Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Magic In The Air

 This is by far my most favourite time of the year. Our house was made for cozy winter nights. It's made for giant Christmas trees and twinkling lights that illuminate the front yard. I love coming home to a crackling fire warming the rooms and a house filled with a mixture of Christmas music and Alina's little voice.
Everything is so magical in the eyes of a child..
This weekend was filled with Christmas related activities. We finally put decorations on the tree and we went to this gorgeous seaside garden that hosts a Christmas light festival. Every year the members and volunteers outdo themselves. We took her last year, but this year she was a bit older and really appreciated the light displays. She also was excited to see Santa, that is until it was her turn to sit on his lap... Although, he did get a high five out of her.

 We also went to pick out a couple of Christmas trees from our friend's tree lot. Rob had an idea to put two trees on each side of the front door and it turned out really nice. Again, another excuse to get together with friends and eat Christmas crap food! (My fav..!)

  I'm so looking forward to the holidays this year! I can't believe we're almost ONE WEEK until the big day. Rob's sister and her family are coming up next week and I'm excited for the company.

What are you doing for the holidays!? 
Do you have any holiday traditions you absolutely MUST do this time of year!?


Megan Campbell said...

Can we talk about how big Alina is?! She looks like a little girl now. So crazy!!! The pictures are gorgeous. I'm glad you are enjoying the week before Christmas! I'm also sad at how fast it's coming this year. I'm not ready for the celebrations to be over!!!!

Amanda said...

Alina looks so grownup! I'm loving all these photos! x

Noor Unnahar said...

You guys look awesome x love the photos.