Friday, January 03, 2014

Mission Hot Bod- Week Six

 This week was a bit of an adjustment week. We came home from our Christmas Trip on Monday, so working out wasn't a top priority or even possible early on in the week. But mid week I tried to get focused again...


 Monday we were up very early, to catch our flight at six in the morning. Nonna may be smiling in the picture but she was carrying a very, very heavy heart. Our trip home was good. The five hour flight from Toronto was long and Alina did get restless, but we made it! When we got to the Vancouver Airport, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the mountains and the fact that there wasn't any snow on the ground. The day after we left Thunder Bay, they had the coldest day in Thunder Bay, ever in history. Phew, glad we missed it! It is sure good to be back home. Working out wasn't possible on Monday. So I considered it a Cardio Skip day.


 I will take full responsibility for skipping Tuesday's workout. I flat out skipped it. I had valid reasons to though. Alina was jet lagged, cutting her top tooth, getting a cold or at least just really snotty from the teething and she was acting up because she was back in a quiet home. She was straight up messed up and therefore a total wreck all day. I was pretty tuckered out from having to get up multiple times in the night. Of course, the pictures I did get of her, she was being a little angel. We had my mom over so Alina could open gifts from her and then, we celebrated ringing in the New Year very quietly and on our own.


 Day Three One of my workout was Strength and Endurance. I was up at six with Alina. We sat in bed and watched a bit of Sesame Street before I put her back into bed. I decided to work out while my two family members snoozed. It felt so good to be back at it again. I felt like the workout really did its job. I was a sweaty, breathless mess by the end of it! Oh and while I was away I only gained one pound! Not bad, not bad at all!
No goals this week. I don't feel like thinking about it and I will get back at the goal making next week.
Improvements: I increased the intensity of the workout. Everything I did, I did a bit harder.


 Day Four Two was Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. I woke up feeling pretty tired and downright awful. But I had a cat allergy in Thunder Bay and I felt like the runny nose was still with me. Once I started my workout, I realized in between rounds that I would just lay on my mat and close my eyes completely drained of energy. Then it hit me; I'm sick! Darn it. Alina cut a tooth and with that usually comes a runny nose. Well I guess that runny nose wasn't from teething but from a good old fashioned first cold of 2014. Lucky us. I have no idea how, but I finished the workout. Alina joined me half way, in what we like to call "Baby Jail". The newest thing to keep her contained and entertained. No goals, no improvements. I got through it and that's all that mattered.


Yeah, that basically sums up how I'm feeling. Alina is also going through a cold so she isn't herself. In fact she's being a total *b. Yeah that's right, I just called my baby a *b. It's so hard being sick yourself when you have someone else to take care of, who is equally sick. (As every mom in the universe rolls her eyes and says, "Get used to it princess!") Needless to say that yesterday was not very productive. I am up early to eat porridge, blog and wait for my little grumper to stir and shake my day up.

 I'm sad that this week was such a failure. I wish I could have gotten in three workouts. I would have only missed a cardio day and a rest day. But now, I've missed the Fight Conditioning. Oh well, I'll be back at it next week. Promise.

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Alex[andra] said...

I think you're still doing great! Your stomach looks awesome!

Sorry to hear that you and Alina are sick now. Once you're both better, you'll be back into your routine.

Wishing you both a speedy recovery!

Helene in Between said...

ummm you look amazing. but i am having such a hard time getting back into the swing of things!! Sorry you're not feeling well!

Amanda said...

Is it awkward to say that your stomach is looking amazing? Because it is!

I hope you start feeling better soon! x

Noor said...

Oh no , I hate flu , I just got rid of mine . Take a lot of cough syrup and rest , too . Hah , I have to agree with Amanda , your stomach is getting a smart shape? Boo hoo , hard work is paying off <3

PS: lots of love for Alina , hope my little bud will be better soon :)

Happy Fit said...

Yo Haley, sorry to hear you're under the weather but on the fitness front, you're still doing great!

We are our own worst critics but the fact that you worked out this week is so hardcore. Travel weeks turn me into a shell of my normal self, just ask Josh haha.

Feel better soon and let me know if I can do anything to help out.

Deidre said...

I hope you feel better soon!