Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Name Game

  I have been wanting to write a post about Alina's name for awhile now. Then, just the other day Noor wrote a post about her name. Helene also wrote a post about how to pronounce her's. They both inspired me to combine my name and Alina's into one post.

 I was born first, so we'll start with my name. Haley. (Pronounced hay-lee.) The origin of my name is pretty basic and boring. There are two general meanings; hay, as in the scratchy, yellow, dry stuff that horses eat. That's pretty pathetic. But the other meaning is; heroine. Not the drug that junkies pump into their veins at an alarming rate. But, the female hero. Oh yes, I'll take that.. That's much better.

 My dad named me because my mom got to name my siblings. Kyli is my sister and Lincoln is my brother. I think they got some pretty cool, original names.  My mom had mentioned in the past that she was thinking about naming me Lara, which is pretty. But, it was decided that he would get a chance to name the third and final baby. They didn't know what I was going to be, until I came out one Tuesday morning in July. (My mom was on her way to bingo the day before and had to head to the hospital instead. Sorry mom, I bet that was the night you were going to win it all!) Long story short- I was born and my dad named me Haley. He explained years and years later that he had a huge crush on t.v. actress Hayely Mills, as a boy, so he named me after her. Do I find it strange that my dad named me after some girl he had the hots for? Nah, not at all!

  My dad also told me that I was not only named after Hayely Mills. He told me that Halley's Comet appeared in the sky, in March of 1986. (Eight months after I was born.)  He said that Halley's Comet comes every 75-76 years. The next time it is scheduled to come it will be 2061. He said he imagined me as a 76 year old woman, sitting in my rocking chair, rocking back and fourth on my front porch. He told me that when I was looking up at the very comet I was named after, for the very first time, to think of him- my dad, the one who named me. I can't imagine how long it will be before I'm 76 but one thing's for certain; I will be sitting out on my front porch, waiting for that comet so that I can silently thank my dad for my 76 years of life, with a pretty kick ass name.

  I like my name. It's not super strange or completely unheard of but it's also not one of the most popular names out there. It starts with an H which I also like. I find that there aren't that many girl names that begin with the letter H. So I instantly feel special for that. (Silly, I know.) My name isn't all that hard to say. But, for some reason a lot of times when I introduce myself on the phone at work, people never hear me right. "The ___________ ___________ Pharmacy. Haley speaking." Now, you would think that it's a basic name. Easy to say, easy to hear. Nope. I get Amy all of the time. That's fine. Amy does sound like Haley. I get that. But one name that people have said more than once  (Okay twice, but still!) is Kiwi. First of all; who the hell names their kid Kiwi? Second; who the hell named their kid Kiwi in the mid eighties. I mean, weird names are a recent thing. Cocoa, Apple, etc. Lastly, Haley does not sound like Kiwi!!!! For the most part though, people hear my name and I am pleasantly surprised when they compliment it. It's nice to hear that people like it.

  Alina (pronounced ah-leen-ah) was born at 7:39 am. It just so happened to be the first gorgeous, sunny day that we had had in at least a week. I remember minutes before she was born, opening my eyes and seeing the morning sun pouring into the room through the windows. It literally made everything in the hospital room golden. It was honestly the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen.
 Rob and I chose the name Alina when I was about six weeks pregnant. We were watching "Game of Thrones" and someone's name was Lena in the credits. I commented that I liked that name and then Rob replied, "How about Alina?" I liked it right away, but we made sure to keep our ears opened for any other names. We had two boy names chosen and the name Alina in mind when we were having her. Out came our baby girl and she was Alina immediately. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I looked up the meaning of Alina and it means; light. It was like that sun shining in on us moments before she entered the world was meant for her.. It was her grand entrance...

Alina and Noor have something pretty special in common; their name's meaning. You can read all about it  HERE

 I feel like Alina brightens up a room with her smile and her charisma. I feel like everything happens for a reason. I saw the name Lena and Rob thought of Alina moments later... It just so happened to mean light and then our girl just so happens to be the very light, the twinkle in our eyes that brightens up our everyday.

The first picture of Alina on Rob's iPhone and the last picture I took of Alina today!
 It's the name game! Do you like your name? 
What is the meaning of your name?
Were you named after anyone special?
Is this too many questions.....!??! 


Noor said...

You know I like your name a lot . It just sounds so stylish . But I can't imagine that uniqueness of a name which is related to an event . How it would be to see a comet , same as your name? It's going to be magical , lady <3
Alina's SO adorable . I surely knew we had something in common (okay okay , we both are so cute)
I just asked mom about my name again and she said it's influenced by the name of an old Indian queen , Noor Jehan . I can see something historic in my name.

Brianna said...

I LOVE your name! :) I also am crazy over Alina's name! How unique, but not super weird! ;) Haha.

I really need to look into mine - I've never really had an interest in it, but now I must know!! I'm off to hunt down my mother. Haha

Deidre said...

I do like my name but australians never understand me when I say it which I find particularly annoying (and which I can't really elaborate on seeing as I don't share my real name with the internet!). But I was named after my great grandmother.

Megan Campbell said...

LOVE this post! Alina is such a beautiful name and I love how perfect it fits :)

Amanda said...

I love the connection between your name and Hayley's Comet. I think that's really really beautiful. I always wished that my name wasn't so common. Luckily though my dad didn't get to name me. He wanted to name me Summer. Umm......sorry dad, that makes me sound like a stripper. (No offence to all the Summers out there.) x

Helene in Between said...

Hayley mills and halley's comet!? thats pretty cool.

and I LOVE the name Alina, it's absolutely beautiful!

Alex[andra] said...

Her smile totally lights up a room as does she. I know I haven't met her but I can just tell. Alina is such an appropriate name for her!

La Maman Heureuse said...

That name suits her so much, it's funny right how you can pick a name and how it just matches the person perfectly?

Well, I've read multiple meanings of my name but the one that always stuck with with me was Bringer of Light and as my baby girl's name means light, just like Alina, it feels so appropriate. And aren't they the little lights of our lives :-)?

Lisa-Jade said...

Your name is awesome! I know of a kiddie whose name is spelled like yours, which is rare here.

I love my name, Lisa is a very common name but how many Lisa-Jade's do you know? One, right? Me!!

My mom named me after herself, I was almost a Niquita or an Abigail. And Elizabeth means Grace of God, which is why it was so fitting that I named Libby that too. So we're three generations of Graces from God.

I love that Alina's name has this amazing story, she's going to feel pretty damn special her entire life! No doubt about that :)

Jade Wright said...

I absolutely adored this post Haley - and how special is the story about Haley's commet!!! Wow :)

It is awesome to read stories like this and you've completely inspired me to research the deeper origins of mine too!

PS I posted your letter!!!! <3 hopefully it will arrive SOON! haha

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

I really love both the names Haley and Alina!! Alina is a very unique and pretty name, and I think it's great that it means "light"!! I also totally agree about loving names that start with H ;)

Carmen ShuGar said...

You and I are thinking the same! I just wrote about this and my sweet blog friend, Cindy from La Maman Heureuse. She told me to read your post and I so glad I did. We just named our sweet boy, but haven't told a soul because we want to wait until we meet him! Names fascinate me. They have so much meaning and every name has a story. Like yours! Happy to be a few follower!

Rachel said...

Man, all of these name blog posts are making me think I ought to jump in and write one, too! :) It's really cool to look back and hear the stories and the reasons why people have the names they do--it sounds like your Dad put some careful thought into your name!