Monday, March 03, 2014

Haley's Favourite Oscar Moments- 2014

 If there is one thing that I try to blog about as soon as it happens, it is award shows. I love award shows especially now that I can record them and skip through all of the boring speeches. The Oscars are like my Super Bowl. I often try to celebrate as best as I can. One year my friend Holly came by, we dressed in fancy dresses, drank fruity martinis and we snacked on jujubes in martini glasses. It was really fun to watch and judge the dresses and bad nominations with a friend! Unfortunately I always think about doing something fun, like a themed party with cocktails and guests the day of, leaving me no time to properly party plan.

 This year, after making one of Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons' delicious Mexican inspirted meals, I hurried into the shower to tidy up for my night at the Oscars. I ran out of conditioner the other day and completely forgot to replenish, so I had to try to do my hair with long, wet and tangled hair. I imagine that Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock did not have this similar dilemma when getting ready. I painted my toes, shaved my legs and slapped on a quick make-up job. When I came out in a long black dress I bought years ago for a wedding, Rob disappeared and came back with Alina dressed in the only dress that fits her. In honour of The Oscars he dressed my girl up for me. I thought that was pretty sweet. I made really yummy martini's.. (One shot of gin, lemon Sanpellegrino and  a dash of vanilla syrup. I squeezed fresh lemon on the rims of the glasses and dipped them in sugar.) I was pleasantly surprised with how good these drinks were, considering I just looked in the fridge and liquor cabinet for my last minute ingredients!

It doesn't look as good as Amanda's dish, but it was pretty damn tasty!

  IF you didn't catch the Oscars and don't feel like looking anything up- you have come to the right place. Here's a list of my personal favourite moments of the night;

 Ellen Degeneres hosted for her second time. She had four wardrobe changes, but my favourite change was when she came out after Judy Garland was mentioned in this:


 I mentioned Pink when I reviewed The Grammy's  and I have to mention her again. She sang a beautiful version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" to celebrate The Wizard Of Oz's 75th birthday. She was dressed in a sparkling, ruby red gown and sang like a bird, as usual.

 Winner for Best Supporting Actress- Lupita Nyong'o for "12 Years A Slave." I was happy with this win. I just finished watching "12 Years A Slave" yesterday and thought that her performance was dramatic and moving. I was rooting for Jennifer Lawrence or Julia Roberts, but they both won for Best Actress in past years, so I was okay with Lupita's achievement.

 Winner for Best Supporting Actor- Jared Leto for "Dallas Buyer's Club." I was really excited that Leto won because he had to lose loads of weight for his performance in DBC. Not only did he lose the weight but successfully transformed himself into a sick, drug addicted transgender named Rayon. His speech was by far my favourite of all time. He managed to make three incredible points and he did it with such ease and grace. It was so good that I had to provide the speech, so everyone can enjoy it..

 Winner for Best Actress- Cate Blanchett for "Blue Jasmine." I was just so relieved that Sandra Bullock didn't take it for "Gravity." Gravity started taking a few awards and it made me nervous thinking it was going to become a Titanic or Schindler's List sweep. Luckily, this was not the case! I'm not a fan of Woody Allen films, so I probably won't see this one. But, good job to Cate, she is a great actress.

Winner for the Best Actor- Matthew McConaughey for "Dallas Buyer's Club." I was really excited that he won. Again, he transformed himself, much like Jared Leto. His performance was moving and I really did enjoy this movie. He seemed genuinely excited to have won and he mentioned his dad watching in heaven and he painted a picture that I think put a smile on everyone's face. I was happy for him. He ended his speech by saying those infamous words; "Alright, alright, alright." Those three words were the first lines he ever spoke in the first movie he was cast in. How good of a movie buff are you? Without googling, do you know what movie that was from?

 Winner for Best Movie- "12 Years A Slave." I was really happy that I ended up watching this movie on Sunday because I had a feeling I would be curious about it once I watched The Oscars. It wasn't always comfortable to watch, but that is usually the case with these kinds of movies. It is based on a true story of a free African American man in the late 1870's that is captured and sold as a slave in the south.

Finally, my all time favourite part of The Oscars was when Ellen interacts with the crowd of celebrities. At one point she jokes about ordering two large pizzas and later on in the show she brings an actual pizza delivery guy into the Oscars and has him help her pass out pizza to hungry famous people in the crowd. It was such a real moment and a fun way to put everyone at ease. I love Ellen for this very reason.

 I also had to jump on the bandwagon and retweet Ellen's picture she took of herself and a bunch of A-Listers at The Oscars. She said she wanted to break the record for the most retweets and she did!

 The Oscars did not disappoint this year. I'm glad that I had the chance to catch them on Sunday night, so I could stay up until almost 1 in the morning, highlighting my favourite moments for those of you that were smart enough to get a good night's sleep instead! I'll be up in a few hours for my workout- wish me luck!

Do you enjoy watching The Oscars!? 
Were you happy with the winners selected this year? 


Amanda said...

Umm...I want that martini right now! (And yes I am working and yes it's the middle of the afternoon.) I think they sound heavenly. I love that you get all dressed up for awards shows! They broadcast them live in the UK aka in the middle of the night, and in previous years we've stayed up till like 2 am to watch but we both had to work too early today. From the clips I've seen Ellen is amazing x

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

1) Thank you for this recap...I missed the show because it's on way too late out east!!
2) I love that Ellen broke Twitter!
3) I love that picture of you and Alina dressed up!!
4) I have heard that I really need to see DBC, so I think I will now!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I absolutely love how you watch the Oscars what a fun idea! Thanks for the recap I only made it past 10pm so I needed that ;-) That picture was so fun! She totally shut down twitter!

The Babbling Box said...

Love that you got all dressed up for the Oscars, and those drinks sound yummy! I generally tune out after the red carpet on E! so the recap was exactly what I wanted to know: who won!

Ozden Ozdogan said...

Wow how you dressed while watching Oscars.Hahahaha that is so much fun!!
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Jade Wright said...

What a great post! Awesome to be able to catch up on these sorts of things via your blog Haley! I've never seen it and I don't have that channel at home so it is always nice to swing by and check out what went down!
You looked gorgeous as ever for your night at the Oscars and your food DID look divine!! I'm going to check out the recipe and give it a bash for sure!

What a fun post! :)

Much love and hope you have a stunning week xxx

Rachel said...

Angel likes to watch awards shows more than I do...but I'm pretty sure he didn't know that the Oscars were on Sunday, so we didn't watch them. That selfie is pretty fun, and I have yet to see 12 Years a Slave, but I want to, soon.

Alex[andra] said...

I love how excited you get about the Oscars and how dressed up you get for it! Thanks for the recap. I never watch the Oscars but I now feel like I saw them!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool that you did that Oscar party getting all dressed up with your friend and stuff. That sounds like so much fun. Maybe I will do that one day too.

The Mexican food looks awesome.

I watched the Oscars but it was a bittersweet this year because I hadn't actually seen any of the nominated movies. Unless, you count Frozen. Oh, and Idina Menzel knocked it out of the park. As always.