Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Day To Share

July 10th- my wedding anniversary! I married Rob, my best friend three years ago today! I think back on that day and get the faint flutter of butterflies in my stomach. Our rehearsal dinner was the night before and my sister Kyli and my sister in law Erin and I all packed overnight bags and stayed in the really fancy, old fashioned hotel that Rob and I were staying at on the night of the wedding. Erin, Kyli and I all slept in the same bed, giggling and talking about how excited we were for the upcoming BIG day. It was honestly the sweetest most unique idea to have a little slumber party with my sisters the night before my wedding day. We were a bit tipsy and I remember Kyli being her last minute self;  painting her toesies and Erin and I were sprawled out on the bed gabbing and getting ourselves pumped up for the wedding.

In bed with my sissy's!

 The next morning I woke and Ky and Erin had to do some quick running around before we left for our hair appointments. They returned sometime later with my favourite drink; Koala Mango and Orange Sparkling Juice and mini croissants. They knew I was going to be super nervous and that I would have a hard time downing anything other than that! My hair appointment was for 10, which to me is a fabulous time because then you don't have to be up too early! I remember being really ridiculously nervous when I was getting my make up done upstairs at the hair studio. It was pretty warm up there and the make up artist was really close to my face talking. I felt this sudden panicky feeling, like I couldn't swallow. I had to calmly remind myself that I was probably feeling slight anxiety at the prospect of all of our closest friends and family watching ME walk down the aisle! I never liked the idea of all of that attention fixed on just me. But my sister is my best friend and I believe she made me feel better, by just being herself. The girls were all so amazing that day. My good friend Morgan came to film and photograph the day with her boyfriend Tim. I didn't realize that they would be photographing the wedding as well. So I had my other good friend Sofia there photographing the day as well. I remember feeling VERY overwhelmed with all of the cameras on me and had to politely ask Morgan and Tim to give me some space. (Wow I sound like a huge bridezilla but I can promise everyone that I wasn't!! I just don't like being in the spotlight and there were just a lot of lenses on little old me.)

 After our hair and make up was all done, we returned to the mansion. Oh, yes I should explain.. The hotel we were staying at was originally a mansion built for a family that lived in our quaint, little town many years ago. The mansion has been sold since then and restored into a beautiful hotel. The rooms are immaculate, modern yet old fashioned at the same time. We had a claw bath tub in the room, right in front of the bay window overlooking the golf course (where we were married) !! It was a gorgeous place to stay and I'm still so glad we did.

The girls and I posing for pictures at the mansion.

 The wedding was at 4:00 and we all stuffed ourselves into the Jeep around 3:45. I remember we pulled up to the golf course and just sat waiting for all of the last guests to scurry in. The wedding was outside on one of the putting greens, overlooking the ocean. It was a remarkable setting. So we sat in the Jeep with the air conditioner blasting and watched the guests.. I remember seeing "the boys" and my heart was fluttering like I was on a first date at just the sight of Rob!  I'm not usually romantic, but watching him when he couldn't see me, right before our wedding was special.

The boys.

 I walked out to " Canon in D" by Pachebel - it was the Celtic version with the violin and bagpipes. (Ohhh I just listened to it and tears fill my eyes with emotion!!)
 My mom walked me down the "aisle" which consisted of two big trees, a grassy hill overlooking the ocean below. My dad came from Alberta for the wedding but was at the end of his illness and was too sick to come to the wedding. It was a really hot day and he would never have made it through. Other than that, it was a perfect day.

Rob and I danced on the grass to Otis Redding's "Stand By Me". Our music was all programed into Rob's Iphone. We chose every song and we even timed when the party would really begin by playing more of our favourite, upbeat tunes. The speeches were during dinner, so everyone didn't have to wait to eat. We were served delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu or Steak dinner. We skipped out on a wedding cake because we aren't very traditional. We had cheesecake served with blueberries in a  blueberry sauce. There were appetizers as well but I hardly remember eating much.

My in laws giving their speech.

Our wedding party.

  Once the party started, the wedding just flashed by in a blink. My besties were pulling me up to the bar to do shots with them. At one point I was smoking a cigar with my girlfriends, joking about how classy we all were. We danced and I mostly talked to friends and family about the day. Our wedding guests moved the party to the patio outside and drank and visited while the sun set behind them. It was everything we imagined and more.

 My father in law, Rodney drove us to our hotel. Rob and I hurried inside and got to "business". Afterwards we both crawled into the claw bathtub that was in the bedroom, opened wedding cards and animatedly discussed the entire day to each other. I would have to say that once the day was completed, that moment would be my favourite. It was just the two of us and we were married and so proud of the day we put together for ourselves and our peeps.

End of the night.. Wedding dress hanging in the back.. A great day, always to be remembered and shared.
  So I sit here spending most of my time tonight, recapping the day and night of our wedding. I think it's time I hang out with my hubby and give him some well deserved smooches for being my buddy and marrying me.

View Wedding Video Here

 Video made by my friends from Paper Tiger Media.

Many of my photos were taken by  Sofia Katherine Photography


Sarah said...

Hi Haley! What a perfect wedding story! First of all you are stunning (love the veil!) and the pictures are gorgeous. Like the one of you guys in silhouette? So nice. My favorite part is how you wrote about you two going back to the hotel room and talking and recapping the day. To me, that is an example of true love.

Areeba said...

I truly enjoyed your wedding story. The girls time is always fun. I literally smile when he couldn't see you before wedding. Hah you all are really classy! ;)

Haley said...

Sarah! Thank you so much:) It was a pretty cool day, for sure. I'm glad I got a chance to share it with blogland.

Areeba- Thanks for liking my wedding story. Girls time is my favourite time! Woop woop!

Noor Unnahar said...

Super perfect wedding story . I'm loving the girls time part most because it just feels like "last minutes discussion" before you get to tie the knot ;)The silhouette snap is stunning.
Love laughter , happily after!
Noor @ Noor's Place