Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Want To Have A Drink With Me?

 It's the middle of the week! I can now officially comment on days of the week because I am part of the working world now. I have a Monday to Friday, nine to five gig and it hasn't been so bad.

 With my return to work, I'm already looking forward to weekends. I have always liked having a few drinks on a Friday and Saturday. Obviously I don't drink every weekend or every day of the weekend. But, when I do drink, there are a few of my favourite go-to drinkies.

//1 Strongbow. Strongbows are a really nice dry cider. They aren't too sweet but they aren't like beer either. I always feel like they're the perfect combination between a beer and a cooler. But if you're getting ready for a girl's night out and you want something with a little more kick than a Strongbow but not too much of a kick like a glass of red wine, try putting a shot of Sour Puss in. I would say that the raspberry flavour would be the best match for a Strongbow.

//2  My usual go-to drink; beer! I'm not too picky about beer. Although, I don't like dark beers like Guiness or super cheap beers like Pacific Pilsner or Lucky. I like all regular kinds; Keiths, Kokanee, Corona, whatever. To give your Corona a little kick in the summer, no one is going to judge you for throwing in that shot of Sour Puss just for a little extra buzzy buzz. There's nothing like the taste of the first drink of a cold beer on a hot day, or after a busy, shit day at work!

//3  Another great drink that I was recently introduced to by a friend, was one shot of Amaretto, one shot of Gin with San Pelegrino Lemonade. It is one of those tasty treats that you can probably only have one or two of and then you have to stop before you get a sweet headache hangover right there on the spot. I would like to name this drink The Kimberly because my good friend Kim introduced it to me. (She'd be so proud.)

//4  I also love on a summer day, a flavoured beer. The Grandville Island Brewery makes a delicious raspberry flavoured beer that just hits the spot! Coors Light also makes an iced tea beer that I really enjoy. There's nothing like a chilled, flavoured beer in the heat of the summer.

Drinking the raspberry beer on my b'day.
//5  Let's go back to a time when I knew nothing about drinking, a time when I would drink whatever our 'boot' would buy for us. Seagram's Wild Berry cooler was the very first drink I ever bought. (Or had someone of age buy for me.) I took it to an AGT party (which consisted of a fire pit in the woods near an AGT telephone tower) and I ended up giving it away. I felt guilty because I just couldn't bring myself to drink it knowing that my best friend was frowning at me for doing something so bad. I quickly got over that and started to experiment with different drinks. Other favourites were Schmirnoff Ice coolers and peach schnapps with vodka and pop.  Another drink we would drink was Malibu Rum and Cream Soda... something I would never drink now. Too sweet! It's funny how much my drink of choice has changed over the years. I think I used to drink the sweet stuff way back when because that's what girls I knew drank and it was the easiest thing to 'order' from whoever was buying it for us!

My bestie in 2010 at the river enjoying an old fav. together.
   I'm not sure if any of these drinks would suit any of my readers out there. But if you want to try something new, give one of these a go!

What is your go-to drink of choice after a busy day at work or on a Friday evening!?
Are you the type of person to try something new or do you like to stick with the drinks that you know?


Alex[andra] said...

I don't like dark beers either! I love Corona though!

Andrew and I tried a Vanilla tasting beer from Grandville Island and really disliked it. I'm curious about the raspberry one now.

Megan Campbell said...

Haley! I love this post. I am a white wine kinda girl and just found a new moscato on Monday that has coconut flavor and its amazzzing.

Pinterest has a ton of summer drinks that I've been eyeing up over the past few days. I really need some warmth and some fruity drinks!!

Amanda said...

Cider is my go-to drink of choice! The very thought of Malibu makes my stomach turn so you know I've had a bad experience with it! x

Kerri Lynne said...

Yes! I'll have a drink with you anytime! :) And I LOVE flavored beer (especially Granville Island). Ryan got me Paradise Valley grapefruit ale in my stocking but there is an even better one at The Black Goose Inn in Parksville. We should go sometime! And yay to Kim for that concoction... I can't wait to try that!

The Babbling Box said...

I love trying new drinks, my go to drink is generally vodka and root beer at the house. I don't find I drink beer that much unless we are out at friends barbecuing and such. We are BIG fireball fans: I like in a shot, on the rocks, in a cider beer!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun post! Love it, even if I don't drink beer. Now a martini list or wine list I can rock with the best of them. :)

holly galloway said...

mmm that strongbow and sour puss sounds good, ima gonna have to try that!

Jade Wright said...

Raspberry beer!? I have never tried something like that before! Wow.. you guys have so much awesome variety over there compared to us..

Well.. my go to drink is usually wine.. red or white doesn't really matter but now coming into winter in South Africa red is taking the cake..

Unfortunately for me I will be sipping on Virgin Cocktails tonight as I am seriously high on medication :(
So no drinkies for me for a few weeks.....

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Yummm I have had that Granville Island Brewing Raspberry beer once out west...raspberry beer is my favouuuuurite :) Adding sourpuss to beer is a great idea too!! Brian and I both love Kokanee and you can't get it in NS!! Such a disappointment!! This post made me pretty excited to have a sip of some kind of beer pretty soon ;)
I also really love wine spritzers - often made with sangria or blush wine...I mix it with club soda and it's not too sweet, but you can sip on it all night!!