Monday, June 23, 2014

Smells Like Childhood

 It's true that there is always that one familiar smell that brings you back to a moment, a time when things were much simpler. I get nostalgic when I smell grass freshly cut in the Spring or the scent of warm pavement during a rain storm. But there is one smell in particular that gets us all. A scent that brings us all home.

 I have one smell that really brings on memories of a time that I don't really remember myself. Before my parents were divorced when we lived in Drayton Valley. I was much too young to really have memories but I feel like this smell brings me back to that time. I haven't smelt it in awhile but every once in awhile I'll smell a trace of it and before I even realize it, it's gone. That's the new car smell but in an older vehicle. I know that sounds really silly but whenever I smell it, it takes me back to the park across from our house in Drayton. The smell of hot car seats wafting that new, musky car smell.
 Another smell I encountered was when I was working for a pharmacy that dealt with nursing homes only. We would package the meds and then have them sent off to four or five different homes across the island. One day when I was filling out some orders, I came across Boudreaux's Butt Paste for diaper rash. I could smell the ointment through the packaging and it really took me back. I have no idea how far back seeing as it's diaper ointment. Perhaps my mom used it on me and the scent triggered my memory. Smell- a very powerful sense.

 The other day my mom came by. She's been growing sweet peas outside of her balcony at her apartment. She brought me a water bottle full of them to put in our condo that we're staying at at the resort. The moment she plunked them onto the kitchen table I could smell them. She later commented that I said, "Mmm smells like my childhood." I remember when I was in grade three, she would walk outside with me to the deck, snip me one or two sweet peas to take with me on the bus. She did that every day for months. It's a fond memory and one that I am reminded of now, each time that I walk into the kitchen.

 What smell makes you nostalgic?


Jade Wright said...

That's such a tough question for me as I don't really remember my childhood at all... I'd probably say spaghetti bolognaise. My mum's specialty :)

It's actually hard to think of what reminds you of your childhood through sense of smell! Although, now that I'm racking my brain a bit... I'd say manure and general farm smells too.. as in the UK I lived in the countryside :)

OH!! And chlorine from the pool we'd visit!

Stunning sweet peas - really gorgeous pics too and a lovely reminder of your mum <3

Amanda said...

Hmm... for me: new grass, the "after it rains wet sidewalk smell", honeysuckle, coffee and pool chlorine!

Megan Campbell said...

Love this! there are so many smells that remind me of growing up in the country. Probably the smell of fresh cut grass, smoke from a bonfire and honeysuckle

Lisa-Jade said...

What gorgeous flowers!
The smell of floor cleaner always reminds me of primary school days, it would always be after second break and it was sign that hometime wasn't far behind.

Memory is such a wonderful thing!

Alex @ she's his co-pilot said...

I totally know what you mean! My dad used to have a certain "scent." I only saw him on weekends so it was very recognizable to me, and comforting. Then he got married and the smell went away... boo.

Rachel said...

My husband wore CK One cologne back when we first met--when we were long distance I would get startled whenever I'd smell someone else wearing the same fragrance (which was fairly often, apparently it was popular at the time at my college).
And when I walk into an Indian restaurant I get extremely homesick because that's pretty much what Malaysia smells like.