Friday, July 11, 2014

MHB- Week 30- Lame Wrist

This week I feel I was a bit of write off because of my stupid wrist. I have no idea what I did to it, but it's really not working out so well during my RushFit workouts. So I did all the exercises that don't include having to put my body weight on my wrist. Unfortunately there were a few exercises that I had to miss. I still kept did the workouts and I suppose that's all that counts. I just hope this wrist starts to feel better by next week!


 Day1- Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. I was a bit of  a wuss this day. I didn't use any weights on my right wrist and I quit after three rounds. I know the workout and knew what was coming. Round four and five is all wrist so I just called it a day. I'm glad I still woke up and worked out, even if I couldn't do my best. The selfie is to show how ridiculous my hair gets after a workout..!


 Day 2- a jog to daycare! I was lazy that morning and slept in, instead of heading out to do my hill sprints. Bad girl. But when I was feeding Alina her breakfast I decided that I would be super ambitious and walk/jog Alina in her stroller to her daycare. It's not too far and there's a wicked hill. I timed myself and it wasn't too long but I was cutting it close because by the time I got home, I had a chance to change my clothes and run out the door to walk to work! Alina enjoyed the stroll and it was nice to get out before work with her and exercise!


 Day 3- Strength and Endurance. Again, I had to keep my wrists out of it. But I decided to use the 8 lb weights on both sides this time. I was also able to do all five rounds. Rob took that picture of us last night before Alina went to bed. We were both sitting the same way, watching some t.v. (I know, I look so lady like.)

 Happy Friday everybody!! What do you have planned for your weekend!? We're going camping on Saturday!


Amanda said...

Ah, I hope your wrist feels better soon! xxx

Megan Campbell said...

Aggghhhh hope your wrist feels better soon! and your workout hair is on point ;)