Saturday, September 21, 2013

What The Fox Say?

Okay, this song is really stupid. BUT, it is so funny and I promise the more you listen to it.. the funnier it gets. It's like me and sushi. I tried it for the first time and thought it was pretty gross. Then, the next time I was around people eating sushi, I asked if I could try a piece. Suddenly, I was hooked! Now I am a total sushi lover. It's just like this video. I heard it on Ellen two days ago. I got Rob hooked on it yesterday after work. This morning I woke up and decided that Alina needed to hear this catchy tune about a fox.. again. (Yes, Alina needed to hear it.....)  I started my day listening to this and now can't stop humming or singing; "Ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-ading!"
 Humour me people and have a listen, you won't regret it; the second or third time..!!


(Yeah, I know I'm late.. But this is my first time linking up with Miss Yoga Pants for Friday's BackThatAzzUp. How appropriate that it is THE BEST song ever.. You're Welcome 20 Followers!)


Noor said...

HAHAHA happens to me all the time . I hated waffers whenever mum packed me some for school lunch . I never ate them , but when my class fellow gave me some , I was HOOKED!

Brianna said...

I am 110% addicted to this song! I've gotten my brother & sister hooked too, but my husband thinks it's just dumb. Oh well! I've been humming this song everywhere I go for WEEKS! Haha. Love it.

Areeba said...

Lol, love it! No matter what my aunt thinks about this song, I just love to listen it :P

Jade Wright said...

Wow so glad you're reading Whit's blog - it is one of my ultimate fav blogs :D x

Anonymous said...

OMG- Hilarious. Now I will make everyone I know listen to this - and they will most likely look at me like they usually do...Which is " Holy Crao - you really are a weirdo" .lol
Loved it- Thanks Haley!

Haley said...

I know! I feel like this post labeled me as such a dork. But I don't care! I loved this song and have just recently stopped singing it..! It just gets in your head and won't leave!!