Thursday, December 19, 2013

Alina's Papa

This is my third time participating in the "Boys Behind The Blog" link-up. Five questions are posted on Mal or Stephanie's  blogs on the first Thursday of the month. On the third Thursday, you post your answers and link-up! The questions are directed at a male in your life, any male.. It could be your brother, husband, dad or I'm betting even your five year old son, if you had one!

 This month, the month of generosity and spending time with your family; I introduce, my father in law; Rodney. It's very appropriate that he would be my Christmas "Boy" Behind the Blog. He is the true definition of generous. He is a family man through and through. There isn't anything I could honestly think of, that he wouldn't do for his family. I'm not even exaggerating. I've joked that Papa is in trouble once Alina figures out how to manipulate him. He'll take her out and she'll come home with an outrageously expensive golden chain with a heart on it and a puppy. We'll be giving Alina hell for asking Papa for things she knows he won't be able to say no to. Then we'll be telling Rodney that he has to stop buying Alina everything she asks for!! But in all seriousness, Rodney is the one man in my life, that I can call dad. He's proudly stepped in, as my dad here on Earth and I wouldn't have anyone else stand there, but him. I also know that he will be the very best Papa he can be to his first grand baby. It is unfortunate that my dads passed away and that Alina won't get to know her other papas. But, she is lucky for the one that she does have because he is all that she will ever need in this world.

Rodney is always putting others first. Whether it be driving an aunt to a doctor's appointment, picking up stranded hitchhikers and bringing them home for a place to eat and rest, to helping his sister with a renovation. He is always there, every time you need him, no questions asked.
 So Rodney was off of work at eight at night, went to help a friend snow blow his driveway. There was some kind of trouble with the snow blower (isn't there always...) and then he was at his own driveway, hard at work. It wasn't until nearly eleven his time, that he called me back. I called earlier and let Andrea know that I needed to interview Rod for my blog. I was surprised and then immediately not surprised that he called me after his long day of work and then snow blowing. I got my answers and quickly let him get on with his night, which was made up of finally going to bed!

 I'll try to write word for word what Rodney's answers were for each question, with a little bit of my own commentary afterward.

//1 What is your favourite cereal?
Rod: Well I have two. Well no, there is one that we always have in the house. But my favourite would be Fruit Loops. Andrea buys them for me and I eat them raw by the handful. I could go through a box by eating them in the basement while watching t.v. But we always have Cheerios because those are healthier for you. 

 I agree! I love Fruit Loops. When I was pregnant- I requested them early in my first trimester. They were the only things I really wanted to eat first thing in the morning, for about a week! Mm-mm. AND- just the other day, Rob went to the grocery store for junk cereal and came home with Fruit Loops. Like father, like son.

//2 Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?

 Rod: Finn pancakes.

 Well this was a no brainer. Rodney is Finnish and there is this restaurant in Thunder Bay called The Hoito. Every time we're in Thunder Bay we go there for breakfast. It's in this dingy basement of an old building. It reminds me of a church basement. But it's like we're lining up to get into the Keg on a Friday night, without reservations. This place is packed in the mornings, especially during the holidays. They are known for their Finnish pancakes!


The Hoito is so famous Jordan Staal brought the Stanley Cup to it!!!
//3  What is your favourite holiday tradition?
Rod:  Family reunions- but that's not really a holiday tradition... The Christmas tree. Well until Andrea got it one year from A&P and it was a real Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I ended up drilling holes into the trunk and taking branches from the bottom and sticking them in the empty spots. It worked out perfect.

 I mean, yes I realize that Rod is Rob's dad. But these two couldn't be more alike. They see a problem.. bingo bango- they find a solution. Very clever there Mr. J.. very, very clever...

//4  Finish this sentence; All I want for Christmas is . . .
 Rod:  I want everyone to be happy and healthy. Appreciate what we have because there are a lot of other people that are a lot less fortunate.

 I read him the question and then quickly answered for him; my two front teeth! Rodney was a daredevil when he was growing up and he ended up getting in many, many car accidents. He is missing his spleen .. and at one point some of his teeth. Ouch! So I jokingly said his two front teeth and he laughed and said he was thinking about saying that!!

Rod- the younger years.
 //5  What was your best moment of 2013?
Rod:  This Christmas coming up will be.. because it will still be 2013. We'll all be together again. Oh and when Alina was born too. That was the last time we were all together as a family.

 Aww shucks Dad...! You're too sweet. I agree that Alina's birth was definitely a highlight and I'm really looking forward to spending Christmas in Thunder Bay in just under two weeks!

  Alina meeting her Papa at the airport for the first time. Rodney dressed as Santa, to surprise us on the last Christmas we all spent together.

 I wrote this post ahead of time because we'll be arriving in Thunder Bay on the 18th. The link up is set for the 19th. Just think- Alina will be reunited with her Papa once again when you are all reading this! (The last time he saw her was when she was three weeks old).

 Not only is Rodney a great dad and a person that genuinely cares but he's also a total brat. They don't call him Rotten Rodney for no reason!  Here's a series of photos to show his sense of humour and some times that we've spent together...

Here's to another "Boys Behind The Blog" link-up!! I enjoyed interviewing my father in law and it was nice to reflect on how lucky I am to have him in my life!

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Caroline said...

He truly sounds like a wonderful, wonderful man!

Jade Wright said...

Ahhh Haley this was such a heartfelt post - stunning! And he seems like such a wonderful bloke.

Love the pictures of him in his younger years - bit of a hippy hahahahaha and the one with the fake boobs.

I'm so sorry I never knew your dad passed away - but you are so blessed to have Rodney in your life xxxx

Amanda said...

Haha he seems so lovely, but you're right Alina will always have him wrapped around her finger. But that's the responsibility of first granddaughter right? Xx