Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Trying To Be The Girl That I'm Supposed To Be . . .

  It is New Years Day! I wrote this post weeks and weeks ago in preparation for my trip to Ontario for Christmas. It turned out that I didn't need to post it when I was away. I am taking today to catch up on reading all of the blogs in my Bloglovin' Feed and to e-mail the kind bloggers that take the time to comment on my past posts. I'm going to skip the Year in Review with Haley because I've read my fill of them and I'm betting most of my readers have too.

 So here's the thing.. I suck at being a girl. As in, I don't care enough about my hair, waxing my eyebrows, shopping or getting my nails done. Needless to say, Rob is a very lucky husband and we save a lot of money on me being low maintenance. But sometimes, I wish I cared more about how I looked. I know that when I see some bloggers out there, I wish I had their funky style or I at least knew how to do a cool hair style. Which brings me to my post today...!

 Amanda from Living In Another Language posted about her gorgeous, wavy hair in November. She filled her readers in on how to have the same looking hair HERE. I commented that my hair is such an asshole and that I doubt her simple, easy technique would work as well on me. Amanda disagreed and thought it might work, if I followed her simple steps. So... one Saturday morning I decided to give it a shot! Of course, I documented the entire thing with badly taken iPhone pictures. You're welcome!

 I followed Amanda's steps - so all of my steps that I provide come straight from her post!

First you will want to wash your hair. Scrunch it dry with a towel. That's right, just like I did in the pictures. The first picture looks a little bit like a badly filmed porno still. Yuck. (Got to love the front cam on the iPhone.. Quality- not so much)! Then I look like scrunching my hair with a towel is somewhat painful. !!

 Then you will want to put mousse in your hair and scrunch it up. I think my problem was that I put way too much mousse in my hair, so it was quite wet.

 Yeah, I took a picture of  my incredibly cheap and old mousse that I found in the back of my cupboard for this special occasion. Maybe that's why I look so unimpressed..?!

 Then you attach the diffuser to your hair dryer. Unfortunately my attachment must have gone missing. So I had to hold the nozzle of the hair dryer and the diffuser in place with my hand. The heat has to be on high on your hair dryer, so you can imagine my hands were getting pretty warm without that trusty attachment piece. (Darn it)!

My apologies for the almost boob shot there.. I was so focused on the diffuser not falling off of the hair dryer while I took the picture I almost gave Blogland a boobie show.
 Amanda said to scrunch the hair while using the diffuser to dry it, leaving the heat on for 5-8 seconds at a time. Once your hair is dry, you can take pieces of your hair that didn't curl and curl them by pulling the strands around the curling iron. Unfortunately for me, I thought the curling iron my mother in law left me worked. Apparently she left it here last time she visited because she thought Rob might get it working and then I could use it. (Side note, there was nothing wrong with the curling iron. Both Andrea and I are dumb dumbs that don't know how to use the G.F.C.I. on the bathroom plug.. What the hell is that?  I asked my electrician husband?!)  Oh well! I did the best I could with a few hiccups. I think my hair turned out good, considering I didn't do everything totally right.

 It, however did not turn out as good as Amanda's hair- but in all honesty, I think I can do better!

Have you ever said, "I can't" and then later realize, wait a minute.. "Yes I can"!


The Babbling Box said...

Your hair looks so cute! I have tried this technique before but my hair is annoying and must stay straight, thinking about trying again now.

Ali said...

I do that with my hair too! It takes a few times to really figure out how much product you need and how damp your hair should be. Honestly, if this is your first time doing that I think it looks good! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job. Love this look on you! I have really should use my diffuser more often than I do. Maybe I will give it try again soon too.

Amanda said...

I am horrible with hair- I only have 4 options- bun, ponytail, down, half up. So I think it looks fabulous! I don't even own a curling iron, diffuser, or mousse! x

Haley said...

I used to do my hair like this when I was in high school. But I made it look kinda greasy... and too wet. This way is much better because it's a dryer - more grown up look! Thank you, I will have to give it another go with less mousse, a good diffuser and a working curling iron!

Areeba said...

Oh Haley, you did a great job on your hair! And your hair look so cool! I guess my husband will save his money too, because I am a jerk at getting girly services! I have one hair straightener only and I once tried to curl my hair with it, it was a Pinterest failure :(

Deidre said...

I'm a pretty terrible girl too! I think you're hair looks great! I recently got hooked on beauty youtubers (Zoella, Tanya Burr, and Sprinkle of Glitter are my favourites) and they've inspired me to at least CONSIDER trying a bit more.

Alex[andra] said...

I love the step by step pictures! You look adorable! You've convinced me to try this. One day.

Noor said...

Oh Haley , I really love your hair and I want to do it too . I need to get myself a new mousse because I probably haven't bought one in months .