Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Day To Remember..

Day 2- Saturday, July 15th -- Haley's BBQ Birthday Bash

** I wanted a pic of Papa J.. but blogger isn't bein' cool.

Our Mamas at my party!!

Us girls...where's our missin' Linc?

Okay so I had a really awesome time at my BBQ this Saturday. Sooo many of Rob's family members showed up and I would be lieing if I said I wasn't teary eyed touched. I really appreciated them all making an appearance. The funny part was they ended up staying the longest out of everyone (except Ky and Joe who spent the night..!)

My aunt and uncle were away for their 25th wedding anniversary, so the are also exempt.. I know they would've been there for my day. Mama got me a digital camera for my birthday. A Fuji.. Which I must say, is fuckin' awesome. Sorry for the language but that is how excited I am about it.

Mama J and Papa J bought me a professional hair straightner. I was overly pleased with this little gifty poo. I love my hair really straight and this was the second thing I wanted after my camera. Way to go Junkies!!!! (pertaining to their last name..not a chronic

My mom came and as you can see from pictures, looked absolutely fabulous!! Her little green sweater and long, white hippy skirt..was too cute for words. She looked adorable and I couldn't be prouder than I was to show her off to everyone. Someone will snatch that cutie up in no time. And love her more than life!!

Robert was also just.... Words can't even begin to explain how much he did for me . He was an angel. My blue eyed baby, that rocks my little world here. I know it sounds lame and or cliche'. But he really did it up for my day. He was so happy just to see me .. laugh, or smile. It is touching to know that he loves me the way he does. We are happy. Things are good.

Rob's parents are also little angels..with beer and oilers..and love to share. They are the best of the best. If I could ask for better in laws I wouldn't. They truly did everything they could to make the day a special one for me.

Airhead took two hours to curl my hair for the party and as you can see from the pictures, looked really great! Amanda came with beautiful flowers for me and her cutie presence. I only wished they had given 'er with me. But I understand why the didn't. No worries, Baby J.

My sister and Joe came and enjoyed themselves!! That is all I wanted from them for my birthday. I wanted them to say that they had a wicked, good time with "my" family. (Rob's family, but hey..they're mine too damnit!!!)

My friends came by too. They didn't seem to enjoy it too much. But it wasn't for them it was for me. I think it was a little too family oriented for them. No biggy.

Oh I do have to have a little shout out to my buddy James. Rob's buddy, from when he worked at QF. He was so good with everyone, enjoying himself.. the food, the bud. He impressed me this weekend. Though I never expected any less. He was a perfect gentleman, and an ideal guy friend too. MUUAHHH.

There it is.. my special day in the sun, in my yard, with my famiy and my closest friends here. It does beat last year, even though I was with my other friends, I had more fun this year .. worry free, thanks to Bob.

Rob and Joe trying to start our fire..

Out of order...At the end of the night..being drunk

Amanda, Airhead and my sister..

No one has a pic like this I bet..

Thumbs up to the Fancy,Rum Drinks..
made with love alllllll night by Rob and Rod.

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