Friday, February 21, 2014

MHB- Week Thirteen-Slow Start

 This was my first week with the new Intermediate Program. In having started a more challenging workout routine, you would think that I have really stepped up my game this week. Sadly, I have not. Early on in, I was feeling flu-y, mid week I was fine and then to end the week I felt really shaky and weak. Hopefully next week will be better.


This is the beginning of a fresh workout. So I wanted tummy pictures of me to compare when I reach my sixth month of working out. (Sorry for the bra shot- I couldn't find my sports bra this am and this one is as sporty as they get..)
 Day 1- Strength and Endurance. For some reason, maybe it's because I had two days to rest and in those two days I chose to eat some pretty questionable things.. and drink my share of white and red wine- I felt like crap-ola! I found myself quickly out of breath and sweating quite a bit right at the beginning of the workout.

Goals: To work harder on Thursday because I'm scheduled to do that workout again.


From left to right- the beach with the huge waves crashing, Sarah doing bridge push-ups, Alina and I after (that hat is usually a light gray, it was soaked!!) and the girls in their 'incubators'.. Although, Miss Alina doesn't let a little something like rain bring her down; still all smiles...
Day 2- Cardio. Well, it was an ug-ly ass day on Tuesday. I got on the cell phone and started texting and facebooking the girls to find out if we were all still committed to our outdoor workout. In the end, I decided that if I was going to start making excuses like the weather, I was going to start making a habit of excuse making and that is a hard habit to break... So! I met up with one mom and her babe and we totally sucked up the rain, quite literally and did our Happy Fit Stroller Fitness Outdoors Workout. It ended up only taking us about thirty minutes because we were determined to finish and to get the hell out of the rain. It was so wet and dreary that I had to stop on the highway to let an otter cross the road!!! I tried so hard to get my phone out to take a picture but people were driving up and I didn't want to appear irresponsible. (Even though I totally am and really, really wanted to show off that otter!!!) It's always a soggy winter on the West Coast, so I'm glad Sarah and I pushed through the wetness to get our workout done. We both agreed that we felt awesome afterwards!

Goals: To increase the repetitions of our exercises and to do more running throughout.


Day 3- Abdominal and Core Conditioning. In the photos I'm demonstrating push-ups. (Gah! They are so simple, yet so hard.) The exercise I'm doing in the top right photo is the Lateral Plank. I hold each side for five seconds and then switch. This is a very common exercise in RushFit and I think I have this one to thank for getting rid of my love handles. Thank you Lateral Plank. The bottom picture I am squatting on one leg with a dumb bell.

Goals: Rob takes the pictures of me every morning before school and he wouldn't take the push-up picture of me until my form was better. I was so annoyed at the time, but as I was going through the pictures, I did notice that my form was off. The pictures I displayed are after he told me to lift my butt up a bit. So- from now on, I will be doing push-ups with the reminder to keep my butt up instead of sinking towards the floor! (It's so annoying when he's right!)


Day 4- Strength and Endurance Workout. (Again.) Now that I have begun the Intermediate Calendar, I will be repeating workouts in the same week. The first picture is a terrible example of a side bend from the warm up I do before each workout. The middle photo is a side lunge with weights and in the third photo that is me in the middle of a sprawl. You stand and then down into a sprawl and repeat. It's very tiring but "it is what I need to do in order to be a good fighter." (Quote from the RushFit video. Only you RushFit nerds would get that one. Said in a thick French Canadian accent of course.)

Goals: Push, push, push myself to keep up with every exercise. No stopping a few seconds early, push on and keep going until the last second of each repetition.


A photo of my drive to the gym, the new scale that could weigh an elephant and a picture of my pale face looking like I want to be back in my bed.
 Day 5- Cardio. To be honest, it was a pretty sad attempt at cardio. I just was not feeling good. I broke out into an immediate sweat when I started running. Instead of jogging, I just stopped and then jumped back on once my 30 seconds were up. I basically just got through it, as quickly as I could before I felt like puking. I followed Lisa from Happy Fit Group Fitness' Cardio Machine Workout.

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 It's also Friday, so I'd like to add a little tune I've been sort of obsessed with lately. It's current and on the radio all of the time. Every time it comes onto the radio I'm usually pulling into where I need to be and I am always tempted to just sit and listen to the entire song before I go on with my business.
I love when a power house singer can sing softly and so beautifully too. Here's A Great Big World's "Say Something" featuring Miss Christina Aguilera.

Say Something - A Great Big World (feat. Christina Aguilera) by NewThingRadioWeb on Grooveshark

I'm not sure what's going on but my song won't play. I've tried a few times to fix this. Try out the YouTube video instead..


Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Lovin' that song too!!

Jade Wright said...

To be honest - I think you look gorgeous in the mornings! You're one of the lucky ladies that truly doesn't need make-up!!

Hahaha I did have a laugh when I read about Rob refusing to take the picture until your form was better - I can just imagine how grumpy you got!! But at least it shows he really has your best interests at heart! :)

Sending off your letter either today or on Monday! This time I'm getting freaking tracking details to make sure I know its crazy journey across the globe to you!! Hey, did you get the letter with the photographs in??? Just wondering :) Hope you did - just gives you a deeper look into my dilemma!

Much love from Africa xxxx

Deidre said...

Let the otter cross the road sounds like the punch line to a joke :)

Noor said...

Hah , Rob is a seriously great photographer. Seems he knows the trick. I can't tell you but morning workouts have always terrified me ;)

Megan Campbell said...

I lOVE that you acknowledged you were making excuses due to weather (to be honest, i do it ALL THE FREAKING TIME) and decided to commit to the workout. I am seriously so impressed right now that you were able to recognize and stop that attitude. Teach me your ways!!!

Soooo Monday of next week starts this whole "Megan needs to be an adult and take care of her body" attitude. Not only will I be working out (starting at 3 days a week and then increasing) I am also trying to eat at home more and healthier meals. Please be honest with me and tell me if you think I can do better! You are my role model right now!

Good job Mama!

Sarah said...

I finally started up an exercise plan! No RushFit for me just yet, but I am running and biking. I'm planning on adding yoga and weights in there somewhere. I know I've said this before, but I really like how you structure these workout posts and give a recap of every day and your goals. It is so organized, more organized than I could ever dream to be.

And congratulations on not letting yourself make excuses about the weather being too bad. That is discipline!