Monday, January 20, 2014

Just A Touch

 I posted about my boobs  back in October. It felt really amazing to just vent about how good it was feeling to be wearing a regular bra again. I know, mom talk isn't always super interesting to read about. But, I promise- it's just about my boobs. Who doesn't like a good read on boobs, right?! Well, I am officially finished breast feeding everybody! Sound the trumpets, sprinkle me in confetti and pass me a glass bottle box of wine! I can't describe how in-credible it feels to have my boobs all to myself again!! Alina was cut off last weekend and my one, poor boob was hard as a rock for a good week. I won't get into too much detail other than the fact that I was sooooooore. But now... today, it's the first day that my boob feels like MY BOOB again. They BOTH feel like they used to and I couldn't be happier. To all of you girls out there that have your original boobies; enjoy them. Do me a favour and sneak an extra long peek at them the next time you take a shower. Take a look and commend your 'girls' for looking their finest. You know when someone asks what your best physical quality is? Well I would say, that my finest quality would be my boobs- my own personal favourite. Obviously I am my best critic because I see them all of the time. They are a nice size and perky. When you get pregnant, wowsers. Your boobies are sure to change... Before I even knew I was pregnant that was the first thing I noticed; my boobs were huuuuuge. Once the baby was born; my boobs were gigantic. Now, that the baby has had her way with them and I am ten months past my little peanut being born.... they are back to their normal size. But, and I'm not going to lie.. they're a bit softer. They are still nice-ish.. they just sort of hang a touch lower. Just a touch. I promise, I'm okay with this little change. I love my kiddo enough to admit that.. it's worth the little drop in boob height. I also want to be clear that I wouldn't use the word; saggy to describe them either. That is not what they are. But, because they had a good perk to them before; there is certainly a difference today.

Yup, that's 'them'.. In all of their B Cup supportless bra glory.
 AN-Y-WAYS! This post was not going to be about my boobs again! I just wanted to quickly celebrate the fact that they were mine all mine again! Today's post is about . . . (stalls while she tries to think of something to write about...) my insecurities about returning to work!

 So, I haven't really made an annoucement because I'm not super excited about it. I officially return to work, full time on March the 3rd. It's a Monday. I will be 100% back to work at the beginning of March. I don't mind the idea of returning to what I used to do, before I had baby girl. But I am feeling... insecure about where I stand. I know that the ladies that have taken my place are doing really well since I left. Before, I was the one that knew how to do everything, literally.. Now, they know how to do it all, who is the one to take the step back to let me in? It doesn't really matter. I don't need to worry about it now. I just need to go in with a positive head on my shoulders. My boss, or the manager of the store I work in, moved to the Cayman Islands with his family back in July. He was seriously the best boss I could have ever asked for. A nice, (a total understatement) level headed, crazy smart, friendly, kind and understanding man. That's who I called boss. Now, I will be working for someone different. He's actually someone I used to go to high school with back in Alberta. (Small world, I know!!) I'm not sure how that whole dynamic will turn out to be like. But, I do have a pretty good feeling about it. I think I'll fit back in nicely. It's just natural for me to have these feelings.. the unknown!

The only picture of me at work- my cousin came to visit years ago, with her new baby.
 What I'm the most sad about is obviously not seeing Alina all day, anymore. I'm going to go from seeing her from 8 am to 8 pm. Twelve entire hours with my girl to .. wait for it, because it's that astonishing; four hours a day. I plan to wake her at 7 am and to take her to daycare for 8 ish.. Then I'll see her hopefully by 5 pm (as long as people don't come in last minute and make me late and that doesn't include my five minute walk home) for three whole hours, which also includes me making dinner and cleaning up. Oh my goodness, that just doesn't seem like enough time. But, such is life. I need the benefits that come with working and let's face it; we need my steady income.

We've been busy cuddling for the last few weeks. As soon as I realized that was something Alina liked to do... it became one of our favourite things.

  Needless to say; we've been spending a lot of our recently very precious time together snuggling up on the couch. I have been loving the closeness. Alina wasn't a super cuddely baby but ever since we returned home from Ontario, she's been my little snuggle bug. I don't hate it...

 Don't mind me; I'll just be the one cuddeling up with my baby daughter not counting the days until March the 03rd, with my softer, lower sitting breasts and best friend by my side.. Wish me luck that the days don't soar by.

It is no fun talking about my breasts all on my lonesome.. so let's hear it.. are you happy with your breasts overall? 
What is your favourite physical quality about yourself?


Amanda said...

My boobs are wah-wah tiny, unless its "that time of the month" and then I swear they double in size. I think it's exciting that you are going back to work. I know it must be a huge challenge for you to give up your Alina time but it'll be good for you too to have more grownup time. x

Kerri Ryan said...

My boobs USED to be my best feature even after J was born... I have to admit, T ruined them. One is slightly less than its regular size but the other one is noticeably smaller! Nothing that a good bra can't fix because, like you, I'm proud that they nourished two babies. Although I'd be happy if they were both on the smaller size as I'm SO over being a DD. I plan to go get remeasured and buy some CUTE bras... something I couldn't do when I was larger.
P.S. I'm jealous Alina cuddles at this age. T (and J for that matter) just can't stay still!

Kerri Ryan said...

P.P.S. My comment is only from me, not Ryan! I need to change my name apparently!

Deidre said...

Ugh, I get really nervous and anxious about facing the unknown. I can't imagine how hard it would throwing a baby into the mix of unknown-ness and missing her.

My boobs are put it kindly. I'm ok with it.

But my favourite part of my body is probably my collar bones. Is that weird?

Megan Campbell said...

Awww nooo you can't leave her and go back to work!! I don't know the feeling except that I hate leaving Steve in the morning to walk to work so we can pretend he is my baby for the time being lol. Yayyy for having your girls back to normal. Mine are definitely my favorite part of my body. Solid B's- nice enough that I look feminine but I don't look ridiculous without a bra. Girl you are making me appreciate mine right now.

Helene in Between said...

yay for being done with breast feeding!!! i cannot even imagine what that would do to my boobs! i guess i like my eyes? im weird. haha

Noor said...

Eeeek , back to work? It is gonna be a little hard but you surely can do it . (Though it muct be hard to leave little bud for a looong time in a day)
My physical quality? I love my eyes and nose . Everybody thinks they're BIG , while I think they're "just good"

La Maman Heureuse said...

LOL the beginning of your post had me in stitches, girl, you know how to bright up the worst days!

The second part made me a little sad, cause I know how hard it was for me after only 4 months, so I guess it's twice as hard, I still miss her some days and picking up her after school is still the best part of the day! Will mail you this week, got something to ask you!

big hug!

La Maman Heureuse said...
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Anonymous said...

Yay!!! for getting your boobies back! I can't imagine how exciting and crazy it must be to be thinking of going back to work.

Alex[andra] said...

I feel like when I have a child, I'm going to feel the exact same way you do right now. It might be super hard adjusting at first, but I'm sure it'll get easier to adjust with time. Just continue enjoying your moments with Alina. :)