Monday, June 09, 2014

Hey Blondie

Every week on Instagram people post old pictures of themselves or others and use the hashtag tbt which means Throw Back Thursday. I always get a bit confused when I'm going through my Instagram feed, trying to remember when a friend got a puppy that looks suspiciously like their now grown up dog or why another friend dyed her hair a very outdated, bleach blonde. Then it hits me that it's Thursday and these are old pictures I'm looking at. It gets me every time.

 A fellow blogger posted some pictures of herself sporting blonde hair and I couldn't help but remember my brief days as a short haired blonde. I believe it was the summer of '03. I was partying a hell of a lot. My girlfriends all had fake i.d.'s and I was used as their decoy. The three of us would walk together into any bar, with me in the middle. The bouncer would immediately focus his attention on me and the other two would split into opposite directions, quickly looking for a table to sit in. I thought I was the attention getter because I looked the youngest, but it was probably because of my platinum blonde do. I had long hair earlier in the summer and my one girlfriend was streaking it blonde slowly throughout the year. Finally, I decided that I should just have it chopped off. Once my hair was really short, she tried the streaking thing again and before I knew it- I was a full on blonde.

 Is it true that blondes have more fun? I have no idea. But I will admit that I did have a lot of fun that summer. It was probably my sluttiest summer of my life. I didn't sleep around at all.  Instead I made out with every guy I was attracted to. I blame the blonde hair. Perhaps it does cause us to have too much fun. Or perhaps it was the fact that it was my first summer in a bar, getting attention from guys and it was just too much excitement for me to keep all to myself. I still remember that I was single and my other two friends were not. I ended up not sleeping with anyone and well.. that's all I'll say about that.

Pictures from that very summer, on that very trip.
 I'm not sure what happened.. but my hair went from a nice platinum, clean blonde to an ugly yellowy blonde. I was also into scrunching my hair and well, it was not a flattering look for me. Just call me Scarecrow! Again, I was still having fun and very close to my transition into longer, darker hair.

I look like mega bitch in the picture on the left. I had this one friend that we hung out with that drove me absolutely nuts. He was so irritating and it really shows who is taking the photo based on my bitch-face. The other is of me rocking my Harry Potter costume that Halloween.
 I've been toying with the idea of cutting my hair again. But, nothing drastic. I'll go a bit shorter and I'm considering lightening it up again. No Kissing Queen Blonde in my near future, but maybe streaking it lighter.. But I always get excited when I find that it's time for a change with my hair. Why is that!? Why does our hair matter so much? Either way- it does to me. I'm excited for a little bit of change again.

Do you have any crazy hair colours in your past to show off on the next TBT? 


Jade Wright said...

Pahhhh - I think you know how crazy my hair story has been!!! You look gorgeous always but brunette is definitely stunning on you! Nice to see you past looks though.

Brianna said...

The #tbt always get me, too! Haha! And girl, that hair was crazy! But so fun to look back on now. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this next hair change. And I'm with you, changing your hair is always super fun and energizing, but I don't know why! It just is. :)


Amanda said...

I think blonde really suits you! I like the shade in between the platinum and yellowy one on you best. Everyone has to chop their hair off once, right? x

Sarah McCall said...

oooh, blonde works for you! So does the mega bitch look. Seriously, there is nobody you wouldn't intimidate with that look. I have never dyed my hair because of the hassle - I'd have to bleach it first. But I am thinking about going way shorter, and if I do, maybe I'll go ahead and do something a little different with the color. I loved your comments about TBT. I have a friend who occasionally posts #FF, which stands for Future Fridays where he photoshops himself doing something random like waterskiing, and then comments that this day in the future, he'll have a great time at the lake.

Sarah McCall said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the blonde on you! You look great with short hair too. I went blonde years back a couple of times. I am tempted to do it again too but I am feeling chicken. lol

Kerri Lynne said...

Kissing Queen Blonde... classic. :)

Rachel said...

Whoa, you did go really light blond! I could not have pictured you as a blond at all before I saw the pictures. I think I couldn't stand blond hair on myself. I'll stick to brunette, blue, fuchsia, and purple, thank you very much. ;)