Tuesday, July 16, 2013

28 Years Later

This is me, approximately 28 years ago..
 This morning at 7:06 I turned 28 years old.  I don't feel older because of my age today. I do however, feel older because I became a mom this year. Waking up this morning, I realize that even though it's my birthday it is still Alina's day. Everyday is her day. She is my number one concern and priority and she doesn't care if I was born 28 years ago today! She still cries when she's hungry and fusses when she is bored.

Alina all dressed up for Mommy's birthday. I wonder who dressed her up....

 I think for my Birthday Post I will list 28 things I have learned about myself and fun facts about me.. After all, birthdays are supposed to be different than any other day. So why not make my blog a bit different today too!

28 Random Facts & Life Lessons:  

  1.  I insisted on being married barefoot! 
    See- those are my tootsies!
  2. Never feel sorry for yourself! It isn't good for you and it feels even worse!!
  3. My husband bought me a ring when we first started dating with an aquamarine stone in it. He thought it was the prettiest one. I joked that it was his blue eye watching my every move. I just realized that Alina's birthstone is aquamarine. Talk about foresight there Daddy-O! 
  4. Dieing is unknown, intimidating and terrifying but I believe that it is the most peaceful experience for the person passing. 
  5. I SUCK at feelings. Even when Rob and I watch American Idol or The Voice, I always fast forward a lot of the people's personal stories, and exclaim; "We don't do feeeeeelings!!" (At the same time... I will admit I do watch the heartbreaking stories.. and sometimes cry when they're reeeeeally sad.)
  6. When I'm upset I push hugs away- until I am ready. 
  7.  I have no sympathy for those that complain about things that they can change! 
  8. My best friend has always been and will always be my sister. 
    Kyli on her way to see the Dixie Chicks!!
  9. Whenever people post pictures of a delicious meal, I can't help but think that the food is now poop. I know..!! Soooo gross!! But I can't help it!
  10. I really hope and pray that Alina and I will be close as mother and daughter when she is my age! I think that will have everything to do with me and how I am to her..
  11. The best gift I could receive would be a private reading with Theresa Caputo  (It's a compilation of a number of readings, but the first few minutes should give you an idea of how AMAZING she is!)
  12. The only way to get what you want in life is to get up and go for it!
  13. I have a cherry, apple and pear tree in my back yard! Oh and a raspberry bush in my back lane against my fence. Luuucky!
  14. You can't change your parents- so stop trying to!!!
  15. My two dreams have come true.. I wrote a children's story and it is now a published book! I am a mom to a beautiful baby girl! .
  16. Be nice. Honestly, I get by really well by being nice MOST of the time. 
  17. At the same time: STICK up for yourself when you need to! When I'm nice, people might think that I'm a push over. Well I used to be, but I am certainly not anymore.
  18. I'm proud to say that I like my husband. He's my best friend.
  19. The smell of freshly cut grass reminds me of Summer. The smell of pine trees reminds me of Christmas and Winter! Smelly dog poop reminds me of Spring. Recently chopped fire wood smells like Fall!
  20. My favourite drinks are Strongbow, Iced Tea Coors Lite and Granville Island's Raspberry beer! Yuuuum. OH and any kind of Bellini! 
  21. I am Canadian and am totally stereotypical and love hockey.. It's true! My favourite team has always been the Edmonton Oilers because I grew up a few hours from Edmonton, Alberta baby!
  22.  I don't like getting flowers because they eventually die and then I have to take them out of the vase and throw them in the garbage. I feel like I'm literally throwing money into the garbage! 
  23. While I was pregnant last year, I wanted a baby girl. Aaaand, I got her folks! 
  24. Delivering a baby isn't as awful and horrible as everyone will tell you. Learn to filter all of the advice received while pregnant. People don't hold back and like to scare the hell out of you. 
  25. I look up to my Grannie. She has been through a lot in her life. She has always been nothing but kind and loving towards me and my cousins. She really is the best Gran around. And I used to always brag to kids in my school that my Grandma wore jeans and swore.
  26. When I am up at 2 or 4 or 6 breastfeeding Alina, I often think about how lucky I am. Then I just sit her up and snuggle her furry head, planting kisses all over her brow.
  27. I need to learn how to chill out more often. I want so much to worry less and become a more laid back version of me. Hopefully by the time I'm in my late thirty's or forty's I'll be able to say that I did just that... chilled out.
  28. And my last thought today.. A perfect evening would be... spent with my sister, drinking whatever.. wine, yummy beers or delicious fruity drinks.. eating all kinds of appetizers; spanikopita, quiche, you name it..watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls and yapping about the past three years until the sun comes up. (Our husbands responsibly taking care of our babies elsewhere)  
   There you have it folks! My list of 28 random things about myself. I got an awesome Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 for my birthday from my super awesome hubby first thing this morning. (Not so super awesome thaaat early, but I enjoyed playing with it while Alina slept in. Thank you Alina, for sleeping in by the way!)
My girl showing off my birthday present today!
   My mother in law phoned to wish me a happy happy. I am saving her card and gifts sent from Thunder Bay for later. I always like to have something to look forward to all day. Rob's grandma sent me a card that I am also saving. My Gran gave me my yearly 20 buckskins to "Buy yourself some beer.. or something!" (Which I did and am promptly drinking as I type.)
My brother texted well wishes from the shitter at work, I shit you not. Brothers are still gross at 32. But then later he phoned and had a list of cute "Haley Facts" to fill me in on. A couple of examples were that "Haley was born in 1985, I don't remember what time.." and "Haley liked to play with Polly Pockets." It was honestly the cutest thing ever. I will also add that it was probably one of my favourite moments from today.
This was a birthday present from my brother when I turned 10. I have kept it all of these years because it meant that much to me that he went out and bought me a gift with his own money. This year, it was reminiscing with him that made me feel special once again.

  My bestie phoned from work to sing me happy birthday. She is always the first person to phone and this year, she was the first person again!
 All in all, the day has been quiet. I haven't really done anything, other than check the mail for a card from my grandparents in Hinton. (Nope.) I walked around town because it is a gorgeous day, but I didn't have a need to really do anything else. Rob is running around like a crazy, sweaty mess at work trying desperately to get off early so he can spend my day with me. I love that guy.
My bestie calls me Old Balls because she's still the ripe age of 26. It was more fun for me when I was legally in the bar at 18 and she was still her sweet 16 year old self. I believe the tables have turned..
 I am so glad my birthday is in the heart of the summer. I love that I have this birthday off because I am on maternity leave. I don't have to answer to annoying customers, trapped in doors today. So I sit here with my Raspberry beer and smile.. and soak up this gorgeous day of my birth!

Enjoying the sun- on my b'day!


Jade Wright said...


I am also insisting on being married barefoot!! I am pretty much hopeless at walking in heels and do I really want to be stumbling around in uncomfortable stilettos on my wedding day???? I am getting married on a beach or in a forest after all!! hehe but if I do have to wear heels I would definitely go for a pair of Jimmy Choo's. Dream shoes! <3


Noor Unnahar said...

Happy birthday girl .
It's pretty fun to read about you , honestly I want to have a barefoot wedding , perhaps a reception so I can wear heels afterwards . High five for a great idea .
Get tons of wishes and a virtual cup cake from me.
Noor @ Noor's Place

Areeba said...

Happy birthday 28 years mama! Haley likes to play Polly pocket, I'm glad there's a brother who remembers this!

PS: Gurl, you're a no-reply blogger. It'd be much fun game if you disable this thing.

Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

Haley said...

Areeba!! I googled no-reply blogger and I think I fixed it. Let me know if it worked, okay!?

Areeba said...

I'm glad you just DID! Go girl, reply this comment ;D

Sarah said...

Number five made me laugh out loud and number eight is absolutely true for me too. Your daughter is so adorable! And the picture of you and your Grandma is awesome. You are my new favorite blogger by the way :)

Haley said...


Eeeek!! That was me squealing with delight! Haha, I am so excited to be someone's new fav. You genuinely are my fav. blogger too. I really enjoy reading your stuff. You always make me laugh!
Thanks for the compliment about my kiddo.. I think she's pretty cute too;)