Friday, January 31, 2014

MHB- Week Ten- Results

 Week ten has come and gone with another blink of the eye. I have given this week the title; Results. I really feel like I am seeing and feeling the results of consistently working out for ten weeks. I feel incredible, like I have lots of energy and my body has really tightened up. Hallelujah! I feel like I'm really reaching my goals but I want to really focus on maintaining what I have and challenging myself. Once I finish week twelve, I'd like to change from "Beginner" and move up to "Intermediate". I'll get into the details when that times comes.


 Day one was my Strength and Endurance Workout and it was amazing. I was seriously huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf himself after only the first round! Rob was getting ready for work and he had to stop and ask me which round I was in. I am a noisy exerciser, I can't deny it!
Goals: I tried to do a workout with real push ups throughout the entire workout. I came close, but I couldn't do the full minute, so I switched to 'girl' push ups. (I totally resent that we are naturally weaker and have a push up named after us because of it!)
Improvements: Oh, I would say even though I was huffing and puffing during round one, I worked that much harder on myself- so the workout was more difficult and I think that's an improvement!


 Day two was my cardio and my very last Happy Fit Stroller Fitness Class with Lisa. We changed it up a little bit and did our exercise outside in a trail nearby. It was a great workout, I was sweating and out of breath. My legs were soar and we only succumbed a few injuries! I slipped doing a squat and bonked my ankle, then I was hit from behind on two occasions, one resulted in the tossing of a certain three year old. We were all okay in the end! Us moms have decided to keep the Happy Fit attitude going and we are going to continue to meet up at this trail, weather pending and we're going to do the same exercises that we did on Tuesday. Lisa even wrote a blog post of exactly what we did so we can follow it for the future. Phew! It's not over, we'll just be missing our pal, Lisa!


 Day three was Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning Workout. Last week Rob mentioned to me that my abs should be sore after this workout. To be honest, last week they weren't. On Wednesday I was sweeping the floors hours after my workout and I felt soreness when I swept. I was really pumped that I was finally doing it right!
Goals: My v-ups in the third round could improve. There's a more difficult way to do the v-ups and that's to let your hands meet your feet up in the air instead of bringing your legs to your hands.. It's not easy to imagine, but I'll work on it for next week.
Improvements: I suppose my improvement is that my abs were sore afterwards! That was my goal from last week and I feel like I've accomplished it!


(For more of these kinds of great videos you can follow Lisa on Bloglovin' HERE or 'like' her Facebook page HERE.)

 Day four was my cardio day. I went to the gym at the fire hall and did the same cardio machine workout that Lisa posted on her blog last week.

1. Sprint for 30 seconds at a speed of 6 and an incline of 7. Walk for 1 minute. Repeat twice.
2. Do 10 push-ups on the ground.
3. Do a wall handstand for about 30 seconds.

Repeat two more times for a total of three rounds.  In the second round I brought my speed up to 6.5. and I did wall push-ups. When I went into my third round I went back down to a speed of 6 and I only walked for 30 seconds in between sprints. I did wall push-ups again and instead of the wall handstand I used the exercise ball at the gym to hold three thirty second planks.

 Here is a video I requested from Lisa. Some of my fellow bloggers showed some interest in the wall handstand and I wanted to demonstrate how simple it really is to do. So my good friend Lisa from Happy Fit hooked me up with a great video to share on my blog. Thank you Lisa!


 Day five was the Fight Conditioning Workout, the one that always makes me sweat really good. I didn't get a chance to ask Rob to take any pictures of me this morning. So you get awful mirror selfies instead. I am demonstrating a level change in the large picture because it is really difficult to take any action shots with a camera phone. I tried.. all blurry. I noticed the other day that I'm developing some pipes! That's right, I have muscles in my arms and I didn't even know it! This is very exciting to me! I also wanted to show off my bruise from one of my incidents at my last Happy Fit class the other day. I had no idea I hit my leg that hard until that bruise appeared!
 Goals: I started out the workout in a pissed off mood (never mind the details) and I wasn't totally giving it 100% but half way through I perked up and got over my bad mood. Next week, real, full punches and kicks like I'm actually striking an opponent!
 Improvements: I mentioned last week that I wanted to improve on my ground work and I did! I finally have the form figured out and it really works the core muscles. I loved it, once I figured it out!

 I'm looking forward to stepping up the workout, although it does look challenging! I'm also excited to show my comparison picture on week twelve. That's right, the picture of me when I first started on week one to a picture of me on week twelve. I'll admit, I cheat and look back all of the time and there is a difference! Yah!

 It's Friday everyone, and that means we get to #BackThatAzzUp with Yoga Pants with a song that I know has been heard lately. I usually like to post old tunes or songs that aren't super mainstream. But, I just really enjoy this song and the lyrics. Take a minute of your day to just close your eyes and liiiiisten.. really listen.  Enjoy, "Ain't No Reason" by Brett Dennen


Amanda said...

All the working out is really starting to show! How do you feel? That bruise looks nasty! V-ups are so difficult! We used to have to do them for warm ups when I used to dance...I feel phantom sympathy aches as I type! x

Brianna said...

You're doing such a great job, girl! And such an inspiration, too :). Keep up the great work!!!

Noor said...

Yay , I had been wanting to see the days of results , and I think they're near. Do you have any estimate time till you do it or it's forever?

Megan Campbell said...

OMG I want to do the wall hand stand- it looks like a good workout and so much fun. Also- love hearing the canadian accent when she explained it!
Girl- battle wounds to show your hard work! You're killing it. Again, you are motivation for me to get MOVING, when the snow melts away that is ;)

Happy Fit said...

As always you are doing SO awesome! I am so glad to hear you are getting results, you are working hard and it's paying off. And thank you so much for the shout-outs. I love that pic of me with my little friend Alina. I'm sorry about your bruise/injuries - I didn't even have you sign a waiver ;)

Happy Friday!

Areeba said...

I'm proud of my big Canadian sistah for this hard work! You bad bruise, GO AWAY! You will be my motivation, I'll be starting work out hopefully in 2015!

Cicolari said...

So nice and beautifull blog ! Lovely ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , just follow me and let me know ! I will follow u back as soon as possible :*

Cicolari said...

So nice and beautifull blog ! Lovely ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , just follow me and let me know ! I will follow u back as soon as possible :*

Cicolari said...

So nice and beautifull blog ! Lovely ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , just follow me and let me know ! I will follow u back as soon as possible :*