Sunday, April 22, 2007

Question and Answer.. for the bored.

Well I highly doubt that anyone will have the time to read through all of this petty stuff. But it's a Questionaire type deal that I got from Holli's blog. She's a sweetie and I enjoyed going through her answers and figured that I'd have some fun doing the same. The last couple of questions made me think and those were my favourites. I doubt people care if I like Sprite or 7Up more, so I may have skipped a few. Enjoy if you dare to read..

What is your name spelled backwards?
Yelah. Like Old Yella, but that was a really sad movie. Has anyone actually seen it? I've only heard of it and how terrible it is.
What did you do last night? I was a bit hung over from Friday night at Bobbi and Ken's house. So Rob had an old friend over and we watched about three straight hours of UFC fighting. I fell asleep from a long hard day at work, hung.
Have you ever licked a battery? Yes I have. It feels strange and shocking almost. Why, because my brother and sister told me to.
How many cars have you owned? I have owned 2 cars. The Honda that lasted one month and my Pontiac Sunfire that's currently parked because of a battery failure or an alternator mishap.
Type of music you dislike the most: I'm going to say girl rap. The stupid girls that have those whiny voices and they think they can sing and rap.. Oh my stop them now.
Are you registered to vote? I am not sure. I know I didn't when I could've. So I'm thinking not here in Qualicum, but I did in Hinton. This question seems more important for everyone in the U.S. Changes are needed big time. VOTE!
Do you have cable? So many people make me look bad because they don't have cable. "I don't have time for t.v" Well I DO! I love it.
Ever made a prank phone call? Probably, but it was most likely too stupid and immature to mention proudly.
You like anyone right now? I don't usually do these questionaires on my blog. This is why. It's so petty to ask a 21 year old if she likes anyone right now. Yes, I like my boyfriend that I live with.
Would you bungee jump or sky dive? I'd like to say that I would. But I probably wouldn't. I'd have the worst stomach ache from nerves before the jump that I'd be stuck in the bathroom unable to come out.
Furthest place you ever traveled? The south. Louisiana. It was wonderful and I'd love to return one day.
Do you have a garden? No. Well we do have a yard and there is definitely room for one. But I do not find one teeny bit of interest in making one.
Do you know all the words to O'Canada? If I didn't I'd be an idiot. Who doesn't know their national anthem? It's important to know I think. Unless you're too little..or not from here and still learning.
Shower morning or night? Always at night. I never shower in the morning unless I'm on one of my days off. I leave myself very little time for getting ready in the morning.
Best movie you've seen in the last month? Bobby. It was emotional and kept me interested. Oh! Band of Brothers, the mini-series. WOW what an amazing series. Everyone should see it.
Best pizza topping? If from Pizza Hut : ham and pineapple.
Popcorn or chips?
I love chips, and am cursed with that craving every night of my life. White Cheddar popcorn that comes in a bag is amazzzzzzzzzing too.
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? I have never met anyone that has been in one. Do those people exist in Canada? It's not really big here, or at least in Alberta or B.C.
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? Well this is a funny story. I was on my lunch break and this random guy sat down with me. He seemed really nice but it was just so bold of him to assume it was okay to sit with me on my break. So I just talked and ate my meal and threw in that I had a boyfriend and kept it friendly. Once I was finished eating, I cut my break a bit short and excused myself, shaking his hand. It freaked me out, I am not used to being approached like that.
Orange juice or Apple? Hang over: Tropicana Orange. Any other time: COLD apple.
Fav. chocolate bar? I am a chocolate nightmare these last few weeks. I finally stopped. But there was a definite week or two that I ate some once a night. Those chocolate crunchy eggs at easter got me.
Who is your longest friend and how long? I have friends. But I'd have to say for my most successful friend .. would be Katie. We met when she moved to Hinton.. we were in grade 2. 1992 I believe was the year. 15 years.
Last time you ate a home grown tomato? NEVER. blech.
Have you ever won a trophy? I've won medals but no trophies.
Last thing you bought at a store? Well I didn't buy it. But I was with Rob and his money is my money, was an ax for camping at the Canadian Tire.
Ever thrown up in public? Yes. I was in grade 10 at a New Year's Party. We were all out of town squeezed into a huge garage. It was loads of fun. But I remember I started smoking cigarettes that night. I mixed that with booze and I was puking into the garbage can in front of a couple. My best friend's older brother and his girlfriend at the time, I believe. Haha. They were snobs, so I still don't care too much!
Would you prefer a million dollars or true love? I'm going with money can't buy you happiness. Lame I know. But I believe it. Where will Paris Hilton be without a family to love her when she's 80.. still loaded, but with no one to share it with.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Sure, I bet some people have experienced that. In our case, it didn't happen. But all of a sudden, Rob was just there right in front of me. That's when I realized I wanted to know him.
Can exes be just friends? With time and most likely when children are involved. No kids, why be friends? Old feelings are always around and I just think it makes things complicated.
Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? I don't like hospitals, for reasons.. But I think I remember it being Rob's sister Erin. She turned out okay, but it was scary.
Did you have long hair as a kid? Well I did for awhile. But mom cut it as short as a boy when I entered grade one. Then we just let it grow.. and grow.
What message is on your voicemail? I don't think anything for me. My mom's been the pits lately and doesn't phone me anymore. It used to be her. Oh my cousin Alex very excited telling me about her new job.
Where would you like to go right now? Hmm somewhere warm. Rob has the window open and the cold air is coming in. My hands are freeeeeezing. Maybe somewhere exotic with my honey. We need to go on a romantic vacation because we have never before.
What was the name of your first pet? Well technically Charlie, our dog was around before I was born... So I'm going with Doodle. My hamster that I named after my grandpa. He was always doodling around, taking his time. Hamsters don't do much, so it seemed fitting. He was also cute like my grandpa.
What's in your backpack? Another odd question.. But Rudi gave me one of his Weldwood work back packs he got for being safe at work or something like that.. I usually have my running shoes inside, with a tampon half hanging out of it's package, haha.. My MP3 player and... a sweaty towel. But for now it's empty.
Last incoming and outgoing number on your phone? Incoming was... Grannie telling Rob that the roof he fixed was leaking. She's just kidding and wanted to mess with him. Outgoing was my sister. I phoned her to see what she was up to and if we could feel around to see if her and Joe were going to be going out. If so we were going to spontaneously drive there for the weekend.
What is one thing you are greatful for today? Having a roof over my head. A nice one, a comfy one that people come to visit and feel like they are staying with a laid back aunty and uncle. I like knowing that we have it well. I love our house when it's all tidy and Rob and I can lay on our couches and relax.
What do you think most about? How my life will turn out. How everything I am doing right now, ultimately effects what I'll be doing next year, and the one to follow. Now that I am growing up I realize that I have started living my adult life. That scares the hell out of me and it excites me. I look forward to buying a house, and getting married and having kids. I want to see my babies .. I want to meet them and soon. I look forward to my life to come and I think about that often.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Spirit

Ohh Easter went so well.

Rob and I had Easter at our house again this year, but this time it was just the two of us. That made it really special.

Saturday night while Rob was glued to the hockey game, I made up little rhyming clues to put everywhere in the house. I bought him candy, chocolates and a Toronto Maple Leafs fleece blanket. We had a fire in the backyard after the game and while he was outside, I weaseled my way around the house, hiding clues and presents. He had no idea.

Easter morning came. I woke up excited but knew that it was too early to wake him. I looked over towards his side of the bed and he was laying there looking at me. Haha, I guess he was ready to get up after all. He was excited because he had a basket with a note from the easter bunny and a wee bunny sitting there beside the bed ready for me to go on my easter egg hunt. I knew that he hadn't gotten me anything for Easter but I didn't know that he was going to use the easter kit we received on me. Even though I knew where everything was hidden I too enjoyed following him to each and every clue. We were showered and fed by 9:30 just in time to head to Parksville for church.

Yes, I said it; church. I went to church for Easter this year. I never go to church period. But I have never gone to church for any other reason besides funerals. So this was an interesting experience for me. I am familiar with the Catholic religion because I grew up going to a Catholic Elementary School. I didn't like it in school because it wasn't really my own choice. I just went because that was the school that my mom chose for us kids. I didn't enjoy religion class and I hated going to church. I was kind of a wuss. The Jesus on the cross after being crucified always scared me. It was life size and hanging on the wall and I just thought it was so terrifying yet I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I was just bad at going to church, I'd get light headed and want to pass out. After awhile, I think I just stopped going.

But my experience was so much better this time. I went to a Christian Church for my dad when I was in Drayton Valley last. That was too much for me. I didn't enjoy it because going to church there is more like a way to meet people. All of the young people swarm around you and want to know who you are. It's nice but a little too much all at once. In the catholic church, it's more layed back. There are a lot of older people there, all dressed up in their Sunday best. There was an old woman beside me singing in a pitchy, old fashioned voice. It was wonderful. Babies were crying and their moms were running them out of the side doors to shush them. A little girl was singing hymns at the front. The priest had a thick Russian accent and it was hard to understand him, but it was so old fashioned that I felt really comfortable. He wasn't preachy like my dad's pastor. The people didn't stop and introduce themselves when they saw us coming into the church for the first time. Rob was right. The catholic church is very personal. People aren't all over you making sure you're going to come back. They leave it up to you and that's what's best. I personally feel like it is my choice if I want to come back without coaxing or pressure of any kind.

After church we went to the grocery store to pick up our ham. We made deviled eggs out of the boiled eggs we painted the night before. We enjoyed our feast together and curled up on the couch under comfy blankets later. It was a success and so far it was my favourite holiday that we spent together. I liked it more than Christmas which I can't really believe.

I also think that I may pursue going to church again. I won't go to please Rob or for anyone else. I will go for myself. I believe in God, casually. But I have been feeling spiritual lately and I don't mind hearing stories that make me just think. I don't mind re evaluating how I live my life. I don't mind hearing people singing to old fashioned songs. I think that if I want to go again, I will. If not, I won't. But as for Easter, I will be going back each year because I really enjoyed it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Better Days

My favourite moment in a day is when I am completely at peace with my life. As I walked home from the gym the other day, I felt that. I was listening to a beautiful song on my MP3 and I was walking in the sun and the breeze was cool but not steady. I was thinking to myself how amazing my life has become. I look around at the full green trees in the sky and the new flowers blooming. It's almost like the first scene where Dorothy sees colour in The Wizard Of Oz. It's like I haven't seen colours like that since before winter. The sun is beating down on me as I walk and I can't get the smile off of my face. I turn the corner to my street and I see my bright orange house sitting there waiting for me. It's comforting and I remembered thinking, I have to write about this feeling.

Well it happened again the other night. Rob was soar from packing loads upon loads of bundles onto the roof he was working on. I was soar from returning to the gym after my holiday. We walked over to the pool which is about a two minute walk. We sat and cooked in the hot tub. We didn't last long, but it seemed to relax our muscles just enough. As we left the civic centre, we were embraced by the moonlit darkness. It felt like we were on a spotlight as we strolled back to our home. There wasn't a breeze to chill us and the temperature seemed just right. We joked about how we didn't even have to look to see if cars were coming as we crossed because Qualicum is so quiet after 6:00. We love our little retirement town. It's perfect for us. For the most part, there isn't any trash walking up and down any streets here. There isn't litter or dirty roads. This is a beautiful place to live.

As I walked home today from the gym, I was chilly and the wind was a bit more demanding of my attention. But I thought about how fufilling it feels to be responsible for looking and feeling good. I remember being 16 and looking great. But I ate badly, my sleeping patterns were off the wall, I drank too much with my friends at parties and I never even thought about exercising. So I was probably pretty unhealthy. Now that my body is letting me know that I am getting older and skinny isn't something I just get to have, I have to work at it. I like having to go to the gym and work at my appearance. I have to work for a nice, toned, healthy looking body. There's just so much more honour and commitment in that. So for me working out isn't only about looking better. But it really is for me, to know that I am doing something wonderful for myself. I am healthy and in doing so I am happier person for it.