Monday, September 23, 2013

The Perfect Match

 This morning, after I had Alina bathed and put in her exersaucer to burn off some of that early morning energy it got me thinking... I always put the kettle on for my coffee and I take Alina's bottle of milk out of the fridge and warm it with hot water. The process of heating her bottle and pressing my coffee takes about the same amount of time. While I pour my first cup of coffee, I pour her first bowl of cereal. I sip at my coffee in between spooning scoops of her breakfast into her mouth.
 Alina and I have spent every waking moment together. She's been with me before she even knew what anything was. I was there for her first kick because I felt it in my stomach. I was there when she breathed her first breath. I was there when she smiled, laughed and rolled over for the first time. She wakes up in the middle of the night, I'm there to sooth her back to sleep. We've been through a lot together. I came to realize, that we're not so different her and I.

 Alina's breakfast consists of milk, some powder to add to the milk to make her mushy cereal. She loves it and eats it every morning.
 My breakfast consists of cream, some coffee grinds to make my decaffeinted coffee. I love drinking a hot cup of coffee every morning.

Alina's breakfast...
My breakfast...
   I have to get outfits ready for both of us, every morning. She wears what I put out for her and I wear what I put out for me.. obviously...

Alina's outfit..

My outfit...
  We have matching laundry baskets. Her's is smaller, but I am starting to think that she may need a larger one...

Alina's laundry.. (looks like I need to get some done today...)
My laundry... (lucky for me Alina's Dad did our laundry last night..!)
 On the subject of clothing.. Alina and I have matching outfits. I did get mine first.. I was pregnant with Alina when we purchased my sleeper.. It is the comfiest, coziest pair of pajamas that I own to date. We went to Sears yesterday and bought Alina her fuzzy sleeper for the winter months, plus it was on sale plus it was stupidly cute.. we couldn't resist...

LadyBug Baby 6 months old.. in her fuzzy, fleece sleeper!
Modelling my sleeper.. 6 months pregnant.
  Alina is a growing baby that likes to keep herself busy and amused. She is constantly growing and with each passing day, she plays with different toys that help her growth and development. Some of her toys are just for sucking on or cuddling with too.
 I'm on maternity leave, so I don't have to go to work everyday anymore. It is absolutely delightful. But I too need things to stimulate my mind and keep me busy everyday. I suppose the things that keep me busy are like toys.. 

These are just a select few of her favourite things. ALL of her soothers, her aquarium that sometimes helps her fall asleep, Mikey and George- the monkeys she ALWAYS sleeps with, her sheep blanket that keeps her warm and the little owl and Elmo that she spits and drools all over. Oh, did I forget the pink sandal that she never wears, but chews on? The best part of having a pair of shoes used for a a chew toy...? She has two of them!

My toys; the lap top is a must for blog writing. My Kindle for all of my reading needs. The Samsung tablet for reading blogs in bed. My journal for my daily journal entries, my cell phone and my guitar. I would be very upset if any of these prized posessions went missing!

We are dressed, fed and ready for our day to begin. Alina has been spending a lot more time on her play mat, hanging out on her tummy. She has since very recently decided that being on her tummy isn't the torture that it used to be. She does roll back and fourth from her stomach to her back when she feels like it. But one of her favourite hangs outs is still her exersaucer aka her office. She is always very busy, content and happy when she's playing in her office. 
 My office, since I am not at work right now, has been sitting in my rocking chair with the computer on my lap. It is probably my favourite place to be lately. I have kept myself busy with new blog post ideas, composing new posts, reading and commenting on some of my favourite blogs and brainstorming and planning on getting a new design for my blog. When I get a spare moment to myself it is being spent on my computer. 

Alina in her office, busy as can be.

This is where you can find me once Alina has gone to bed...

 One very important thing that Alina and I are fortunate to have in common is the man in our life. My husband, Rob and her Daddy. He loves Alina so much that it makes my heart hurt sometimes. I love watching a good Dad, with a child. I find it to be so touching and sexy all at the same time. Alina was blessed to have such a good man in her life and so am I. 

Sneaking a kiss with her Daddy.

A candid shot taken by my brother in law this summer.

 Alina and I not only share the same middle name, although that was no coincidence.. we share a special bond. We are linked through blood and one day I hope to be connected as not just mother and daughter, but as friends. 

One really fun thing about having a daughter.. is you can dress alike! I know, corny.. but I think we make a pretty good match...


Amanda said...

This post was so touching. It made me feel all emotional! xx

Brianna said...

LOVE this! So precious. Y'all are just adorable! And you're totally fueling my baby fever haha!

Jade Wright said...

I absolutely devoured this post and loved all of the photographs - this is a seriously special piece of writing that you should really print out and put into a special memory box for Alina one day when she turns 16 or something.

Ah - heart warming!!!

Thanks love - and thank you so so so much for your email I have read it and absolutely ADORED every word you wrote!! What a beautiful and inspiring story.

I will reply when I get a chance but just wanted you to know how much it is appreciated! xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovley post. You got me all choked up Haley! By the way - I love your mocassins - Very BC! and I never knew you could play guitar - such a talented Girl!! xo

Haley said...

Those moccasins are actually from Thunder Bay on the mission. Natives made them by hand.. and they were a Christmas gift from Rob's mom and dad. I love them too- super comfy.
Oh yes, Rob taught me how to play guitar. He is a very good singer and player.. I am not a full time player, I just dink around and sing and play a few songs... nothing big.