Friday, May 16, 2014

MHB-Week 23- Jogging

Monday was our last day at the beach cottage and then after work on Tuesday we moved back into our house. It was a lot of work and things aren't 100% just yet. We do have hot water and our laundry area is put back together. But we have temporary floors as in cardboard taped to the floors, instead of regular flooring. The restoration crew made a couple of small messes of our floors in our bedroom and hallway, so they now have to redo all of our flooring throughout the entire house. It's a bonus but also a pain because that means that they'll have to take all of our belongings out, while they do the floors. I assume we'll have to put everything back ourselves, like we did with the kitchen cupboard contents.

 My exercising has been put on the back burner this week again. But I will most definitely be picking things back up regularly next week.


 Day 1- I took a jog on the beach. It was awesome! Nothing is better than waking up early on a nice morning to breathe in the fresh sea air to exercise. It was also a nice little farewell to our beach cottage. We moved the following the day.


 Day 2- more jogging! I woke up early and took a jog along the road. Then I decided to take the trails back to our house. Of course, I got a bit turned around because I am the worst with directions. Luckily there are maps that tell you where you are. After about thirty minutes, I ended up in an area that was quite far from where I thought I was. In the end I came out at our cemetery and ran the road back to the house.

 All in all, even though I didn't do my full three days this week, I felt like my jogs were good. I jogged on and off (but mostly on) for forty minutes. Today, I meant to wake up, but forgot to reset my alarm for just 'ten more minutes...' and I slept in until 6:30. I little blessing in disguise. It was nice to sleep.

 It's Friday! I'm super excited because it's May Long Weekend. Too bad we won't be camping, but that doesn't matter because it's long and that means more days with Alina and Rob. For BackThatAzzUp I introduce a deep tune by Death Cab For Cutie- " I Will Follow You Into The Dark."

  Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You In The Dark by JMFH on Grooveshark


Megan Campbell said...

Yay for running on the beach- those pictures are incredible! I'm sorry that the house is a mess but like you said it will be nice to have some new flooring, just maybe a pain while its been done. What is May Long Weekend? I'm kinda jelly right now

Amanda said...

Sorry about your floors! :( But at least you can kind of pretend that you are on vacation, right? xx

Sarah McCall said...

OMG, you live in SUCH a beautiful place! I really love this regular feature of yours...I am getting my own routine down. I really want to start blogging about it. Maybe I will unofficially link up to your blog once I start :)