Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This Really Happened, I Can Hardly Believe It Myself

 Having a baby is crazy! I mean, the whole entire process really is. I don't just mean the literal process of physically pushing a human being out ... I mean getting pregnant, accepting the fact that you are withchild. Then, there are nine terrifying and exciting and terrifying and exhilarating months before the BIG DAY! and the ones that follow, of course.

 Finding out you are pregnant- holy shit!!!! It's insanity. I think a big reason why you end up checking and then double checking again, just to be sure that that second line on the pregnancy test is really actually there is because you are in total denial!

It couldn't be clearer.. but we bought another one- just in case...!
Being pregnant and having to keep it a secret for those first eight weeks. It's so hard! I actually ended up telling my manager because he was more like a big brother or uncle than a boss. It's so hard being super excited about something so huge and not being able to share it with everyone you know!

 Then reality sets in. You actually go to the doctor's office to finally have it confirmed by an actual professional and you even begin to see a little bump. (At least you think it's the baby and not just that huge piece of lasagna, chunk of pie, that doughnut you couldn't resist at lunch and the three ginger ales you were craving and drinking throughout the day... Not speaking from experience or anything.)

Once the baby moves! Insanity! You really can't believe what you're feeling. For those of you that have not experienced the movement of a baby inside of you (shudder, that sounded creepy..) it feels like when your eye twitches out of nowhere, but way bigger and in your stomach. For the last year I would get these weird twitches in my stomach and for an instant I would think it was 'peanut' still in my tummy. Nope! In fact 'Peanut' is here and she is actually Alina now...!

** I had a video of Alina kicking like crazy in my tummy at around seven months pregnant.. But I can't find it. You'll just have to take my word for it!**

Then it gets a bit terrifying because you have to start looking at your finances and your home. Are we ready? Do we have room in our house, in our bank account for this little person? Too late, it's time to make room. It's funny how they say that women go through a nesting period. Well, my husband did that for me. If you are a regular reader of Truth Be Told you are well informed with my husband's crazy antics. Rob built Alina's baby room in ... one month. He did an incredible job and the room is absolutely a-mazing! He turned a small back room with a sliding door into a room that goes out into the back yard with a door attached and bingo bango- you have yourself Alina's bedroom. It's beautiful and I was and still am super proud of him for all of his hard work.

Before... during.... after!

Alina's beautiful finished product compliments of her dad! (Rob wanted me to note that there is more area around the corner where her big closet is..)
 You surprise yourself. At least I did.. I was bad ass cool when I was pregnant. It's okay, I can brag about it. The show "Raising Hope" (that was stupid but tolerable in the first season and then turned really stupid in the next few season) had an episode where the wife Virginia explains that she was "cool" wife and not "bitch" wife. Rob was like- you're totally cool wife, well.. most of the time. (True, true.) But when I was pregnant I was totally COOL pregnant wife. I was happier pregnant than when I wasn't. I stayed up with Rob even though I was so exhausted. I worked until I believe I was 36 or 37 weeks pregnant. (My last day at work was February 28th and I had Alina on March 8th.) I helped Rob paint the entire house (inside walls) minus our bedroom and bathroom, at six months pregnant. It was horrible, BUT I did it! I was totally cool pregnant wife and I take pride in it.

  If you're still with me.. after all of this rambling, let's fast forward to when the baby is born shall we?

Water breaks- Holy Fu%$ are we actually doing this!? Too late. We're doing it. I'll skip the gory details. Side note: It was not as bad as I imagined, AT ALL.

 Baby is born and suddenly, I'm a mom. I'm a freaking MOM! The very pictures that we took in the hospital are someone's actual baby pictures! Someone being my daughter. Holy shit, I have a daughter. All insane. All real and all very cool, cool shit.

Actual moments after she was born!
 The whole point of my post today was to express how cool it is to experience your child doing new things all of the time. To see her with a friend, a little person, just like her, doing grown up things. Alina's friend Abigail was born just a few weeks after her. Abby's mom and I work together and we were pregnant at the same time. It's been a total blessing having Kimberly as a friend during our pregnancies and later on during our maternity leave. We've gone swimming, joined our infamous stroller fit classes, gone to story time at the library and until very recently- sledding at the baseball fields. It is so cute seeing these two together and I have a few pictures to show off of their lives spent being buds, so far...

 I know I sound like a broken record but I have less than a month with the baby girl. I intend to appreciate every last moment.


Amanda said...

Holy shit! Her baby room is amazing! Way to go Rob! Look how much hair she's rocking now! Beautiful! xx

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Wow, I agree...her room is great!! I feel like I was a cool wife when I was pregnant with Molly, but not as much this time around (Brian says I whine too much). BUT, I am way more tired this pregnancy than the first one!! There's definitely no reason to not work until close to the end though...I'm planning to do that again this time around! Watching your child grow up is amazing!!!

Alex[andra] said...

This post was so exciting! I felt like I was going through all the motions with you. Can I just say that I love Raising Hope? Even now! Virginia is awesome. Definitely the cool wife. It's interesting to hear that you were happier when you were pregnant. Also nice to know that, after your water broke, things weren't as bad as you imagined! That's the part I'm most afraid of!

Alina is such a sweetheart <3

Megan Campbell said...

This post was awesome. I'm going to be honest. The thought of having a child is TERRIFYING to me. But that's because I'm not ready and I know they say no one really is ready, but I'm not even at the point of being ok with it and excited if it happens. I love how chill you seemed and her baby room- gorgeous!

Alina is a lucky little girl and ps that head of hair?! I'm so jealous of her.

Rachel said...

This post made me smile so much! I've known a few women who are happy pregnant ladies--one of my aunts says straight out that she loves being pregnant. My Mom didn't, but she liked the end result. :P

Jade Wright said...

This was a wonderful post to read - it sounds like the most phenomenal experience..

My good friend is 25 weeks pregnant - her second pregnancy and this time it is twins.

She had a scan done yesterday and the results were not good :(
One baby is a whole 166 grams bigger than the other (2 girls) and there is hardly any fluid... this is dangerous for both so everyone is in a bit of a panic right now :(

I'm hoping reading this was some sort of a sign that it will all be ok!!

It made us both feel better - I read it to her.. thank you Haley xxx

Deidre said...

I really enjoyed reading this. As someone who has not done the baby thing (and frankly, doesn't really want to), I totally appreciate the insight into what it's like! This post just oozes excitement - and that's pretty awesome :)