Monday, January 05, 2015

Back At It

  So Monday has arrived. THE Monday, where my holidays are truly over. Alina goes back to daycare on a regular basis today, school has begun again and my eating like a loser and not working out has come to an end. I'm getting up early and doing my regular workouts and eating better. Blah, blah, blah. The same thing I'm sure everybody is swearing to.. exercise and eating better in 2015.

 This is the year that I turn 30! The year that Rob and I reach our 5th wedding anniversary and our 10th year of knowing one another. Alina turns 2 and I finish school. Every year seems significant and important but this year feels like a hurdle. Next year at this time I'm going to feel really glad I got through it.

 I have little to report and I know I won't be around again, for awhile because of school starting up. So I leave my few followers with a good ol' Rob text..

Rob's usual silliness.



Amanda said...

This Rob text is pure gold. Love it! Hope you don't have the Monday blues too badly. x

Megan Campbell said...

I seriously hate the Monday after the holidays. It's so hard to jump back into the swing of things although I did secretly enjoy packing up my lunch this morning.
This year is going to be so great for you! This year is my 25th so we have the milestone birthday's in common ;)

Brianna said...

Definitely a big year for you and your family! But you're rocking it and are doing so well juggling everything! Keep up the fantastic work!!! And I just love when you share some Rob fun. Thanks :).

Jade Wright said...

Wow a lot of biggies happening this year for you Hals! Please send me your birthday date so I can be sure to send you something this time around mkay!

Aww that text from Rob is too cute - I look forward to reading all about your year ahead xxxxxx

OOOOO PS... I have FINALLY kicked my butt into serious gear. I went running last night AND this morning. I even bought dumbbells and have been doing lunges and squats, stomach crunches...... aaaaaaand I've started the USN 12 week challenge! So this is a biggie!! :D

Areeba said...

2015 marks A LOT for you! Deffo a big year! OHHMGG this text haha, Rob has the best sense of humor!!

Tabitha @ Coffee, Wine and Wanderlust said...

Sounds like it is going to be a big and exciting year. Love the text!

Noor Unnahar said...

Oh my god, Rob's text just cracked me up.
Big things are coming up for you, Haley. I hope everything goes well and good. Once your school is over, can you imagine how AWESOME everything would be?
Noor's Place

Helene in Between said...

haha! too funny!! hope to see you blogging more :)