Monday, May 05, 2014

Our Temporary Beach House

 An update is in order...

 Things are happening really quickly. The restoration crew was in today. We were advised to get the hell out of the house as soon as we had the chance. The insurance company hooked us up with an incredible place to stay. We're staying at a beach resort in the neighbouring town. We have a view of the ocean, there's a pool, hot tub, sauna, park and a common room with a pool table. We our living in a two bedroom house and it's like we're on vacation. It was absolutely insane coming home and having to essentially pack up our entire lives in a matter of hours. But, we managed to do it and now we're relaxing on the couch, with a crackling fire in the fire place. The WiFi is a bit touchy here, so I'm probably going to be a bit on and off with checking blogs and even blogging myself, but I'll do my very best. I had to update, just to show that we're doing okay.

What our house looked like over the weekend. We had humidifiers blowing hot air into the whole house. We avoided the house by going out a lot over the weekend and by watching movies in our Westy. Our weekend laundry room was under our car port.. super classy stuff!

Check out the new digs! Talk about nice!
Our new abode. There's a pool! AND a gorgeous ocean view!
  Again, if I'm scarce in blogland I apologize. I'll do my best to keep up and to comment on my favourite bloggers as much as I possibly can with the chaos and this wonky WiFi!

Has anything like this ever happened to you? You hit a disaster and then some good actually comes out of it!?


Jade Wright said...

Wow... a blessing in disguise! A hot tub and sauna!!! That would be amazing right now - plus beach houses are amazing on their own!! Nice Haley - enjoy it! I'd flood my house more often if this was the outcome ;)

It looks beautiful and homey - what a view too!!

My house flooded after bloody torrential rain once. No good came from it though... hahaha

Amanda said...

They definitely set you up with sweet digs! But I'm sure you'd rather still be home ;) xx

Noor said...

It seems like a tempting deal , OMGOSH!!! I hope your house renovation goes well.

Megan Campbell said...

Oh honey don't worry about us! Please enjoy the pool and the ocean view and quality time with your little family! I hope everything goes smoothly with the renovation!!

Sarah McCall said...

You lucky dog! I mean, except for the having to evacuate your house and all that, which would be really strange. But the beach house would help make up for the temporary displacement, I would think :) When I was 16 our house burned down and we stayed in a hotel room for a couple weeks. My parents later found out that insurance would have provided for multiple rooms at a much nicer place than where we stayed. Darn it! Not that there are any beach houses where I live, but at least I wouldn't have had to share a room with my brother. On the plus side though, my parents were so busy those two weeks that Sam (my brother) and I got to eat out every night. We'd go get our food and then go back to our room and watch TV. It was a stressful period, but there are genuinely good memories from the experience, too. Weird how that happens.

Oh That picture of Alina on floatie is so adorable. How can you handle such cuteness on a daily basis?

Areeba said...

Oh I just read your post about your house, good luck for the repairing. Until then, ENJOY!!

Rachel said...

Oh man, what a crazy thing to have happen! Big sudden home repairs like that aren't fun--but it's very nice that you guys are able to stay at such a good place in the meantime! Way better than a little motel roomm or something. :) Insurance comes in handy sometimes. :)