Monday, March 31, 2014

Alina's Friends Turn 1

 Apologies all around for my lack of creative posts. I'm just going to go along with a recap post this Monday. I've had no time to do the things I really want done, never mind finding the time to write posts or think up ideas for good ones for the week. I think this is the part where I fall behind on replying to emails and commenting on my favourite blogs.

We were busy this weekend. We went to 'the city' this Saturday, to get some kid's birthday shopping done. Alina's two little buddies turned one this weekend and had a joint birthday party to celebrate on Sunday.


 We went shopping for the little ones and ended up taking our usual Alina photos. If there's a knight's mask, a knitted crab or elephant cap Alina will be wearing them and there will always be pictures. Shopping has become fun for me because I just put stuff on my kid. She's a good sport, for the most part and endures us. Although she was getting really, really noisy and then finally in Wal*Mart I made a point that it wasn't even five yet. Rob corrected me that it was in fact, after six. I gasped, because it was waaay past Alina's supper. I bought blueberries and we took her to the McDonald's in the store. We bought her a carrot muffin and had a cup of water poured for her. The carrots may or may not have made her mouth a bit red (possible allergy?) the blueberries were not washed and the water in the McDonald's cup looked suspiciously not as clear as I would have liked. We joked that we were terrible parents feeding our child dirty water and blueberries and a muffin she was possibly allergic to. Sorry Alina!

 Rob made a remark earlier in the day that I should just make Tommie and Abigail's birthday cards. I disagreed because making my own cards always takes up my entire evening. I was sure that a card from the dollar store would do. But no, the seed was planted and I had to make my own, personalized cards. Lucky for me; Thomas and Abby have names that go along with famous characters on t.v. right now. Besides, I do love making my own cards because I'm a kid at heart and I love drawing and colouring. Rob made us burgers with old white cheddar and I added bacon from the morning's breakfast, a dill pickle, spicy mayo and to top everything off a handful of ripple, all dressed chips. Best. Burger. Ever.


 Sunday morning, Alina slept in way late. We hurried around and had ourselves ready and at the dual b'day party ten minutes late aka- not bad! The party was busy and there were lots of kids and parents to fill the space. Alina and I did well. She popped her first balloon and didn't even care, other than the fact that her balloon disappeared and she wanted it back.. Abby and Tommie had a nice get together with friends. Later on, Abby's folks invited us over for pizza. Kimberly had this great idea to put a piece of cake in between Alina and Abby and to snap photos of the two of them. It was super cute and then they got to have their FIRST bath with another baby. I mean, who doesn't have bath pictures with other babies?! It was a total moment and I'm glad Alina got to share her's with her best bud Abigail.

 All in all we had a good weekend. It was after nine in the evening once I was finished prepping meals for Alina's week and a supper for tomorrow. I'm pooped and feel like I had a pretty good break and a nice weekend with my little family.

  Oh! It's also a great weekend when we can take our Westy out for a 2014 spin! 

Again, my sincerest apologies for not being able to comment on my favourite blog posts! I just can't keep up with the demand these days but I will do what I can when I can!


Amanda said...

Those cards looks great! I want you to make me a birthday card ;) x

Megan Campbell said...

Seriously those cards are so cute! I could barely draw a baseball on my board today at work for Opening Day. Share some of those skills please!
I love how much fun you guys have with Alina. The pictures of her in different hats kill me. Especially the knight one.
I'm glad you had a good weekend and we all understand how busy you are! NO worries Mama. Hope you had a good day back at work!

Kerri Lynne said...

Jennie LOVED the Thomas card. (Thomas also loved it but she REALLY loved it!) And thanks for the train, that one was definitely a hit with Thomas. It was nice to see you on Sunday but I'm sorry we didn't get to chat much! I hope you have a good week and remember to go easy on yourself. Do what you can and that's it. Try not to think about all the things you think you "should" be doing. xo

Jade Wright said...

Ahhhh what an adorable weekend!!! I still have my first bathing pic too!!! Too cute and I love all these pics Haley!

I realized the letter I have sent off to you has a mistake! I mentioned my folks wedding anniversary and I think I said that it was their silver anniversary but it is their pearl! Just a little heads up ;)

Hope you have a stunning week my lovely Canadian friend!

You are looking so happy xx