Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Last Of The Boys Behind The Blog

Well it's the last of the Boys Behind The Blog and I am sad that it's come to an end. But it's always good to quit while it's ahead like Seinfeld did! (I mean seriously guys; none of us were ready to see that show end.....)

//1  What was your first job?
Rob: Produce at A&P. It was fucking awesome.
  Me: I take that was sarcasm.
Rob: No, it was fucking awesome.

There you have it folks. I decided not to even ask for an explanation. It was fucking awesome; that's all we need to know.

//2  What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?
Moving to B.C.
                            ... also becoming an electrician.

 This is true. When Rob was 21 his parents convinced him to go out to the island, with the prospect of maybe moving out here. Once he was here, they were like; yeah, you should just stay. They hooked him up with a temporary place to crash, his aunt and uncle got him a job and soon found him a house to rent. (The house we now own.) Also, becoming a journeyman electrician has been very challenging. He's so smart though, I know he's going to pass with flying colours. (At the end of this month.. so soon!)

//3  What is one thing you can't live without?
Probably my phone right now. I don't know what I'd do without it. I'd take yours, I'd steal it. I'd convince you that you didn't need it.

 Wow, what a keeper.

//4  What is your least favourite food?
Sometimes, sometimes my least favourite food is your macaroni and cheese.

 See I thought that this question was somewhat confusing. Your least favourite food would still be a favourite; it would just mean that if you had a top five favourite foods it would be number five, rather than number one. Am I right!? Rob disagreed. He also revealed that he basically doesn't like my mac and cheese. Hmmm.. I'm still going to make it.

/5  If you could time travel when/where would you go?
 If I was thinking long term; I'd go to Vancouver in the nineties so I could have bought a house or two.

 I was thinking more along the lines of when I was a baby- so I could see what my house looked like back then, my siblings, my parents and of course me as a baby! How cool would that be?! Of course, Rob is thinking of ways to make us money.. of course!!

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Jade Wright said...

This is fantastic - Rob has such a good sense of humor ;)

How's the house coming along!? xx

Amanda said...

As per usual, I love Rob's answers. That's a man that does NOT like Mac 'n' cheese! (But why? It's sooo good!)

Megan Campbell said...

hahaha Keep making that mac'ncheese girl. Until he makes it himself I would keep spooning it on his plate lol
Whoooa how can the city change that much in ten years..omg I just typed that. Its been over 20 years. I still feel like we are living in the 2000's. Yikes i'm old.
Since the linkup is done you HAVE to keep doing the crazy stuff he says posts because they are GOLD.