Friday, December 06, 2013

Mission Hot Bod- Week Two

 Another Friday has arrived. First of all, I want to give a shout out to the weather! That's right, I just 'shouted out' the weather because I'm cool and this is my blog and I can do that. It has been chilly, but the sun has been out and it's been absolutely gorgeous out. I live on the West Coast of Canada, people. It is always raining during this time of year. To put it into perspective for all of you that aren't from Canada, I live in a province above Seattle. I just heard a collective "ooooooooh" from my American readers... Now you get it.

 Friday means that I have completed my second week of RushFit. I feel pretty awesome about it too. I even had a bit of a speed bump that would normally deter me from working out. Anything would stop me from working out before, but nothing will now. (Hopefully!!!) My tummy was a bit bloated and I was a touch crampy, if you all are picking up what I'm putting down. A little bit of TMI, but again- that's okay.


  Day One was the "Strength and Endurance" workout like last Monday.
 Goals:  I haven't used actual weights with the workouts just yet. I'm seriously very weak and didn't want to overdo it and discourage myself right away. But I plan to use weights after this week.
Improvements: My push ups and plank side stretches were a bit easier to do this week.
 I bought a new mat for my living room floor and for my Tuesday classes and it is working quite nicely. It sure beats the baby puzzle mat I was slipping on all last week!


 Day Two is always Cardio with RushFit but it is also my Happy Fit Day! I go to a neighbouring town and meet up with Lisa from Happy Fit for our Stroller Class. This time around Lisa brought her camera and I also made note to snap a couple of pictures of the girls. The class was more challenging than last week, which I was excited about. Lisa taught me how to do a push up properly, which is sad because I don't think in my entire life, that I have ever done one right. Lisa incorporated workout stations and I was a big fan of those.
Goals: I want to be able to do twenty wall push ups without almost collapsing. By push up sixteen my arms were trembling violently!
Improvements: During the stretches at the end of class I think I had a better time figuring out which leg I was supposed to put where. I'm impossible with my sense of direction so I think I improved slightly!


 Day Three was "Abdominal Strength" workout like last Wednesday. I was seriously pretty sore in my arms and shoulders from those wall push ups from Tuesday. My legs were sore as well from two days worth of lunges and squats. But Wednesday was not a rest day, so I had to push through and take it easy on the exercises that hurt.
 Goals: I want to be able to do a full back bend, where you are on your back and then you lift up on your feet and hands and your head is in the position where you would be doing a head stand. It is really difficult to do without collapsing. I used to be able to do it before, so I know it's in me!
Improvements: I have improved on the Combination workout in Round 5. (Navasana- Sit Thru- Hindu Push Up- Sit Thru)
 After my workout, I had to get baby up and ready for our walk at the beach with some of our friends. We met at a coffee shop and made our way down to the boardwalk in another neighbouring town. It was quite chilly but it was a gorgeous day with the sun shining brightly on all of us. I ended up doing my RushFit in the morning and then I did a little bit of pleasant, easy cardio in the afternoon. I'd say that's a pretty good day!


 Day Four was a full on Rest Day! Hallelujah! I really needed the rest day because my body was feeling a little beaten up. So on this day, I just hung out with my baby girl and wrote a blog post about my Snail Mail Collective Experience #2 and if you didn't catch it, go and read it. It was a good one! Alina is watching her first snow fall in the first picture, right after waking. She's reading her book she got from Stephanie and she's eating her chicken and broccoli in the last. She started saying "ba ba ba's" that morning and she started her sitting version of dancing to some Raffi. It was a very productive day for my little Alina girl!


 Day Five was "Fight and Conditioning" workout. It was interrupted right after I finished the warm up because Alina woke. I tried feeding her to get her to go back to bed, but she was up..! So Rob took the baby girl and played with her for a bit. Later she watched while I grunted, gasped and sweated it out!
Goal: I want to get better at the combinations. (Jab, jab, cross, back kick, level) I need to improve on this so that I'm not wasting the entire round trying to figure out the combination. Before I know it, it's over!
Improvements: I have figured out the ground work. Before I wasn't taking it as seriously because I was frustrated and getting mad. Now I have it figured out and am not wasting time being pissed off anymore.

 Week two has been really awesome! Currently my legs are a bit sore. My right ankle, the one I have injured a few times is feeling a bit tender. But now I have two days of rest before I start at it again on Monday morning! This is all starting to feel really, really good.

Venus Trapped in Mars


Amanda said...

Congrats for keeping it up! I think you're looking super fab!!!! xx

Brianna said...

You go, mama! So proud that you're sticking to it and feeling great. Keep up the kickass job! :)

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

You go girl!!!! And the thought of not overdoing is right away is the best. The last thing you want to do is get discouraged right away! Keep it up!!!! :)

Noor said...

You're doing it SO right . Keep your head up Haley . I am glad you have Lisa , she must have been a good guide :) I can't wait to see you transformed #advanceyay

Allison said...

Love your title "Mission Hot Bod"! I'm finishing my first week of P90x and I applaud you for sticking to a program. It can be so hard to fit in workouts with kids. Keep it up girl!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

keep it up! weight loss is a slow and steady process and know that the more you do this, the easier it will be for you not because it gets easier BUT BECAUSE YOU GET BETTER/STRONGER.

Vodka and Soda

Anonymous said...

You are killing it! I'm impressed with your dedication. I'm usually consistent for a week, then I miss one day and its all over! Keep it up! :)

Areeba said...

You're doing it right! Just keep it going on. Just imagining the smarty mama already!

Haley said...

Thanks Megan! I'm super excited about my all of a sudden dedication!

Happy Fit said...

Hey Haley, great work again on week 2, keep going! By Back Bend do you mean this?
If so I can help - I found them hella challenging until taking yoga in Maui where I got some really good tips on them. I have been meaning to blog about these to help others get started so will share those with you once they are done :) Yay!