Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 11th

 Sunday, May 11th.

 I woke up to a howling baby and I just laid there hoping that Rob would wake up soon, so I wouldn't have to get up. Yeah, I was milking the fact that it was Mother's Day and hoping that he would just get up and take care of Alina, letting me sleep in a little bit. He did get her, but he brought her right to me so that she could present me with the home made card that they made for me. Due to all of the chaos we have been going through, Rob decided it was best if we skipped a present this year and I have to say that I agree. Besides I am really happy with the card that the two of them created for me. I love it when Alina comes home from daycare with a craft that she helped make.

 Rob had Alina hold the marker and he guided her to write the words. He said she was getting pretty mad by the end. Her name was written a bit roughly because she was beyond pissed at that point. I love that.

 Once she was finished yelling, she decided that my head and neck was a seat and just crushed me while she poked her finger into my eye. She discovered my eyelashes and kept pulling my eye opened.

 I took Alina over to Baba's for a visit. Baba pulled out all of her bowls and Alina had fun banging them together. She practiced her new skill of walking on and off and ate baby cookies, oranges and chocolate icing. It was a nice visit with my mom and we got the chance to present her with her Mother's Day card. (Thankfully Rob's creative idea gave me inspiration...)

 When we returned home, Alina and I both had naps. It was so wonderful to have a bit of extra sleep! My sister in law Erin popped by while she was driving through town. We spent the afternoon at the park, playing with Alina, snapping photos, playing tennis and badminton. We had a bbq with steaks, shish kabobs, corn on the cob and caesar salad. It was really awesome. All in all; it was an amazing, stress free day.

 We are still in our temporary home. I'm beyond happy to be here. I want nothing to do with what is going on at our house right now. I only want to return once everything is dealt with. I'll post more on the subject as the week progresses...


Amanda said...

Awwww how sweet! It sounds like you had a very happy mother's day despite missing out on sleeping in. I love that your temp home is on the beach. That's so cool! x

Jade Wright said...

Aww Haley so happy you had such a gorgeous Mother's Day. What a wonderful gift Alina made you <3

Enjoy your beautiful beach house while you've got it and I am hoping your home gets sorted nicely too (not sure if I should say soon? I'd be enjoying that jacuzzi equipped beach house too much! hehehe)

I got worst daughter award this year... I forgot mothers day...... then my mum left to go bowling with dad.... then I realized what date it was and scrummaged around my room to find some chocolate I hadn't opened from Christmas yet and quickly wrapped it up. Picked some flowers too.
Whoops - she noticed what chocolate it was too............ damnit.
I'll have to do something extra special next year to make up for it.

Brianna said...

So glad you had a great, stress-free Mother's Day! Alina is so precious, and I don't know why, but I found it HILARIOUS that she was so mad helping Rob write your card!! Haha.

Wishing you a fabulous week, friend! :)


Megan Campbell said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! I love the photos at the bottom of this post. It looks you had a gorgeous day spent with family! Enjoy the retreat Mama and don't even think about the house and the mess. I'm soo jealous of your mini vaca xoxo

Noor said...

aww it's SO great to see you celebrating like this. How cute this hand print is.

Rachel said...

Glad you had a good and stress-free Mother's Day, even though it didn't include sleeping in!