Friday, June 20, 2014

MHB- Week 27- Variety

 This week of exercise was different than my usual RushFit three times a week. I've been jogging more here on the beach resort. I've been taking advantage of the amenities that are provided here and have been more creative with my working out regime!


Day 1- Jogging and then a beach reward. I jogged the same route I did last week. This time, at the last stretch I ran as hard as I could. My intention was to sprint as fast as I could but I was right out of breath and it ended up as a run. Once I finished my jog, I walked on the beach and soaked up the early morning rays of the sun. I could have put a blanket on the sand and sun tanned all morning if I didn't have my life's responsibilities waiting for me! All in all- a great workout. My feet were sore and my legs were a bit crampy at work afterwards. I think I'll put a day in between my next jog.


 I asked Alina to show me her teeth. This is the ugly face I usually get.
Day 2- Swimming. I decided to get a little bit creative. Once the little one went to bed I decided to hit up the swimming pool at the resort. I swam laps for twenty minutes. I felt like the total party pooper of the pool. This family was there in the hot tub, enjoying their holiday and I was all business swimming the length of the pool over and over. The two boys playing with the one pool ball had to keep their throws fairly tame with me there. It was a good workout and something different!


 Day 3- Jogging again! I jogged for a solid twenty four minutes today! I am impressed with the fact that I'm not stopping to take breaks. I am terrible on a treadmill. I'm always stopping to walk and rest but for some reason I stay focused outside and just go for it. Of course, like on Tuesday, I decided that a little walk on the beach would be my reward. I love going to the beach afterwards. It's so tranquil and calm out there. The tide was waaaay out this morning, so I walked barefoot in the sand, before heading in to get ready for my Friday.

 Another Friday under my belt. Does it feel like the days and weeks are just flying by!? We are now knocking on the door to July and I can hardly believe it! I'm going to be 29 in only a few weeks. Insanity! When did that happen?

 I'm linking up with Yoga Pants again this Friday. I heard this song recently and cranked it because it takes me right back to when it came out in '95. I was ten, but my fourteen year old brother was all over the music scene and played that c.d. all of the time. "Santa Monica" by Everclear.

 Santa Monica by Everclear on Grooveshark


Helene in Between said...

twenty four minutes of jogging is impressive! way to go!!

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

You're going to be running half marathons in no time! ;) running near the beach is always a great reward :) so relaxing and really makes a morning run worth it! Alina is adorable!

Amanda said...

I think 24 minutes non-stop jogging is super impressive! x

Jade Wright said...

I used to teach aqua aerobics and can't tell you how much good workout routines you can pick up just by buying a foam noodle and using it in the pool.. wow that sounded SO wrong.. ergh.....

But seriously. simple things like just putting the noodle under your foot and pumping it up and down in the water is so good for your glutes.
You can literally do any exercise in the pool with a noodle and its double to workout!! :)

Gosh I am so envious of your summer... I am frozen. I don;t even know if I continue blogging because it is SO sore to type!!

Areeba said...

My step dad is a pro swimmer and he's insisting me to start swimming as I look fat to him (Hey but I'M ACTUALLY NOT) OMG Alina have teeth now, big girl!