Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Sweet Days of Fall to Come

 Summer is officially over. I know, I'm a bit behind with this realization. The weather has turned from Summer to Fall overnight. Last week, we had all of the windows open for fresh air. The fans were in place; one in the kitchen window and one permanently on in Alina's bedroom to keep it cool. Last night, I felt a chill throughout the house and closed all the windows and turned the fans off. Today, I am wearing slippers for the first time since probably Spring.

See.. slippers.
 I am looking forward to the Fall though. I'm a homebody at heart. I love snuggling on the couch with a blanket, cup of something warm and book or a good movie. I love it when the lights are on in the living room during the day. There's something comforting about Fall. Summer is great in the beginning but then it gets tiresome. The sun is shining and I should be outside, right? It's a gorgeous afternoon so I should turn off this movie and enjoy the day, right? Well after awhile I stopped feeling guilty and started staying in. I'm sure by next week when it has been raining every day I'll wish for those sunny days. I do love taking Alina out for our daily stroll in town and I know I'm going to really miss being able to do that once the rain is here to stay. I tried using one of those rain covers and I felt like I was suffocating her inside. She was probably only a month old, it was absolutely pouring outside and she was screaming her tiny little head off. Hopefully for this Fall and Winter I will come up with a better system of walking her in the rain.

Yeah, this is what we looked like.... Minus the umbrella (very crucial when it's raining, probably should try to remember that.) Minus the happy baby-insert ANGRY, SCREAMING newborn. Minus happy, dry mom-insert soaking, flustered NEW mom.
 I mentioned in a past post that I was looking forward to things to come. One of the things I was looking forward to, was spending more time with my family. Just us. Already we have had a really good week and weekend..

 I was making dinner and Rob was opening the new remote control that he bought online for our new camera. Now we can take pictures of all three of us, without it having to be a selfie(s)! We were getting ready to feed Alina pureed food for the first time. That was another item on my list of things I was looking forward to!

 She ate carrots and wasn't totally sure about them. She didn't protest, opened her mouth when instructed to do so and finished her supper like a good girl. We have since introduced her to yam, avocado and banana. She is in love with bananas, naturally. I enjoy feeding her so much because she genuinely enjoys eating. Alina even makes her own version of a Mmmmm sound. Whenever she eats her favourites; rice cereal, yams and bananas, she oooh's or mmm's for me to continue. I have a great eater and I couldn't be more proud!

Who knew that I would be bragging about how good my baby eats on my blog?! Who am I!? Nah, I don't mind that my priorities have changed. I no longer blog about being too hung over. ( See this post from 2005 about how D-R-U-N-K I got..) I no longer blog about being alone! ( "Going Solo" a post about being alone from 2005..) Looking back, I certainly don't miss those days.  I don't mind that my posts are littered with pictures of my sweet, little offspring. I love that so much has changed and that I have moved into this part of my life. The pregnancy was exciting and scary. The delivery was enlightening and challenging. The first month was a struggle, with breast feeding and all that comes with a newborn. But now, now is the fun part. I am loving every moment spent with this baby girl.
Life is sweet and so is she...!

"Who Me?" ... Yes, you!


Amanda said...

We've had to have the heat on in the evenings for the past week or so. Bye, bye summer for sure! I can just picture you with a teeny-tiny Alina in the rain without an umbrella for yourself. xx

Noor said...

I just spotted a fresh red flower today which is the big sign of "no fall around yet" . Enjoy your time Haley , I am missing rain too much . So grab an umbrella and go out :)
Alina's such a sweet child . Now I am already waiting for her more photos :)