouver Island, so it is an appropriate song for my island Christmas'! Enjoy Bing Crosby's "Mele Kalikimaka"!


Happy Fit said...

Great job once again Haley! You have kicked butt for 3 weeks so now it's a habit. Your "doing housework while on the phone with a friend" comparison may be the best compliment about classes that I have ever received. It is def my goal to distract you with fun so you don't realize how hard you are working :) Yay Haley!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Again- I'm super excited to follow your get fit journey and kinda jealous that I'm not doing something as kick ass (Steve just told me the other day that walking to work only counts as exercise for the
Annnnd I laughed when I saw you cropped out your feet. I freaking hate mine too. Ehhh.
Have a good weekend lady :)

Amanda said...

Amazing! Keep up the great work! xx

Haley said...


Tell Steve that walking to work is better than driving to work!! :) I also walk to work and always feel quite good about it.. I probably give myself too much credit for it.

Yes I'm hardest on myself when it comes to feet. I won't wear sandals unless my toes are presentable. (painted nicely.)

Deidre said...

I've never seen a lateral plank done like that before the way we always do them in yoga is with our feet right on top of each other.

One of my favourite "core" work things we do in yoga is if you're in a normal plank position and then you bring one knee up into your chest so your back rounds and then extend it back into plank (with the leg a few inches off the floor for extra core pain) and then bring it in to touch the left elbow extend it out and then bring it in to touch the right elbow extend it out, and then swap legs.

Noor said...

Your progress is amazing . Honestly , I am jelly jelly of Lisa's perfect bends , but that's amazing !
Hah , I can never weight myself , at least not with eyes wide open .