Monday, December 01, 2014

I Got A P!

 Well.. back in September I started two courses to get me started on my journey of becoming a registered/certified pharmacy technician. I had my Pharmacology final a couple of weeks ago and I felt completely freaked out that I was going to bomb it. I mentioned in my last post what the final included. If you didn't read that post, then I'll just tell you... a lot. I was pretty nervous and hoping that I had studied enough.

 The day of the exam, I felt okay. I drove myself into the city and as I got closer and closer to the university I got more unsure of myself. I found parking easier than I expected and ended up being parked directly beside the building that I needed to find. I stood at the elevator with a girl on a mission, trying to act all casual like I always went to university on a Thursday morning. No big deal. A girl walked up beside me and pushed the elevator button. I looked at her and said, "Hey.. thanks. These elevators work better when you push the button, huh..." She was very nice and said that people forgot to push it all of the time. Amateur!

 My good co-worker and friend Jody is also taking the course and she was there waiting for me, trembling in her seat with nerves. We were both utter messes but we gathered ourselves together to get this final completed. It was go time and we both put our heads down and worked our little minds to the max! I found the exam much easier than I anticipated. I think it felt easy because I studied my ass off and we were allotted three hours to complete it. 

 Once I finished the exam, I headed straight to the college pub. Rob went to this university last year and told me about the campus pub. So as soon as I was finished, I followed Rob's directions and found myself waiting outside the door for the pub to open. I had myself a celebratory drink and I felt great!

  It was my first taste at secondary school and if I could relive my early twenties I'm sure I would push myself to physically attend college or university. I liked the vibe I was getting and it felt like something I would be really into. Learning and having fun. I'm a geek but that sounds like a pretty great package to me.

 I managed to snap a selfie in the one area that wasn't swarming with students. As you can see from my selfie- I was soooo happy to be done that final! It took a week to get the results back. Unfortunately I didn't get my mark for the final, so I'll never know. All I was waiting for was either a P or an F on my transcript. Pass or Fail. I find that to be so utterly underwhelming. After all of that hard work I was hoping for at least a percentage in the course or from the final. Music and streamers would also be nice. But, I did get what I was looking for; a P. I passed! This coming Wednesday is my final in Management and Drug Distribution Systems. I'm still nervous about this one because it is difficult to study for. However, I'm going over my notes that I do have and I am really hoping that it will be enough!

 Wish me luck and soon, oh so soon, I will be off for the month of December celebrating Christmas and being a normal person for a bit. I'm very much looking forward to it....!



Megan Campbell said...

Congrats love! What a great accomplishment!

Amanda said...

Congrats on the pass! I'm sure you'll be great on Wednesday as well! x

Kerri Lynne said...

Yay! Way to go! Wahoo! You rock! Bravo! It's no streamers and music but it's the best I could do! Good luck on Wednesday, I know you'll do great!

Jade Wright said...

Congratulations Haley!! I knew you'd rock it!! The beer must have tasted amazing afterward!! :)

I'm holding thumbs for you for tomorrow but I know you don't need it! You'll do great!!

If you're not around blog world much during the festive season then I wish you a huge and beautiful merry merry christmas (still can't believe it is that time already!!!) and a happy new years!! xxx

All my love,


Tabitha @ Coffee, Wine and Wanderlust said...

Congrats on passing! That is such good news. It is nice that you get to have a Christmas break. Hope you enjoy it!

Noor Unnahar said...

WOOHOO!Congratulations Haley. I am sure you were great at the other one too.