Sunday, March 05, 2006

Breakfast Fix

Mmmm, a big and greasy breakfast can make anyone feel better.. And that is what I am solely relying on today. Kind of ridiculous when written out and read be it!

This weekend was supposed to be a scream and it was more of a yell..maybe a calling out..

My buddy Katie came to visit me and she got to see where I have been living for the last seven months. She has been to the island before but not with me living on it. She enjoyed herself I think. She got to meet some of our friends that we've made. It made me realize that Rob and I do have more friends than we thought. Yah us. Rob's buddy from T.B was visiting for the night as well and Erin's friend Amanda AKA our new roomy arrived this weekend as well. It was a full house but we love the company.

Our trip to Vic was supposed to be the highlight.. Rob got a speeding ticket for going 20 over.. That was kind of a dick move on the copper's part..but what can ya do. Then, THEN.. my car starts making a funny noise when we go to start off at red lights and what not.. After we get to that point, it is okay, but until then it's revvin' like a bitch. Sorry to Ruby, my lil' car...but she has to calm down or we won't make it home today. Oh yes, I am still in Vic at Ky and Joe's. We have to take it easy all the way home and hope for the best until we can see if any auto shops are open today.. SUNDAYS suck for car problems by the way..

Soooo, here I am waiting patiently, anticipating and dreading this shady drive belly's a rumblin' because I am starved. All I can think about is my damn breaky! And so now I am told it is time to make my eggs.



Suz said...

Well that just sucks!

Sorry Rob got a ticket. I Hope & Pray your made it home safely and your car is ok.

Sometimes a big breakfast is just what the doctor ordered!

Hugs Suz

Haley said...

It took seven hours to get home! But we made it..we always do.


holli said...

I agree - breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.. especially a nasty, greasy breakfast!!

Always making it home is a great plan!!! :)))

I'm glad you all are having fun, even if you are getting tickets.. I just look at the occasional ticket in life as paying a fee to drive fast!

Mama said...

Ha! I like that one Holli! LOL! never thought of it that way...

So is the car running better now? What are you up to girl? Enjoying life I'm sure....BIGHUGS!!!!~m

ps give your mom one too from me.

Anonymous said...

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