Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunshine of Tomorrow

So many things going on..

The weather is a bit more crisp. But it is definetly changing and I really am looking forward to this summer.

Rob and I went out on our Sunday.. to Little Mountain to look at our beautiful view and take some pictures with Rudi's old camera. It takes beautiful pictures! We also took pictures of the view from all of these different roadside turnouts on our way to Nanaimo of the ocean. I just love it.

Rob and Erin are butting heads quite a bit lately and it is hard on the middlemen...aka, Amanda and myself. Like I mentioned before Amanda is Erin's buddy that is living with us for awhile. She's a total sweety. I have my own opinion of the entire situation with Rob and Erin, but it's between them and I keep my mouth both of them. I am a good listener..and I like to leave it at that. They'll get through it and then Erin and Amanda will move on and that is what will save their relationship. It's going to be okay though. It's another challenge for Rob and I .. and we are getting through it just fine.

The update on the '86 Honda Accord needs a new transmission. Luckily, Grannie and Grandpa have a sweet older couple next door that are selling their car. It's a '96 Sunfire, only owned by them, automatic, four door, perfect interior, 140 000 km, new tires and windshield, frequently checked oil, tranny fluid and flushed rad , etc.. good on gas and they want to move and sell their vehicle A.S.A.P.. for $2000.00 WOOOHOOO So I will have it in my possession on April 1st!

Everything worked itself out again and I can't help but think that someone is watching over us. Rudi likes Rob, I can tell. He'd let me know if he didn't like him. Or if he thought it was going nowhere.. (remember the roll over...hmm, hmm...) He approves. I know this because Rob knows that he needs to prove to Rudi still that he's a good man for me and he's told me that.

Things are going to be good. Rob's mama and papa are coming for a visit in April. I look forward to meeting Mama J. So much that the anticipation is getting the best of me. The woman responsible for Rob and Erin.'ll be great.

The sun is shining on Tomorrow..

Looking out at Little Mountain

Rob looking out

Our ocean view

Look at that cutie face..


Anonymous said...

Hey stranger~
Sounds like things are going well. The scenery there is beautiful!

Mama said...

Love the views! And congrats on the car!! Miss you! But so happy that u are happy! BIGHUGS!~m

Suz said...

Love the pictures especially the one of you on the rock looking out at the view.

Sorry about your car. Glad that you were able to get a another one. Good Luck With It!

Hugs Suz

Gillian Young said...

You guys seem to have something really special, happy as hell for you, and I'm glad the West Coast fits you so well.

holli said...

Those are just beautiful pics!!! I'm glad you're still happy!


Sorry about the car - a big sigh on that one. Maybe Rudi will work a miracle!!


Haley said...

He already did. I have another one on the way..better deal, newer..just all around better.

Anonymous said...

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