Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Carvings

Pumpking Carving -again.

Last night we decided to bring the kids out in ourselves and carve some pumpkins. Rob of course carved the intricate ghost ship and I chose the five pumpkins stacked on top of each other. It was quite entertaining. I even estimated that it would take Rob from 7-10 to finish his pumpkin. I was exactly right too. Mine took about two hours. But we had a nice time sitting side by side in complete silence for a few hours. We were concentrating so hard that we forgot to even chit chat to one another. Finally I noticed once my pumpkin was complete that we probably hadn't spoken in two entire hours. Haha.

Friday nights with Rob and Haley are spent studying our carving kits and stencils to ensure that we make the best damn pumpkin anyone has ever made, instead of socializing with the friends that we don't have. Nah, I thought it was fun. Rob and I never go out because this place isn't for that. Qualicum was featured on the news the other night as the the place to retire in Canada. It is the #1 place for retirees to finally park their rv's and settle down, with an eternity of golf and chatty senior groups everywhere they look. It's paradise for oldies, not so much for us who are just starting out in life.

Friend wise, we don't settle. It's like going on a date with someone. We always are looking out for the other person's faults and reasons why that would bother us later on in life. Also there are two people to please rather than one. Maybe our friend expectations are too high. I guess we're looking for friends like our own. But those friendships were established over years and years. I met my best friend Katie, when I was in grade two. She was probably six and I was seven or eight, depending.. Rob met his friends when he was around that same age as well. We share the same stories because we grew up together. It's much more difficult doing that now with people. We're working on it. I am not being too picky, really. I've got my eyes out and maybe that's the problem. I wasn't looking when I stumbled upon Rob. He wasn't either. Once we stop looking that'll be when we find some good friends.

My brother and his girl are coming for a short lived visit this weekend. I am really excited. He was needed in the family and so we got him here. I think he's a bit surprised that we did this much to get him here but he's thrilled as well. Again we await their arrival today. This time I know what to expect and I am not at all nervous. It's my family. I love when they come to visit me. I am the youngest and when my older siblings and their spouses come to stay at my/our house I am beyond proud.

Here's to a good weekend with people that have known me as long as I've existed! Now that's a comforting thought.

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