Friday, February 28, 2014

MHB- Week Fourteen- Power

 This week was a good one! I mentioned last week that this is my first couple of weeks into the Intermediate RushFit Calendar which means it's a bit more challenging. I have more of the difficult workouts to do in each week, repeating them and my usual two days of cardio. I felt energized and powerful when I was training and it felt great.

 Day 1- Fight Conditioning Workout. I'm demonstrating a plank on the ground and the twists that I do in the warm up. The plank is part of the calisthenics that we do after each round of this particular workout. (I'll demonstrate the other calisthenics on Day 3.)

This is all part of one exercise that I'm demonstrating in the pictures above. It's called the 'Scramble.' The idea is to never let your bum touch the ground and to keep moving. There are full rotation and half rotations and it is done near the end of the round for one minute. It's a bitch, but it does the trick!

 Goals: To keep up with the great energy that I had today, on day 3 this week.


Day 2- Cardio. Normally I join some of my friends and their babes for an outdoor exercise. But it snowed all day Monday and the roads weren't great. Rob took the Jeep to school and so I went to the gym in the morning for my Cardio Machine Workout.

Round 1- Run at a Speed of 6 at an Incline of 6.5 for 30 seconds. Jog for another 30.
Do 20 wall push-ups and a half head stand at the wall.
 Repeat twice.

Round 2- Run at a Speed of 6.5 at an Incline of 7 for 30 seconds. Jog for another 30.
Do 20 wall push-ups and 10 lunges while holding two 10 pound weights.
Repeat twice.

Round 3- Run at a Speed of 6 at an Incline of 6.5 for 30 seconds. Jog for another 30.
Do 20 wall push-ups and side lunges with two 10 pound weights.
Repeat twice.

 It went really well. I felt great and will be back at it on Friday.


  Day 3- Fight Conditioning. The pictures above are of me showing the calisthenics that I have to do after each round. Squat- kick and repeat three more times. It's a doozy to do after working hard after each round.
 The first two pictures I'm demonstrating a rear front kick. It's hard to catch on an iPhone, but you get the idea. The last picture I am doing the hip escape, going back and fourth in opposite directions. It's nice to imagine getting to lie down for the fourth round until you find out what you have to do on the ground. Nothing is easy in this workout!

Goals: My biggest goal with this workout is to pretty much keep up with this good energy I have this week! 

Improvements:  My goal on Monday was to keep up with the good energy, which I did. I also think I've improved on the Uchi Mata kick in round three. (I'll demonstrate this kick next week.)


Day 4- Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning. I've had to revert back to my old way of taking photos on Thursday. Rob stayed home because of a bad cold and was sleeping it off when I got up to do my workout. First photo is of my legs while I do a glut bridge. The second I am upside down doing a back bend. Side note: Do not attempt taking a selfie while in a back bend- it really increases your chances of hurting yourself. I came close, but was lucky. Second row I am doing a lateral plank but my arm is down to take the picture. (Bad form) I am showing a leg raise in the last photo. The workout was interrupted a few times because Alina also has a cold and was up earlier than usual. I set her up with her dad in bed for a snuggle and some Sesame Street. Although it was interrupted I did feel like I got what I needed out of the workout.

Goals: To have an ASACC workout without interruption next week. (Which I think I'll be able to manage.)

Improvements: My push-ups are much better! I can also do walk out push-ups as well as push-ups with a lateral plank back to back now. It's because it's not a push-up over and over again, there is another exercise in between to give my weak arms a bit of a break.


 Day 5- Cardio fail. I did not go to the gym for my cardio workout. I woke up at my usual time; 6:30 and Rob said, "What's up?" I just sighed, "My body hurts today." To which Rob so graciously replied, "Sometimes, you have to listen to your body Haley. It's okay to take a rest day..." 
So that's what I decided to do. I feel like my body is just sore from the week of harder workouts and I don't think it's a bad thing. Normally I would just go to the gym and not worry about my body being sore but both of my people have bad chest, sore throat colds and I'm beginning to feel stuffy and my throat is getting sore too. I made the decision to just take it easy this morning. So here I am, taking it easy. We went to the mall yesterday for Rob's sick day. I posted some pictures of the fun had by Miss Alina at the mall. She was getting pretty antsy after I took fooooorever in the torturous task of finding two new bras that fit my new mom boobs. Did I mention I hate shopping? Oh, because I DO! It was a nice bonus day for the three of us to spend together, something that will not be happening once I return to work in a couple of weeks.
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 Another Friday under my belt means another Friday closer to when I have to go back to work. (Insert Horror Movie Scream Here!!!) I have a very smooshy lovey dovey song that I "Shazamed" a little while ago. It just makes me feel like making out with my husband every time I hear it. It's called "You Got What I Need" by Joshua Radin. If you're in for a goosebumpy love song, you're welcome. If not- this is all I have to offer...

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Amanda said...

How much longer do you have before work starts again? And once more, I am continually impressed but your amazing workout skills. x

Alex[andra] said...

It is absolutely fine to take a rest day! Really, it's all kinds of awesome that you're this dedicated to begin with. I hope I'm just as dedicated as you when I have a kid!

Megan Campbell said...

Agggh stay away from the sickness going around. I am drinking Emergen-C as I type. And Rob is right- listen to your body and take a break. It'll thank you ;) First day at the gym is Monday for me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are doing so great! So inspiring. :)

Jade Wright said...

Glad you took some rest - I'm a qualified personal trainer for Curves International (although I quit a long time ago after my boss (a man!) and I hooked up... haha) and it is true, Rob's right.. you need to let your body rest. Listen to it. And pleeeeease don't forget to stretch because that is the most important part! You lose SO much of your workout if your don't stretch.

Gorgeous song too by the way ;)
Thank you so much for your wonderful message about my friend and her pregnancy. She has since gone to a specialist and has been put on bed-rest but he seems to think it will be ok! So fingers crossed and your prayers all the way over in beautiful Canada are so appreciated. Thank you