Sunday, December 21, 2014

MHB- Week 37- Focus

 Well, my intentions are good. I want to keep active and run three times a week. However, Wednesday came around and I somehow convinced my half asleep self that I was far too tired and 'sick' to run that morning. I was tired, but sick? My nose gets stuffy in the mornings so I sleep with my mouth opened and then my throat is pretty sore. I think that's what I misinterpreted as 'sick.' What a cop out, half asleep me..

 I do need to focus on the running, not so much the episode of Gilmore Girls that I happen to be watching. I found myself slowing to a speed walk, to stop the treadmill from squeaking, so I could hear the dialogue. Terrible!

 I cheated and forgot to snap a picture Friday morning, so when I got to work I snuck in a quick Hiya- it's Friday picture!

 Not much more to report, other than that I am trying to ignore my desires to sleep in (with Wednesday as an exception) and I'm doing what I do!



Jade Wright said...

Hey Haley - I finally kicked into gear and have started jogging daily now... besides today.... because I am hanging like a DONKEY. Urgh. Sooooo poorly from too much brandy. Ew.

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Megan Campbell said...

I've been watching Gilmore Girls too! Every night I try to watch an episode on Netflix. I can't believe how long each season is- I don't remember there being this many episodes when I watched them live as a kid.
Happy Holidays love!