Friday, December 20, 2013

Mission Hot Bod- Week Four

 It's that time of the week where I recap my working out process! This week has been a bit chaotic. I started the week off somewhat normally, minus Alina's ever evolving sleep patterns. (Insert huge sigh here.) But mid week, we had to pack our life into three suitcases, three carry on bags, a diaper bag and a purse and tackle traveling with our nine month old, for the first time. But it was important to both Rob and I, that we keep at the exercising no matter what changes we experience during the week, including the traveling.


 Day One was Fight Conditioning training and I only got to my third round before I was interrupted by an earlier than usual riser. It is frustrating trying to exercise with a baby because I am one of those people that really, really likes to be able to finish something I have started, while I'm in the middle of it. So having to stop, to nurse the baby in hopes that she'll fall back asleep makes me feel very frustrated, but that is something I have to just get over. She's not going anywhere and I'm not going to stop exercising!
 Goals: I still really suck at the Uchi Mata kicks. It was a goal last week to improve and I feel like I haven't reached it yet. So I'm keeping that goal!
Improvements: I just feel like I'm improving in a general way with this workout. I did this workout near the end of last week and have revisited it early this week so it feels like I just did it. So, I noticed more that I am having an easier time overall, which I believe is a great sign!


Yes, Alina's eyes are closed but it was the only picture I took with her and her buddy Lisa..! The second picture; the littles are taking over the stroller classes!!
 Day Two was my Cardio. Unfortunately Alina was quite the performer on Monday night, so we were up much, much earlier than usual. She was extremely tired but refused to go back to sleep before we left for the class. Somewhere along the way, I ended up being late even though I didn't leave late.. (Insert another heavy sigh here, please.)
Goals: I'd like a stab at doing more with the kettle bells. I just did the general drill that Lisa showed us. But I noticed the other two girls did a variation that was a little tougher. I am always up for the challenge.
Improvements: Wall push ups! They weren't nearly as hard at all this time! Something must be working. Whoop whoop!!


 Day Three was abdominal strength and core conditioning workout. I ended up getting up early and getting my workout out of the way before we left on our little Christmas vacation.
Goal: There's a combination in round five that is quite a challenge. I have been improving, but I'd like to improve and move a lot faster than I have been. (Next week!)
Improvements: I did improve on my leg raises and v ups from last week. I was able to have my legs a bit straighter than usual.


Look at all of the snow!! We took Alina and her Papa to get haircuts at Sears today!

 Day Four was supposed to be a cardio day. There's a three hour time difference from Vancouver Island to Ontario. So Alina woke when the sun came up, which was 9:00 local time, 6:00 our time. Needless to say, Rob and I were both pretty tuckered out when we got up. We made an executive decision to skip the cardio. I think we may have to skip the cardio days just because it will be too tough to run in the snow, or expensive to run at the athletic club.


Day Five was the Full Body Strength and Conditioning workout. This was the first time I have done this workout. Unfortunately we're in Thunder Bay and we don't have any weights so it was a lot less intense. I'm proud to say that Rob tapped out a few minutes early because he was, "done" but he snapped a few pictures of me trooping through round five.
Goals: I'd like to be able to do a Hindu push up better. My form isn't great but I also need to build up enough muscle to be able to do a full push up. I always have to do girl push ups!
Improvement: Air squats! I've definitely improved on those. I can go deeper and faster now.

To see my progress from the past three weeks- you can see them here:

  It's Friday - whoop whoop! I'm sure today is the last day of work for many of you that are lucky enough to get the holidays off! Keeping up with the theme of Christmas I would like to BackThatAzzUp with Yoga Pants to one of my favourite Christmas tunes of all time. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, enjoy!! Judy Garland's "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"...


Helene in Between said...

ugh working out during the christmas season is SO hard for me!! keep it up!

Amanda said...

I'm so impressed that you continue to work out over the Holidays! xx

Anonymous said...

You are doing so great1 Love your dedication. Especially this time of year.

Time zones and sleep patterns are sucky. As soon as you get used to the new one you are headed home. :)

Deidre said...

I'm so so sorry I've been a stranger around these parts the past couple of weeks! I'm so jealous of the snow it looks so beautiful!

Happy Fit said...

Hey Haley, you did great once again this week, I am so glad to hear it, even with travel, what a trooper. I am sorry I offered the advanced kettlebell option once you'd moved past that station. I will give you some KB coaching in the New Year, I know you'll kick some serious butt!! Good choice to stick with strength and dropping the cardio if you don't have time. Enjoy yourself, and keep up your great work - you and Rob rock!

Noor said...

Kudos to you for being able to tackle your schedule even in holidays (that I could never ever) . Don't worry, Alina would get used to it , I am sure :)

Stephanie Leigh said...

I'm so impressed with your working out! You are looking very fit!!! What exercise routines are you using? My BF and I are thinking about doing a 30 day P90X challenge...but I always feel like I don't get a very good workout unless I'm at the gym. I need to get over that!!! PS. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Girl I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of you on Friday. And I really freaking love that you outlasted ROB! HAHA GET IT GIRL!!