Monday, April 02, 2007

Better Days

My favourite moment in a day is when I am completely at peace with my life. As I walked home from the gym the other day, I felt that. I was listening to a beautiful song on my MP3 and I was walking in the sun and the breeze was cool but not steady. I was thinking to myself how amazing my life has become. I look around at the full green trees in the sky and the new flowers blooming. It's almost like the first scene where Dorothy sees colour in The Wizard Of Oz. It's like I haven't seen colours like that since before winter. The sun is beating down on me as I walk and I can't get the smile off of my face. I turn the corner to my street and I see my bright orange house sitting there waiting for me. It's comforting and I remembered thinking, I have to write about this feeling.

Well it happened again the other night. Rob was soar from packing loads upon loads of bundles onto the roof he was working on. I was soar from returning to the gym after my holiday. We walked over to the pool which is about a two minute walk. We sat and cooked in the hot tub. We didn't last long, but it seemed to relax our muscles just enough. As we left the civic centre, we were embraced by the moonlit darkness. It felt like we were on a spotlight as we strolled back to our home. There wasn't a breeze to chill us and the temperature seemed just right. We joked about how we didn't even have to look to see if cars were coming as we crossed because Qualicum is so quiet after 6:00. We love our little retirement town. It's perfect for us. For the most part, there isn't any trash walking up and down any streets here. There isn't litter or dirty roads. This is a beautiful place to live.

As I walked home today from the gym, I was chilly and the wind was a bit more demanding of my attention. But I thought about how fufilling it feels to be responsible for looking and feeling good. I remember being 16 and looking great. But I ate badly, my sleeping patterns were off the wall, I drank too much with my friends at parties and I never even thought about exercising. So I was probably pretty unhealthy. Now that my body is letting me know that I am getting older and skinny isn't something I just get to have, I have to work at it. I like having to go to the gym and work at my appearance. I have to work for a nice, toned, healthy looking body. There's just so much more honour and commitment in that. So for me working out isn't only about looking better. But it really is for me, to know that I am doing something wonderful for myself. I am healthy and in doing so I am happier person for it.

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Beautiful post Haley!