Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Beach Home

 I know! I've mentioned staying at the resort a zillion times in the last few weeks. We just got into our house on Monday evening and I was looking over all of the pictures of us staying at the resort. I had to include a little Beach Resort Review today.

 Back in May when the leak first happened, I like to refer to that time as the early stages of our renovations we stayed at the resort in a cabin. May was the last season in the 'off' season at the resort and so it was available to us, no problem. We stayed there for just over a week. Our stay was pleasant but short lived and Rob was still in school then. So he was always doing self tests and Alina and I were just doing our usual thing. I also spent Mother's Day at that particular unit and I remember it well.

Then nearly a month went by and we were back at the resort. This time, for over two weeks. The first ten days were spent closer to the beach. We weren't beach front,but just across the way from the beach front condos. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great and there really wasn't anywhere for us to go with a toddler other than the sandy beach. So sadly, we stayed mostly in our condo, having fires and watching many episodes of "Deadliest Catch." Our bedroom was upstairs which was neat, the kitchen was much smaller but the living room area seemed bigger than the first cabin. Unfortunately Rob sneezed most of the time that we stayed there because we're certain that there were pets staying in it right before us and I developed a spurt of sporadic rashes near the end of our stay. It was a bit strange and when the Saturday came to pack it in, I was happy to go. Although, my work outs in the morning at that condo were some of my very best. (Link to those workouts HERE and HERE) Rob also spent his Father's Day at this unit, although he was very busy when he wasn't working, dealing with the renovations, working the Father's Day Show n Shine as a firefighter or his odd roofing jobs. However, he did find some down time to spend with his girl.

 The last place that we stayed at was what my mom described as a 'chicken coop' and it's because all of the units were connected, side by side. But, it was by far my favourite unit. The view was incredible because we were looking down at the beach and the entire place was just so much brighter. The bedrooms were much smaller but we only slept in them. I absolutely loved this place and wished we could have stayed there the entire time. We even hit up the pub that had great food and seating outside for us to enjoy the view. Alina, Rob and I finally had a chance to relax together and enjoy the sun outside of our unit, which was so nice.

Of course, I had moments of sheer bliss out there on my own. Again, my mornings were the best because of the calmness of the morning and there was just something about having the beach all to myself. In the end, I was very pleased with our stay at the resort. After all, it was home to us for three weeks.


Noor said...

Such a wonderful place. I have always dreamed of having a house with a beach front , it just feels so good.

Amanda said...

Does part of you wish that you'd have a permanent place there?

Alex @ she's his co-pilot said...

Oh no. Does that mean you have a pet allergy?

It looks so nice!

Lisa-Jade said...

I love the picture of you and Alina in the pool!! So pretty!!

Jade Wright said...

These photo's are all stunning - I love the one of Rob on the guitar and Alina trying to strum! Too cute - I hope she learns to play one day?? :D
Her hair is so gorgeous!! Think I have said that before :)

I think this looks like such a divine place to stay - <3

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you guys got to spend so much time in such a beautiful place. Too bad Rob had a bad reaction to it. Love the pictures of the place. Makes me want to take a "little" ferry ride. :)

Kerri Lynne said...

You two always find adventure in the unexpected and I admire that in you! I know Alina will be the same and she's in for a wonderful ride! Hope you are enjoying home just as much!