Monday, January 27, 2014

Randomness That Was The Grammy's

Normally I don't post about award shows but I did watch the Grammy's last night. I was left feeling.. well, a few different things. In case you missed it, I have taken the time to highlight some of my favourite good, not so good and just down right confusing moments.

//1  Taylor Swift. Insert giant sigh here. Yes, she is very pretty, she is insanely fashionable and she does sing some pretty catchy tunes. But, she just annoys me. She's young, I'm not as young and I think that's why. Every time I see Taylor dancing to every song performed like she's a sixteen year old at a New Kids concert, I want to throw objects at my t.v.


Gah- sit down!
 //2  Okay so normally when a song or artist is nominated for an award, they are introduced with a clip from their video and the song that they sang. But a lot of the nominations were being introduced with videos of other people singing their songs. I was totally confused by it!

//3  Macklemore sings "Same Love" and it's moving and all of the things that I expected it to be. Then Queen Latifah comes out and starts to explain that thirty three couples are in the audience and they're all getting married at that moment. Apparently QL is a marriage officiant. Who knew! It is kind of touching to see so many couples out there, tattooed couples, same sex couples, you name it.. But then when Madonna busts out in an all white cowboy get-up and badly sings "Open Your Heart To Me" it became all too much. Rob and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. He's like, "What just happened here? Weren't we just watching Metallica sing at the Grammy's!?" Too much random!

//3  Speaking of Metallica... I am not a huge Metallica fan but I think that they're pretty bad ass and that they are total musical legends. My all time favourite song is "One" and they just so happened to perform it live with a classical pianist. It was pretty incredible and I can't imagine how it must have sounded to the people there! Good one Grammy's.. It almost makes up for Madonna...

//4  Pink! I seriously love this woman. She could do no wrong in my eyes. I love her hair, her tattoos, her kick ass attitude, her pretty face and her AMAZING voice. That woman can sing!! She did a really cool acrobatic act while singing and it was really impressive. She wasn't attached to a harness and she was pretty high up in the air. I thought her butt looked damn good too. Oh! Well, if I'm talking about butts I should mention Beyonce's butt. It was looking very, very nice as well. Just saying! (Too bad her performance wasn't as nice.. No offense to any Beyonce' lovers out there. That surf board line killed me! Ack.)

Beyonce' Wins!

  //5  I already acknowledge Blake Shelton for being a major country music star and that was solidified when I saw him perform with country music legends, like my all time favourite; Willie Nelson. I absolutely adored "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys"..!! They were showing everyone in the crowd and it looked like it was being enjoyed by everyone. I don't care what anyone says- classic country, is the best country!

//6  Pharrell you are insanely talented, richer than I could ever dream of being. I believe he won four Grammy's and every song that man leans up against turns into a hit!  So, having said all of that- I just can't get over the hat he wore! Ugh, he looked like a Canadian Mountie! It's okay because he's so cool that he makes everything alright. But still.. I couldn't stop gawking at it!


 I am 100% going to be tuning in on Sunday, February 9th for the Grammy's Beatles Special!! I can't wait and hope to post about them soon after.

 My mom's birthday was on Saturday and I spent the day with her. We watched a movie at her place and I brought her some goodies over.. (Corn chips, Zero Alcohol Beer, Licorice, etc.) Then I brought her back to my house to have lasagna and to present her with the very first birthday cake (shaped) that I've ever made. I was pretty excited about it.

I used a great tutorial on how to make the star shaped cake without a star pan and it turned out better than I expected! You can check out the blog post HERE.

Alina's close up snarky face is to show how many teeth she's getting in! Wowzers! The other is her in her Baby Bjorn with Rob.. 'playing guitar all by herself'..!
  "When You Wish Upon A Star..." is a saying from Pinocchio. My mom's favourite character of all time is and always has been, Jiminy Cricket. So the saying was relevant plus, I wished for something to do with my mom months ago and my wish came true.

Did you see the Grammy's and what did you think of it!? 
If someone was going to make you a special birthday cake.. what would it be of!?


Noor said...

I was ONLY looking forward for Taylor Swift in this Grammy but duh , it didn't turn out good for us Swifties !
Aww , happy belated birthday to your mom . I can see Alina's getting pro in music.

La Maman Heureuse said...

Happy birthday to your mom, she seems like the sweetest! Your cake is just gorgeous! I would love to make a fun shaped cake for the little one's birthday! And Alina is just precious, as always!

Have a great week ahead girl!

Amanda said...

I can take or leave T Swift's music but I dig her fashion sense. And Pharell's hat- lol- so funny, I thought it was ridiculous! x

Jade Wright said...

I didn't get to watch the Grammy's but it feels like I did after this post! Hahahaha it made me giggle a lot.

Looks like you had a lovely time for your mums birthday - you guys look so alike <3 (in a good way I swear!) haha I usually hate it when people say that..
Awesome that you shaped your own cake - that's such a special thing to do. I've never baked a cake - they scare me. I'm definitely not a baker.. hahaha I make cookies that either come out like origami or charcoal. Whoops!

Ahh your letter has been sent and the post office said it should be there within three weeks. It took ages last time due to Christmas and people all sending cards - so fingers tightly crossed!!

Much love xx

Alex[andra] said...

Happy belated birthday to your mom!

I think I'm the only person that never watches the Grammys. Ever. How does Pharrell win so many awards? I find him annoying. Now I just sound old...

Brianna said...

TOO MUCH RANDOM! So true for this year's Grammy Awards. Just, no. If I attempted a blog post about it, I wouldn't even know where to start! Pink is so utterly amazing though, and happy belated birthday to your momma! :)

Rachel said...

I didn't even realize the Grammy's were on until the next day and I noticed people talking about them. Oops! :P I do think Taylor Swift is very pretty...but that's probably not a big enough reason to be an actual fan. haha!
And your cake turned out great! I used to make creative cakes more often--my Mom had a whole bunch of cake decorator tools...but now I mostly stick to cookies because I like eating them more.

Helene in Between said...

hahah i didn't watch it so this is pretty awesome. and also yeah beyonce's butt. not fair!

Karla said...

Hey! I'm Karla, stopping over from Brianna's blog! Your daughter is so adorable!! And I have to agree with you... Madonna's performance really through me off. Her outfit, bad singing... and song choice... Idk.. just odd!