Friday, July 07, 2006

One Way Ticket

I sure feel out of the loop. Well, the HomeTown Loop I guess it would be called.

I send e-mails to my friend's mom every once in awhile. She's always very good at replying and always very informative about how her life is going, how my friend is doing, and sometimes more. I guess it is called gossip. But it isn't delivered in a negative, gossipy kind of way. I actually look forward to my updates every once in awhile. I am never expecting them, which is also quite nice.

It is strange though, being out of place when it comes to Hinton, a town I grew up in for all of my life. Just like that, I am out.. and news that I hear doesn't get to me until weeks, even months later. I probably don't even hearthe gossip around here, really. When other people, locals.. talk about other locals around here it's almost coded.

"Joanne Legacy is pregnanat AGAIN with Pat O'Connel's baby. I wonder what Rick Williams thinks!"

See, that's a code. I have no idea who those people are, so automatically I void all information. D.G.A.F (don't give a f***) But when it's people I know..I am right in there. I guess that is one thing my friends back home and I will always share. The knowledge.. of growing up in the same place, same people..similar interests in the small town huraahs.

A person passed away in Hinton last week. The name sounds so familiar and I do have a picture of him in my mind. But I don't really know who it is. This disturbs me because I may know him through other friends... I don't's just strange not knowing this sort of thing.

Obviously I didn't know him well enough because I would recognize the name.. if I had. I just feel badly for whoever he left behind.

On a happier note, I am pleased at the same time to not know about all the small town bullshit because I am here! FAR AWAY from all that crap...and I couldn't be happier with that. It's not that I feel like I am any better than the people still living in Hinton. I am just blessed because I got a free ticket out and I took it. I came to such a gorgeous place to call my home and I met my new life, Rob.

I am out of the loop, but in my own that is much more significant and important to my life.

Rob's parents will be here tomorrow, for a month... a warm, summery month. My brother is coming in August just before Rob and I leave for our summer holiday in T. Bay. I have much to look forward to and very little to look back at.. in ol' H-Town.


Anonymous said...

This is how I felt when I moved to Texas. It is wierd feeling and it is always so strange to go back to my hometown and visit.

holli said...

I LOVED that second to last line: "I have much to look forward to and very little to look back at." Very well said.

I love gossip to a certain extent.. I think all people do. But I was so freaking glad to get the hell out of the town I grew up in because it was like "Mean Girls" the movie and crappy gossip was the fuel that kept those people going.. it's nice to get away from that toxic crap. That's when you get to start an actual life!