Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Announcement

Well it's official; my baby is no longer a baby. She's a full on toddler.. a kid even! I'm having a lot of fun with her these days but I can't help but feel like time is going by so quickly! Everyone says it and it's completely true.

 Alina is now a mother. That's right; she has her own baby that she feeds her bottle to, a baby she walks in her stroller and a baby that she reads to. (Also; drops, bites, sits on, throws and thumps onto the floor to the beat of a good tune.)

 She is also much more independent in many tasks that she used to need my help with. She feeds herself on occasion. She is always chugging her sippy cup of water. I actually am a bit of a water pusher. In every situation I'm like; "Alina.. want some water!? Oh.. you're playing with your farm animals.. you thirsty? Hey- how was your day at daycare, how about a sip of some water!?" I'm always try to sell drinking like it's a really fun thing to do. She is also refusing to eat certain foods out of the blue. One minute she is gobbling up yams and all of a sudden she is shaking her head furiously that she doesn't want anymore. I've been having a blast teaching her that dropping food on the floor is totally unacceptable. (By teaching I mean yelling NO! DON'T drop that.)

She even finds time to stop playing 'sock hands' to hydrate.. And Angry Alina burst into tears because she finally became wise to my hiding all of the supper she wouldn't eat into her apple sauce. Darn it!

 She sleeps like a bloody dream. As long as she doesn't have a cold, that kid goes to bed right at eight and wakes up around seven, even eight the next morning. (Seven is the new norm but on a blissful morning she has been known to sleep past eight!)

 The title of this post is about an announcement. So I suppose I should get to it....

 Our big girl started walking a week or so ago. She's still pretty wobbly but I'm excited about it. She's interacting with us more when she plays. She is now into gathering and putting her farm animals upright. She's a very focused little person and I love watching her play. AND- best of all; she's handing me books and sitting on my lap so I will read them to her. She's not even trying to eat them anymore!

For you moms out there; what was your favourite thing that your little one started doing that made you squeal with pride?!
You moms to be one day maybe; what 'first' do you think you'll be excited to see your unborn future child do!?


Jade Wright said...

Congratulations on Alina learning to walk!!! Amazing!!!! <3

Cherish every moment - it all goes by so fast. She really is such a beautiful little lady xxxxxxx

Brianna said...

Oh my goodness! Yay for Alina starting to walk! Everyone always talks about how time flies and to cherish every minute (which is true), but I actually dread that when I become a mother, it's truly going to go wayyyy too fast! I cannot believe she's walking already. So proud of her!


Megan Campbell said...

OMG Congratulation!! Thats so exciting and bittersweet that she is growing up so quickly. I LOVE the part about her baby. Also- good for you for pushing water. My parents didn't and I never drank water until I was in college. SCARY. Now I try to make up for it by drinking three bottles a day sometimes hahaha.
Awww so many wonderful things happening for your little family. xoxo

Amanda said...

Ah!!!!!! Que super girlish squeal!!!! I can't believe she's walking already! I love that she has her own little independent personality already. Congrats! I bet you're super proud (except when she's stubbornly not doing what you want her to do.) xx

Kerri Lynne said...

Way to go Alina!! We miss you guys! I think my absolute favorite thing Thomas has done is start saying Jennie but he says "Nennie". And his whole face lights up when he says it. We call her Nennie often now because it's so frickin' cute! And it will be a cute story for when she's older and says "why the ___ do you call me Nennie?!"
Hopefully we will see you all soon!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting that she is walking now. I bet her being a bit wobbly is so cute and even a bit scary. :) It is so precious that she has her own little baby too. It is crazy how fast they grow up.

Rachel said...

:) How exciting!! It's so fun (albeit a little scary) when they first start being able to walk everywhere!