Monday, February 03, 2014

What Sesame Street Character Are You?

 I am a mom, that has been home with my baby daughter since she was born in March. It has become a bit of a routine for us to snuggle on the couch as soon as she wakes up, while watching a bit of Sesame Street. I watch along with her and I am actually entertained. I love Sesame Street because I watched it as a kid myself. Obviously things have changed, but for the most part; the message remains the same. Be kind. Be fair. Listen and learn. I now know all of the theme songs to different segments. "Elmo The Musical", "Abby's Flying Fairy School" and  "Elmo's World." Which means, I am now a total mom. Since I am watching Sesame Street every morning, it got me thinking... If I was a Sesame Street monster, who would I be?

I have created a short quiz to find out which Sesame Street character you would be, so please enjoy and share your results...

//1.  Your friend bursts through the front door and invites you to go on a road trip to your favourite concert and you...

A.  Say, "Me love to go! But do you have something for me when me get there!?"
B.  Agree immediately and then instantly ask if all of your friends can come.. it's the right thing to do, to include everyone.
C. Agree to go and immediately pack your cape. You never know what kind of trouble you will need to sort out along the way.
D. Agree, but make sure your best friend can come. You go everywhere with him. It may take some convincing, but he'll join you.
E. Sigh heavily. Why is everyone always interrupting you while you're reading? 
F. Yell, "Go away! I'm busy. And NO, I don't want to go anywhere."

//2.   You arrive at a birthday party, what is the first thing you do when you get there?

A. Scour the snack tables for your favourite treat...
B. Look for your friends and sing a song with them!
C. Seek out someone that may need your help and then assist them immediately!
D. Play a trick on your best friend. (Which usually includes interrupting whatever it is that he's doing. He hates that!)
E. Find a quiet area where you can read your magazine, there was a pretty interesting article about pigeons in it.
F. Why are you at a stupid party anyways?! Gag. Leave immediately before someone tries to talk to you.

//3.  What is your favourite movie?

A. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." You're a big fan of the sweet stuff.
B. "Highschool Musical!"
C. Hmmm.. that is super easy. "Superman", "Batman", "Iron Man"... basically anything to do with a SUPERhero.
D. "The Mighty Ducks"!!
E. You love the documentary "Pigeons In The City." It's veeeery interesting.
F. "Dirty Harry", "Mud" was good too.

//4.  What do you want to be when you grow up!?

A. A baker!
B. Singing on broadway! I love singing.
C. A doctor! A nurse! A therapist! A teacher's aid! It doesn't matter. You just like to help.
D. You'd like to work at the zoo. You love animals, especially ducks!
E. You would be a librarian. So you could be surrounded by books and have some peace and quiet.
F. A garbage man is your dream job.

//5. If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing what would it be?

A. Cookie!!!
B. Dorothy, your goldfish.
C. You would bring your cape and that way you could save yourself because you are SUPER when you wear it!
D. Your rubber ducky.
E. You would bring your bottle cap collection.
F. You would bring Slimey.

 Alright! The results are in ...

If you answered mostly A's you are ...

Mostly B's you are ...

Mostly C's you are ...

Mostly D's you are Ernie.. E's you are Bert...

  Mostly F's you are ...

  To be fair, it was a bit of a difficult quiz to choose answers for. BUT! I was a combination of Bert and Ernie! I like to read and would rather do that than a lot of fun things, but I always want my best bud (Rob) to join me in a lot of the activities that I do. I know, I know.. lame. But it's the truth!

 So- which character did you end up being!?
Who is your all time favourite Sesame Street character? (My fav. is Grover!) 
Aaaand- out of all of the characters with their qualities listed- who would you say you are most like? (At first I thought I was Grover but I'm totally Bert.. should I be embarrassed!?!)

 I did get some of my facts about each of these characters from Muppet Wiki. I didn't just make it all up!! Which makes the results totally valid....?! 

 Oh and remember, my first ever link up is THIS Wednesday! To find out what it's all about-- check out my post about "I Love Him But ... Link Up" HERE!



Rachel said...

haha--you made all of this?? Wow!! I seem to be an equal mix between Grover and Elmo...which is hilarious. I have been told that I have an "Elmo" voice when I'm excited or happy...haha, not necessarily a good thing...

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Haha, this is awesome!! I am a mix of Elmo and Ernie! :) Very cute!! I loved Sesame Street as a kid too, even up to the embarrassing age of about 11. Molly isn't too into it, but I'd like to get some of the old-school Sesame Street DVDs from back in our day and show her those ones!

Sarah said...

Whoa, I'm Bert all the way! I would have assumed Ernie or Grover. Now, the character I love the most is Snuffy for sure. I have such vivid memories of watching that show. Did you ever see the short video on how crayons are made? Every now and then I'll go onto Youtube and watch it again.

Amanda said...

This is amazing. Before I even started this quiz I thought "I bet i'm the cookie monster" which is what I got, but with a bit of Elmo thrown in! x

Megan Campbell said...

hahaa I love that you made this! I thought I would be a combo of Bert & Ernie before I took the quiz but I was Elmo after I took it!

Brianna said...

I'm apparently a mix between Cookie Monster & Bert! But reading their characteristics, I'm mostly Bert. :)
I just love that you made a quiz for mom, you! ;)

Helene in Between said...

haha!! i love this. i got elmo, but i think i could have also gotten the cookie monster!

Jade Wright said...

hahaha brilliant!!! I got Grover!! hahahaha

What an amazing idea Haley! This was such a fun post!!! :)