Friday, May 30, 2014

Sock Hands

Sock hands is this new game I play with Alina. When she's getting restless or extra rammy I suggest she put on her sock hands. She now understands the term and when I hold out a pair of socks she holds out her hands patiently. I slip each sock over each hand and she happily goes and discovers the world with sock hands. She slips a little more than usual because she can't grip the coffee table. It basically takes her longer to do everything because well, no fingers right? It's genius! If any mom out there needs something new to entertain a just over one year old; sock hands is totally the way to go. It makes any occasion more enjoyable... for everyone. I always get a kick out of watching Alina try to do ordinary tasks with her sock hands. She will get frustrated but she's very focused and gets the job done. If she's in no mood for sock hands then she just pulls them off one by one and for more added fun I'll keep putting them back on. It's a hoot.

Drinking water will never be the same with a pair of socks on your hands!

Aaaand running around with your violin strapped to your back will probably be close to the same.. but more challenging with the no-grip thing I mentioned before!

 If everyone in the world didn't already own socks; I'd make a fortune! There will be no MHB post today because I didn't work out all week. Gasp- I know. I had to take it easy because I got the dreaded cold that Alina and Rob had. But I'm much better now and I will be kicking RushFit's butt on Monday morning! 

 Happy Friday to everyone out there- I know I'm excited about mine. (I'll end up recapping it on Monday I'm sure.) I'm going to BackThatAzzUp with Miss Yoga Pants today with a song Rob introduced to me (surprise, surprise) a few weeks ago. I keep listening to it in the jeep and I love the words. Introducing- Time by The Mowgli's! (Little update: Yoga Pants appears to be MIA this am. So I'll just keep the song up for anyone to enjoy.. we don't need her!)

Listen to the words of this song and tell me which part relates best to your life!! 
You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine...! 


Happy Fit said...

Haley! Sock hands is Genuis!!!!!! I think the equivalent for me is when I decide to hand-write or use a mouse with my left (non-dominant) hand. It's probably really good for her little brain to shake things up like this. I love it :)

Amanda said...

hahahahahah sock hands sounds like the best idea/ game ever. I'm definitely going to steal that idea for bored toddlers in the future! x

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Haha sock hands sounds fun! I'll have to try that with Molly... I bet she'd laugh her head off ! Rob has good taste in music! Hope you're feeling better soon; happy weekend :)

Lisa-Jade said...

So this is genius! I wish I knew about it when Libby was smaller, it would have entertained the heck out the household!

Jade Wright said...

Bwahahahaa toooooo adorable!!! One fine day when mama jade is introduced to the world.. this will definitely be a game in the cards! hahahahaha