Monday, September 09, 2013

Writing Because I Can

 Here I am without an idea in my head.. just writing because I can! My company is officially out of here! It was so nice having people here to keep me busy during the day. But after nearly a full month of company, I am happy to get some normalcy back in my days.

A tired, messy haired- done with company ME.
 I have many memories to put in my pocket to take out when I start to miss my family, my friends from back home or Rob's family. But for now, I am just happy to be. I love our life. It's simple, it would probably bore some people, but it's mine and I like living it.

Some things I have to look forward to:

//1  Alina starts eating solid foods this week! I am introducing carrots to her, either tomorrow or Wednesday. She is eating rice cereal and is IN LOVE with the first package I bought her. She, on the other hand HATES the cereal I bought her from the health food store. I was trying to be something I'm not, if I'm being totally honest. A cashier at the grocery store told me about this healthier version of the cereal when I was buying the "less healthy" package the other day. I didn't really want to buy it because I was half annoyed that the lady was telling me that the stuff I was buying was bad for my baby. (Mind your business, right?!) But, at the same time I realized that it was for my baby and her health. I figured it would be irresponsible and immature for me to ignore this suggestion just because I'm stubborn. So I went into the dreaded health food store for the first time ever and purchased the organic cereal and some teething cookies. Turns out, my baby girl is a lot like her mom. She would rather eat the stuff that's bad for you...

Okay, I'll give it a try...

She actually gagged and spit up the cereal. Plus she made this face a few times.. 

Alina eating the cereal from the grocery store..

Alina eating the cereal from the health food store...

She did however, love chewing on the teething cookie!
 //2  Spending quality time with just Rob, Alina and I. Uninterrupted, one on one family time! I know it sounds selfish but it feels like it's been awhile since we just existed.. the three of us.

//3  Fall television! I stinkin' love t.v..!!! I'm not going to pretend like I'm too busy or have better things to do because quite frankly, I don't! I love my shows.. but I'll only list my top fav's..

Parenthood - heart warming, gut wrenching and totally emotional! I love this one hour show and wish it was on all year long!

 New Girl- I always end up laughing out loud and I love each and every character, so there is  never a dull moment in the show.

The Voice- I know, I know.. I have to include a reality music show of some sort! We all watch them! I used to be devoted to American Idol and I refused to watch The Voice. But, with all of the judges coming and going, I switched to The Voice. I love that the auditions are done blindly, so it is judged strictly on the person's voice. I enjoyed Shakira and Usher last season. But I always love Blake and Adam's comedic dynamic.

 Chicago Fire- This one I'm a bit ashamed of loving. Rob is a fire fighter and this show is his soap opera. It's smutty, it's soooo unrealistic but it is also action packed and full of cliff hangers. At first I assured Rob that this was his guilty pleasure and I would gladly read my book while it was on. Yeah, well now I'm pretty hooked!

 //4  Spending more time with my mom, now that she seems to have the right attitude towards life! As of recently, mom has taken a hold of her life again.. She's getting out and saying YES to situations rather than no. She was incredibly unhappy and instead of just complaining about it, she took control and did something about it. Her new apartment is very cozy and I look forward to bringing Alina over to spend time with her more often.

Out for lunch..!

Alina with her Baba and Nonna for lunch!

At Baba's new place!

 //5  Finally, I look forward to improving the appearance of my blog with helpful tutorials from Sarah at Venus Trapped In Mars. I also can't wait to really brainstorm some interesting, FUN topics to write about. I have always loved writing but ever since I reentered Blogland, my mind is just screaming for me to keep up with new posts. I feel rejuvenated.. I feel alive.. I feel like writing all day long!

Future writer in the family....???


Amanda said...

Alina is precious! I love her little cheeks- I could just gobble her up! People tell me that personality wise I remind them of Jess...sooooo.....hopefully you don't think her character is annoying! xx

Noor said...

Alina knows da best . I always HATED organic cereals . Give me anything , almost anything in bowl but not bad-tasted cereal .
OMG a future writer . You spotted it . Now all we have to do is wait wait wait till her book is coming out .
You three guys make a special , precious family Haley .

Noor @ Noor's Place

Lisa-Jade said...

I'm really happy to hear about you mom, Haley :)
And omgosh I cannot get over how freaking ADORABLE Alina is! That smile and those cheeks, goodness!

I'm looking forward to the change of the blog and reading more of your topics and writings.

Jade Wright said...

Really lovely post! And FIY you look AMAZEBALLS without makeup on!! Really beautiful lady pie.

You're little one is far too cute for words. Cannot wait to welcome the little man in my life in January!!!! <3

Ooo also excited to see your new blog look!? xxx

Sarah said...

Yes! Keep on writing! I love reading it! A couple things - a giant UGH to the judgmental cashier lady! One time I was watching my friend's 6 month old baby and I took him to the store. This lady comes to talk baby talk to him, and in a baby talk voice, says, "I'll bet you are cold because you're not wearing a hat, you poor thing!" I hated her :) I love the reaction pics of Alina eating the health food. Precious!

As for your TV shows: I love the New Girl of course (Jess and Nick!!!) and also Parenthood. Or as Brent calls it, "Family Problems." Lauren Graham can do no wrong in my eyes. I'm also excited about How I Met Your Mother, The Mindy Project, and Hart of Dixie.

Oh, and I'm so happy that your mom is doing well! Yay!

Areeba said...

I just love love love this perfect family photo. Just 3 of you =) You know, a complete family is totally a blessing but some people aren't lucky even just to have perfect family photograph :')
PS: Oh boy, our future blogging lady is right here on her momma's (or papa's) laptop! :D